Metabolism and cancer articles – oct-nov 2010




Aerobic Glycolysis Suppresses p53 Activity to Provide Selective Protection from Apoptosis upon Loss of Growth Signals or Inhibition of BCR-Abl
Emily F. Mason, Yuxing Zhao, Pankuri Goraksha-Hicks, Jonathan L. Coloff, Hugh Gannon, Stephen N. Jones, and Jeffrey C. Rathmell

Parkin mono-ubiquitinates BCL-2 and regulates autophagy
Dong Chen, Feng Gao, Bin Li, Hongfeng Wang, Yuxia Xu, Cuiqing Zhu, and Guanghui Wang

Autophagic degradation of active caspase-8: A crosstalk mechanism between autophagy and apoptosis
Wen Hou, Jie Han, Caisheng Lu, Leslie A. Goldstein and Hannah Rabinowich

Fas activation in adipocytes impairs insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by reducing Akt
Stephan Wueest, Reto A. Rapold, Eugen J. Schoenle, Daniel Konrad

Beclin 1-independent autophagy induced by a Bcl-XL/Bcl-2 targeting compound, Z18
Songhai Tian, Jian Lin, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Wang, Yanjun Li, Xiaobai Ren, Wenyu Yu, Wu Zhong, Junhai Xiao, Fugeng Sheng, Yingyu Chen, Changwen Jin, Song Li, Zhibing Zheng and Bin Xia

The in vitro cleavage of the hAtg proteins by cell death proteases
Joanna M. Norman, Gerald M. Cohen and Edward T.W. Bampton

Hypoxia Suppression of Bim and Bmf Blocks Anoikis and Luminal Clearing during Mammary Morphogenesis
Kelly A. Whelan, Sarah A. Caldwell, Kristina S. Shahriari, S. RaElle Jackson, Lisa D. Franchetti, Gregg J. Johannes, and Mauricio J. Reginato

Physiological metabolism

Quiescent Fibroblasts Exhibit High Metabolic Activity
Johanna M. S. Lemons, Xiao-Jiang Feng, Bryson D. Bennett, Aster Legesse-Miller, Elizabeth L. Johnson, Irene Raitman, Elizabeth A. Pollina, Herschel A. Rabitz, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Hilary A. Coller

Rescue of myogenic defects in Rb-deficient cells by inhibition of autophagy or by hypoxia-induced glycolytic shift
Giovanni Ciavarra and Eldad Zacksenhaus
J. Cell Biol. 2010;191 291-301, Published online Oct 11 2010,

Requirement of the ATM/p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway for Glucose Homeostasis
Heather L. Armata, Diane Golebiowski, Dae Young Jung, Hwi Jin Ko, Jason K. Kim, and Hayla K. Sluss
Mol. Cell. Biol. 2010;30 5787-5794

Cancer metabolism

Proliferating cell nuclear antigen in the cytoplasm interacts with components of glycolysis and cancer
Stanislav N. Naryzhny, Hoyun Lee

Ets-1 Regulates Energy Metabolism in Cancer Cells
Meghan L. Verschoor, Leigh A. Wilson, Chris P. Verschoor, Gurmit Singh

LKB1 inhibits lung cancer progression through lysyl oxidase and extracellular matrix remodeling
Yijun Gao, Qian Xiao, HuiMin Ma, Li Li, Jun Liu, Yan Feng, Zhaoyuan Fang, Jing Wu, Xiangkun Han, Junhua Zhang, Yihua Sun, Gongwei Wu, Robert Padera, Haiquan Chen, Kwok-kin Wong, Gaoxiang Ge, and Hongbin Ji

Snail1 is stabilized by O-GlcNAc modification in hyperglycaemic condition
Sang Yoon Park, Hyun Sil Kim, Nam Hee Kim, Suena Ji, So Young Cha, Jeong Gu Kang, Ichiro Ota, Keiji Shimada, Noboru Konishi, Hyung Wook Nam, Soon Won Hong, Won Ho Yang, Jürgen Roth, Jong In Yook and Jin Won Cho

Low cholesterol triggers membrane microdomain-dependent CD44 shedding and suppresses tumor cell migration
Toshiyuki Murai, Yuusuke Maruyama, Kazuhiro Mio, Hidetoshi Nishiyama, Mitsuo Suga, and Chikara Sato

Inhibition of Glutaminase Preferentially Slows Growth of Glioma Cells with Mutant IDH1
Meghan J. Seltzer, Bryson D. Bennett, Avadhut D. Joshi, Ping Gao, Ajit G. Thomas, Dana V. Ferraris, Takashi Tsukamoto, Camilo J. Rojas, Barbara S. Slusher, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Chi V. Dang, and Gregory J. Riggins
Cancer Res 2010;70 8981-8987

Expression Profiling in Progressive Stages of Fumarate-Hydratase Deficiency: The Contribution of Metabolic Changes to Tumorigenesis
Houman Ashrafian, Linda O’Flaherty, Julie Adam, Violetta Steeples, Yuen-Li Chung, Phil East, Sakari Vanharanta, Heli Lehtonen, Emma Nye, Emine Hatipoglu, Melroy Miranda, Kimberley Howarth, Deepa Shukla, Helen Troy, John Griffiths, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Mohammed Yusuf, Emanuela Volpi, Patrick H. Maxwell, Gordon Stamp, Richard Poulsom, Christopher W. Pugh, Barbara Costa, Chiara Bardella, Maria Flavia Di Renzo, Michael I. Kotlikoff, Virpi Launonen, Lauri Aaltonen, Mona El-Bahrawy, Ian Tomlinson, and Patrick J. Pollard
Cancer Res 2010;70 9153-9165

Transcriptional regulation of BRCA1 expression by a metabolic switch
Li-Jun Di,Alfonso G Fernandez,Adriana De Siervi,Dan L Longo& Kevin Gardner

The ER UDPase ENTPD5 Promotes Protein N-Glycosylation, the Warburg Effect, and Proliferation in the PTEN Pathway
M. Fang, Z. Shen, S. Huang, L. Zhao, S. Chen, T.W. Mak, and X. Wang

Antimetabolites / starvation

Antiangiogenic Activity of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose
Jaime R. Merchan, Krisztina Kovács, Jaclyn W. Railsback, Metin Kurtoglu, Yuqi Jing, Yolanda Piña, Ningguo Gao, Timothy G. Murray, Mark A. Lehrman, Theodore J. Lampidis

p53-dependent regulation of autophagy protein LC3 supports cancer cell survival under prolonged starvation
Ruth Scherz-Shouval, Hilla Weidberg, Chagay Gonen, Sylvia Wilder, Zvulun Elazar, and Moshe Oren

Sirt3 Mediates Reduction of Oxidative Damage and Prevention of Age-Related Hearing Loss under Caloric Restriction
S. Someya, W. Yu, W.C. Hallows, J. Xu, J.M. Vann, C. Leeuwenburgh, M. Tanokura, J.M. Denu, and T.A. Prolla

Calorie Restriction Reduces Oxidative Stress by SIRT3-Mediated SOD2 Activation
X. Qiu, K. Brown, M.D. Hirschey, E. Verdin, and D. Chen


Akt and Autophagy Cooperate to Promote Survival of Drug-Resistant Glioma
Qi-Wen Fan, Christine Cheng, Chris Hackett, Morri Feldman, Benjamin T. Houseman, Theodore Nicolaides, Daphne Haas-Kogan, C. David James, Scott A. Oakes, Jayanta Debnath, Kevan M. Shokat, and William A. Weiss;3/147/ra81?etoc

β-Subunit myristoylation is the gatekeeper for initiating metabolic stress sensing by AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)
Jonathan S. Oakhill, Zhi-Ping Chen, John W. Scott, Rohan Steel, Laura A. Castelli, Naomi Ling, S. Lance Macaulay, and Bruce E. Kemp

Metformin activates AMP-kinase through inhibition of AMP deaminase
Jiangyong Ouyang, Rahulkumar A. Parakhia, and Raymond S. Ochs

Redox Regulation of the AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
Yingying Han, Qilong Wang, Ping Song, Yi Zhu, Ming-Hui Zou

ERK1/2 phosphorylate Raptor to promote Ras-dependent activation of mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1)
Audrey Carriere, Yves Romeo, Hugo A. Acosta-Jaquez, Julie Moreau, Eric Bonneil, Pierre Thibault, Diane C. Fingar, and Philippe P. Roux

mTORC1 Signaling under Hypoxic Conditions Is Controlled by ATM-Dependent Phosphorylation of HIF-1α
H. Cam, J.B. Easton, A. High, and P.J. Houghton

The Association of AMPK with ULK1 Regulates Autophagy
Jong Woo Lee, Sungman Park, Yoshinori Takahashi, Hong-Gang Wang

Targeting TORC2 in multiple myeloma with a new mTOR kinase inhibitor
Bao Hoang, Patrick Frost, Yijiang Shi, Eileen Belanger, Angelica Benavides, Gholam Pezeshkpour, Susanna Cappia, Tommasina Guglielmelli, Joseph Gera, and Alan Lichtenstein


Sirtuin regulation of mitochondria: energy production, apoptosis, and signaling
Eric Verdin, Matthew D. Hirschey, Lydia W.S. Finley, Marcia C. Haigis

O-GlcNAc signaling: a metabolic link between diabetes and cancer?
C. Slawson, R.J. Copeland, G.W. Hart

Molecular Cell special review issue: Cellular Stress responses
Several reviews talk about direct or indirect responses to metabolic stress:

Translation Regulation during Cellular Stress
by Spriggs, Bushell, and Willis
Protein Quality Control in the Cytosol and the ER
by Buchberger, Bukau, and Sommer
The Heat Shock Response
by Richter, Haslbeck, and Buchner
Mechanisms of Sphingolipid Homeostasis
by Breslow and Weissman
Autophagy and the Stress Response
by Kroemer, Mariño, and Levine
Responses to Hypoxic Stress
by Majmundar, Wong, and Simon
Regulation of mTORC1 by Nutrients and Stresses
by Sengupta, Peterson, and Sabatini
Metabolic Stress and Cancer
by Wellen and Thompson

The engine driving the ship: metabolic steering of cell proliferation and death
Marisa R. Buchakjian & Sally Kornbluth

ROS-mediated mechanisms of autophagy stimulation and their relevance in cancer therapy
Michael Dewaele, Hannelore Maes and Patrizia Agostinis

Autophagy is a therapeutic target in anticancer drug resistance
Suning Chen, Sumaiyah K. Rehman, Wei Zhang, Aidong Wen, Libo Yao, Jian Zhang

A matter of balance between life and death: Targeting reactive oxygen species (ROS)-induced autophagy for cancer therapy
Spencer B. Gibson

ROS-mediated mechanisms of autophagy stimulation and their relevance in cancer therapy
Michael Dewaele, Hannelore Maes and Patrizia Agostinis


2010 Keystone Symposium: Metabolism and Cancer Progression.
DeBerardinis RJ.

Metabolism: Less is sometimes more
An alternative glycolytic pathway used by cancer cells uncouples ATP production from anabolic metabolism.

ATP Consumption Promotes Cancer Metabolism
W.J. Israelsen and M.G. Vander Heiden

ATM: Promoter of Metabolic ”Cost” Reduction and ”Savings” Usage during Hypoxia through mTORC1 Regulation
S.G. Kim, A.Y. Choo, and J. Blenis

Craig Thompson: The method to cancer’s madness
Caitlin Sedwick
Thompson studies the metabolic requirements of dividing immune and cancer cells.

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