Glycolist march-june 2009

Hypoxia-selective macroautophagy and cell survival signaled by autocrine PDGFR activity
Simon Wilkinson, Jim O’Prey, Michael Fricker, and Kevin M. Ryan

Autophagy Suppresses Tumorigenesis through Elimination of p62
R. Mathew, C.M. Karp, B. Beaudoin, N. Vuong, G. Chen, H.-Y. Chen, K. Bray, A. Reddy, G. Bhanot, C. Gelinas, R.S. DiPaola, V. Karantza-Wadsworth, and E. White

Autophagy regulates lipid metabolism
Rajat Singh et al

C-terminal binding protein maintains mitochondrial activities
J H Kim1 and H D Youn

Autophagy mediates the mitotic senescence transition
Andrew R.J. Young, Masako Narita, Manuela Ferreira, Kristina Kirschner, Mahito Sadaie, Jeremy F.J. Darot, Simon Tavaré, Satoko Arakawa, Shigeomi Shimizu, Fiona M. Watt, and Masashi Narita

p62 degradation by autophagy: Another way for cancer cells to survive under hypoxia
Panu M. Jaakkola and Juha-Pekka Pursiheimo

Hypoxia-Induced Autophagy Is Mediated through Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Induction of BNIP3 and BNIP3L via Their BH3 Domains
Grégory Bellot, Raquel Garcia-Medina, Pierre Gounon, Johanna Chiche, Danièle Roux, Jacques Pouysségur, and Nathalie M. Mazure

Activation of a HIF1α-PPARγ Axis Underlies the Integration of Glycolytic and Lipid Anabolic Pathways in Pathologic Cardiac Hypertrophy
J. Krishnan, M. Suter, R. Windak, T. Krebs, A. Felley, C. Montessuit, M. Tokarska-Schlattner, E. Aasum, A. Bogdanova, E. Perriard, J.-C. Perriard, T. Larsen, T. Pedrazzini, and W. Krek

Essential role of p38 MAPK in caspase-independent, iPLA2-dependent cell death under hypoxia/low glucose conditions
Mamoru Aoto, Koei Shinzawa, Yoji Suzuki, Nobutaka Ohkubo, Noriaki Mitsuda, Yoshihide Tsujimoto

Inactivation of AMPK alters gene expression and promotes growth of prostate cancer cells
J Zhou, W Huang, R Tao, S Ibaragi, F Lan, Y Ido, X Wu, Y O Alekseyev, M E Lenburg, G-f Hu & Z Luo

RIP1 Activates PI3K-Akt via a Dual Mechanism Involving NF-B–Mediated Inhibition of the mTOR-S6K-IRS1 Negative Feedback Loop and Down-regulation of PTEN
Seongmi Park, Dawen Zhao, Kimmo J. Hatanpaa, Bruce E. Mickey, Debabrata Saha, David A. Boothman, Michael D. Story, Eric T. Wong, Sandeep Burma, Maria-Magdalena Georgescu, Vivek M. Rangnekar, Sandili S. Chauncey, and Amyn A. Habib

DEPTOR Is an mTOR Inhibitor Frequently Overexpressed in Multiple Myeloma Cells and Required for Their Survival
T.R. Peterson, M. Laplante, C.C. Thoreen, Y. Sancak, S.A. Kang, W.M. Kuehl, N.S. Gray, and D.M. Sabatini

mTOR/S6 Kinase pathway contributes to astrocyte survival to ischemia
Maria Dolores Pastor, Isaac Garcia-Yebenes, Noelia Fradejas, Jose Manuel Perez-Ortiz, Silvia Mora-Lee, Pedro Tranque, Maria Angeles Moro, Mario Pende, and Soledad Calvo

Rheb controls misfolded protein metabolism by inhibiting aggresome formation and autophagy
Xiaoming Zhou, Tsuneo Ikenoue, Xiaowei Chen, Li Li, Ken Inoki, and Kun-Liang Guan

A nucleocytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase regulates p53 transcriptional activity in response to metabolic stress
S M Lee, J H Kim, E J Cho & H D Youn

Chemical Genomics Identifies the Unfolded Protein Response as a Target for Selective Cancer Cell Killing during Glucose Deprivation
Sakae Saito, Aki Furuno, Junko Sakurai, Asami Sakamoto, Hae-Ryong Park, Kazuo Shin-ya, Takashi Tsuruo, and Akihiro Tomida

A Role for the CHC22 Clathrin Heavy-Chain Isoform in Human Glucose Metabolism
S. Vassilopoulos et al.

Glioma-Derived Mutations in IDH1 Dominantly Inhibit IDH1 Catalytic Activity and Induce HIF-1
S. Zhao et al.


Nutrient control of TORC1, a cell-cycle regulator
Xuemin Wang, Christopher G. Proud

A Glucose-to-Gene Link
J. C. Rathmell and C. B. Newgard
A regulatory loop links glucose metabolism to chromatin alterations and the controlled expression of metabolic genes.

Eating to exit: autophagy-enabled senescence revealed
Eileen White and Scott W. Lowe
Genes Dev. 2009;23 784-787

Molecular mechanisms of mTOR-mediated translational control
Xiaoju Max Ma & John Blenis

Trial Watch: Metabolic mutations in gliomas

Cell biology: Another way to get rid of fat p1118

Do Cancer Cells Care If Their Host Is Hungry?
M. Pollak

Autophagy: Not good OR bad, but good AND bad
Brian J. Altman and Jeffrey C. Rathmell

p62 at the Crossroads of Autophagy, Apoptosis, and Cancer
J. Moscat and M.T. Diaz-Meco

Lipophagy: Selective Catabolism Designed for Lipids
H. Weidberg, E. Shvets, and Z. Elazar

Mammalian macroautophagy at a glance
Brinda Ravikumar, Marie Futter, Luca Jahreiss, Viktor I. Korolchuk, Maike Lichtenberg, Shouqing Luo, Dunecan C. O. Massey, Fiona M. Menzies, Usha Narayanan, Maurizio Renna, Maria Jimenez-Sanchez, Sovan Sarkar, Benjamin Underwood, Ashley Winslow, and David C. Rubinsztein

Understanding the Warburg Effect: The Metabolic Requirements of Cell Proliferation
M. G. Vander Heiden et al.

ATP-Citrate Lyase Links Cellular Metabolism to Histone Acetylation
K. E. Wellen et al.
Histone acetylation and gene expression in mammals are modulated by glycolytic metabolism.

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