Metabolism and cancer articles – november 2011

Cancer metabolism – lipids
ROS-Mediated p53 Induction of Lpin1 Regulates Fatty Acid Oxidation in Response to Nutritional Stress
W. Assaily, D.A. Rubinger, K. Wheaton, Y. Lin, W. Ma, W. Xuan, L. Brown-Endres, K. Tsuchihara, T.W. Mak, and S. Benchimol

Reductive glutamine metabolism by IDH1 mediates lipogenesis under hypoxia
Christian M. Metallo,  Paulo A. Gameiro, Eric L. Bell, Katherine R. Mattaini, Juanjuan Yang, Karsten Hiller, Christopher M. Jewell, Zachary R. Johnson, Darrell J. Irvine, Leonard Guarente, Joanne K. Kelleher, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Othon Iliopoulos  & Gregory Stephanopoulos

Aberrant Lipid Metabolism in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Revealed by Plasma Metabolomics and Lipid Profiling
Andrew D. Patterson, Olivier Maurhofer, Diren Beyoglu, Christian Lanz, Kristopher W. Krausz, Thomas Pabst, Frank J. Gonzalez, Jean-François Dufour, and Jeffrey R. Idle

Adipocytes promote ovarian cancer metastasis and provide energy for rapid tumor growth
Kristin M Nieman, Hilary A Kenny, Carla V Penicka, Andras Ladanyi, Rebecca Buell-Gutbrod, Marion R Zillhardt, Iris L Romero, Mark S Carey, Gordon B Mills, Gokhan S Hotamisligil, S Diane Yamada, Marcus E Peter, Katja Gwin and Ernst Lengyel

An LXR Agonist Promotes Glioblastoma Cell Death through Inhibition of an EGFR/AKT/SREBP-1/LDLR–Dependent Pathway
Deliang Guo,Felicia Reinitz, Mary Youssef, Cynthia Hong, David Nathanson, David Akhavan, Daisuke Kuga, Ali Nael Amzajerdi, Horacio Soto, Shaojun Zhu, Ivan Babic, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Julie Dang, Akio Iwanami,Beatrice Gini, Jason DeJesus, Dominique D. Lisiero, Tiffany T. Huang,Robert M. Prins, Patrick Y. Wen, H. Ian Robins, Michael D. Prados, Lisa M. DeAngelis, Ingo K. Mellinghoff, Minesh P. Mehta, C. David James, Arnab Chakravarti, Timothy F. Cloughesy, Peter Tontonoz, and Paul S. Mischel

Cancer Metabolism – miscellaneous

Hypo- and hyperactivated Notch signaling induce a glycolytic switch through distinct mechanisms
Sebastian K.-J. Landor, Anders P. Mutvei, Veronika Mamaeva, Shaobo Jin, Morten Busk, Ronald Borra, Tove J. Grönroos, Pauliina Kronqvist, Urban Lendahl, and Cecilia Maria Sahlgren

IKKβ and NF-kB Transcription Govern Lymphoma Cell Survival through AKT-Induced Plasma Membrane Trafficking of GLUT1
Thomas G. Sommermann, Kathleen O’Neill, David R. Plas, and Ellen Cahir-McFarland

Metabolic Signatures Imaged in Cancer-Induced Cachexia
Marie-France Penet, Mayur M. Gadiya, Balaji Krishnamachary, Sridhar Nimmagadda, Martin G. Pomper, Dmitri Artemov, and Zaver M. Bhujwalla

Nuclear PKM2 regulates β-catenin transactivation upon EGFR activation
Weiwei Yang, Yan Xia, Haitao Ji, Yanhua Zheng, Ji Liang et al.

Tyrosine Phosphorylation of Lactate Dehydrogenase A Is Important for NADH/NAD+ Redox Homeostasis in Cancer Cells
Jun Fan, Taro Hitosugi, Tae-Wook Chung, Jianxin Xie, Qingyuan Ge, Ting-Lei Gu, Roberto D. Polakiewicz, Georgia Z. Chen, Titus J. Boggon, Sagar Lonial, Fadlo R. Khuri, Sumin Kang, and Jing Chen

Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy Is Required for Tumor Growth
Maria Kon, Roberta Kiffin, Hiroshi Koga, Javier Chapochnick, Fernando Macian, Lyuba Varticovski and Ana Maria Cuervo

Cancer metabolism and cell death

Glycolysis inhibition targets Mcl-1 to restore sensitivity of lymphoma cells to ABT-737-induced apoptosis
O Meynet, M Bénéteau, M A Jacquin, L A Pradelli, A Cornille, M Carles and J-E Ricci

Conserved metabolic energy production pathways govern Eiger/TNF-induced nonapoptotic cell death
Hiroshi Kanda, Tatsushi Igaki, Hideyuki Okano, and Masayuki Miura

Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) is a specific substrate of yeast metacaspase
A. Silva, B. Almeida, B. Sampaio-Marques, M.I.R. Reis, S. Ohlmeier, F. Rodrigues, A. do Vale, P. Ludovico

Association and dissociation of autophagy, apoptosis and necrosis by systematic chemical study
S Shen, O Kepp, M Michaud, I Martins, H Minoux, D Métivier, M C Maiuri, R T Kroemer and G Kroemer

Fructose protects murine hepatocytes from TNF-induced apoptosis by modulating JNK signaling
Tobias Speicher, Ulrike A. Koehler, Alexander Chouker, Sabine Werner, Timo Weiland, and Albrecht Wendel


mTORC1 Senses Lysosomal Amino Acids Through an Inside-Out Mechanism That Requires the Vacuolar H+-ATPase
Roberto Zoncu, Liron Bar-Peled, Alejo Efeyan, Shuyu Wang, Yasemin Sancak, David M. Sabatini.
Cellular sensing of amino acids occurs at the lysosome and is mediated by the vacuolar proton pump.

DEPTOR, an mTOR Inhibitor, Is a Physiological Substrate of SCFβTrCP E3 Ubiquitin Ligase and Regulates Survival and Autophagy
Yongchao Zhao, Xiufang Xiong, Yi Sun

mTOR Drives Its Own Activation via SCFβTrCP-Dependent Degradation of the mTOR Inhibitor DEPTOR p290
Daming Gao, Hiroyuki Inuzuka, Meng-Kwang Marcus Tan, Hidefumi Fukushima, Jason W. Locasale, Pengda Liu, Lixin Wan, Bo Zhai, Y. Rebecca Chin, Shavali Shaik, Costas A. Lyssiotis, Steven P. Gygi, Alex Toker, Lewis C. Cantley, John M. Asara, J. Wade Harper, Wenyi Wei

mTOR Generates an Auto-Amplification Loop by Triggering the βTrCP- and CK1α-Dependent Degradation of DEPTOR
Shanshan Duan, Jeffrey R. Skaar, Shafi Kuchay, Alfredo Toschi, Naama Kanarek, Yinon Ben-Neriah, Michele Pagano

PHLPP-Mediated Dephosphorylation of S6K1 Inhibits Protein Translation and Cell Growth
Jianyu Liu, Payton D. Stevens, Xin Li, Micheal D. Schmidt, and Tianyan Gao

PNAS Plus: Glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3 promotes p70 ribosomal protein S6 kinase (p70S6K) activity and cell proliferation
Sejeong Shin, Laura Wolgamott, Yonghao Yu, John Blenis, and Sang-Oh Yoon

Multiple site acetylation of Rictor stimulates mTORC2-dependent phosphorylation of Akt
Emily J. Glidden, Lisa G. Gray, Suneil Vemuru, Duo Li, Thurl E. Harris, and Marty W. Mayo

ADP Regulates SNF1, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Homolog of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
F.V. Mayer, R. Heath, E. Underwood, M.J. Sanders, D. Carmena, R.R. McCartney, F.C. Leiper, B. Xiao,C. Jing, P.A. Walker, L.F. Haire, R. Ogrodowicz, S.R. Martin, M.C. Schmidt, S.J. Gamblin, and D. Carling

Starvation / autophagy

PGC-1a, a Key Modulator of p53, Promotes Cell Survival upon Metabolic Stress
N. Sen, Y.K. Satija, and S. Das

Roles of Glucose in Photoreceptor Survival
Chertov, Andrei O.; Holzhausen, Lars; Kuok, Iok Teng; Couron, Drew; Parker, Ed; Linton, Jonathan D.; Sadilek, Martin; Sweet, Ian R.; Hurley, James B.

The serine/threonine kinase ULK1 is a target of multiple phosphorylation events
Markus Bach, Mark Larance, David E. James and Georg Ramm

Modulation of autophagic activity by extracellular pH
Teng Xu, Hang Su, Suthakar Ganapathy and Zhi-Min Yuan

Survival of starving yeast is correlated with oxidative stress response and nonrespiratory mitochondrial function
Allegra A. Petti, Christopher A. Crutchfield, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, and David Botstein


FoxO3A promotes metabolic adaptation to hypoxia by antagonizing Myc function
Kim Steen Jensen, Tina Binderup, Klaus Thorleif Jensen, Ib Therkelsen, Rehannah Borup, Elise Nilsson, Hinke Multhaupt, Caroline Bouchard, Bjørn Quistorff, Andreas Kjær, Göran Landberg and Peter Staller

Conserved features of cancer cells define their sensitivity to HAMLET-induced death; c-Myc and glycolysis
P Storm, S Aits, M K Puthia, A Urbano, T Northen, S Powers, B Bowen, Y Chao, W Reindl, D Y Lee, N L Sullivan, J Zhang, M Trulsson, H Yang, J D Watson and C Svanborg

Metabolomic high-content nuclear magnetic resonance-based drug screening of a kinase inhibitor library
Stefano Tiziani, Yunyi Kang, Janet S. Choi, William Roberts and Giovanni Paternostro

Estrogen-related receptor-α is a metabolic regulator of effector T-cell activation and differentiation.
Michalek RD, Gerriets VA, Nichols AG, Inoue M, Kazmin D, Chang CY, Dwyer MA, Nelson ER, Pollizzi KN, Ilkayeva O, Giguere V, Zuercher WJ, Powell JD, Shinohara ML, McDonnell DP, Rathmell JC.


Lactate: A Metabolic Key Player in Cancer
Franziska Hirschhaeuser, Ulrike G.A. Sattler, and Wolfgang Mueller-Klieser

Autophagy: Renovation of Cells and Tissues
N. Mizushima and M. Komatsu

Choline metabolism in malignant transformation
Kristine Glunde, Zaver M. Bhujwalla & Sabrina M. Ronen

mTOR signaling in disease
Eva Dazert, Michael N Hall

The autophagy conundrum in cancer: influence of tumorigenic metabolic reprogramming
C H Eng and R T Abraham

Comments / other

A comprehensive glossary of autophagy-related molecules and processes (2nd edition)
Daniel J. Klionsky, Eric H. Baehrecke, John H. Brumell, Charleen T. Chu, Patrice Codogno, Ana Marie Cuervo, Jayanta Debnath, Vojo Deretic, Zvulun Elazar, Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen, Steven Finkbeiner, Juan Fueyo-Margareto, David Gewirtz, Marja Jäättelä, Guido Kroemer, Beth Levine, Thomas J. Melia, Noboru Mizushima, David C. Rubinsztein, Anne Simonsen, Andrew Thorburn, Michael Thumm and Sharon A. Tooze

PGC1α Confers Specificity-Metabolic Stress and p53-Dependent Transcription
M. Cioce and G. Blandino

Acetylate During Fasting
Wei Wong
Acetylation inactivates the transcription factor FoxO1 during nutrient starvation to promote metabolism of lipids over glucose.;4/199/ec316

Metabolic Regulation of Differentiation
John F. Foley
Metabolic processes required for the differentiation of effector T cells are controlled by an orphan nuclear receptor.;4/199/ec317

Feedback on Fat: p62-mTORC1-Autophagy Connections
J. Moscat and M.T. Diaz-Meco

Autophagy: An ‘Achilles’ heel of tumorigenesis in TSC and LAM
Jane Yu, Andrey Parkhitko and Elizabeth Petri Henske

PLD gives nutritional advice to mTORC1
Ben Short

Snapshot: Mitochondrial Quality Control
D.R. Green and B. van Houten

Growth signaling from inside.
H. Abrahamsen, H. Stenmark;334/6056/611


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