ApoList – September 2013


Bcl-2 family proteins

BID Preferentially Activates BAK while BIM Preferentially Activates BAX, Affecting Chemotherapy Response
Kristopher A. Sarosiek, Xiaoke Chi, John A. Bachman, Joshua J. Sims, Joan Montero, Luv Patel, Annabelle Flanagan, David W. Andrews, Peter Sorger, Anthony Letai

Apoptosis induced by the fungal pathogen gliotoxin requires a triple phosphorylation of Bim by JNK
A Geissler, F Haun, D O Frank, K Wieland, M M Simon, M Idzko, R J Davis, U Maurer and C Borner

Brain and testicular tumors in mice with progenitor cells lacking BAX and BAK
S G Katz, J K Fisher, M Correll, R T Bronson, K L Ligon and L D Walensky

Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Bcl-XL to Treat Lung Cancer
Dongkyoo Park, Andrew T. Magis, Rui Li, Taofeek K. Owonikoko, Gabriel L. Sica, Shi-Yong Sun, Suresh S. Ramalingam, Fadlo R. Khuri, Walter J. Curran, and Xingming Deng

Akt1 is the principal Akt isoform regulating apoptosis in limiting cytokine concentrations
B D Green, A M Jabbour, J J Sandow, C D Riffkin, D Masouras, C P Daunt, M Salmanidis, G Brumatti, B A Hemmings, M A Guthridge, R B Pearson and P G Ekert

Mitochondrion-associated protein LRPPRC suppresses the initiation of basal levels of autophagy via enhancing Bcl-2 stability
Jing Zou, Fei Yue, Xianhan Jiang, Wenjiao Li, Jinglin Yi and Leyuan Liu

Non-apoptotic cell death

Uba1 functions in Atg7- and Atg3-independent autophagy
Tsun-Kai Chang, Bhupendra V. Shravage, Sebastian D. Hayes, Christine M. Powers, Rachel T. Simin, J. Wade Harper & Eric H. Baehrecke

Transformation-Associated Changes in Sphingolipid Metabolism Sensitize Cells to Lysosomal Cell Death Induced by Inhibitors of Acid Sphingomyelinase
Nikolaj H.T. Petersen, Ole D. Olsen, Line Groth-Pedersen, Anne-Marie Ellegaard, Mesut Bilgin, Susanne Redmer, Marie S. Ostenfeld, Danielle Ulanet, Tobias H. Dovmark, Andreas Lønborg, Signe D. Vindeløv, Douglas Hanahan, Christoph Arenz, Christer S. Ejsing, Thomas Kirkegaard, Mikkel Rohde, Jesper Nylandsted, Marja Jäättelä

The Pseudokinase MLKL Mediates Necroptosis via a Molecular Switch Mechanism
James M. Murphy, Peter E. Czabotar, Joanne M. Hildebrand, Isabelle S. Lucet, Jian-Guo Zhang, Silvia Alvarez-Diaz, Rowena Lewis, Najoua Lalaoui, Donald Metcalf, Andrew I. Webb, Samuel N. Young, Leila N. Varghese, Gillian M. Tannahill, Esme C. Hatchell, Ian J. Majewski, Toru Okamoto, Renwick C.J. Dobson, Douglas J. Hilton, Jeffrey J. Babon, Nicos A. Nicola, Andreas Strasser, John Silke, Warren S. Alexander

Toll-like Receptor 3-mediated necrosis via TRIF, RIP3 and MLKL
William J. Kaiser, Haripriya Sridharan, Chunzi Huang, Pratyusha Mandal,
Jason W. Upton, Peter J. Gough, Clark A. Sehon, Robert W. Marquis, John
Bertin, and Edward S. Mocarski

Death receptors

RIPK3 contributes to TNFR1-mediated RIPK1 kinase-dependent apoptosis in conditions of cIAP1/2 depletion or TAK1 kinase inhibition
Y Dondelinger, M A Aguileta, V Goossens, C Dubuisson, S Grootjans, E Dejardin, P Vandenabeele and M J M Bertrand

Poor antibody validation is a challenge in biomedical research: a case study for detection of c-FLIP
Octavian Bucur , Bodvael Pennarun , Andreea Lucia Stancu , Monica Nadler , Maria Sinziana Muraru , Thierry Bertomeu & Roya Khosravi-Far

Caspases and demolition phase

Mechanistic insights into CED-4-mediated activation of CED-3
Weijiao Huang, Tianyu Jiang, Wooyoung Choi, Shiqian Qi, Yuxuan Pang, Qi Hu, Yanhui Xu, Xinqi Gong, Philip D. Jeffrey, Jiawei Wang, and Yigong Shi

TRIM13 regulates caspase-8 ubiquitination, translocation to autophagosomes and activation during ER stress induced cell death
Dhanendra Tomar, Paresh Prajapati, Lakshmi Sripada, Kritarth Singh, Rochika Singh, Arun Kumar Singh, Rajesh Singh

Caspase-2 is essential for c-Jun transcriptional activation and Bim induction in neuron death
Ying Y. Jean, Elena M. Ribe, Maria Elena Pero, Marina Moskalenko, Zarah Iqbal, Lianna J. Marks, Lloyd A. Greene and Carol M. Troy

Blebs produced by actin-myosin contraction during apoptosis release damage-associated molecular pattern proteins before secondary necrosis occurs
G R Wickman, L Julian, K Mardilovich, S Schumacher, J Munro, N Rath, S AL Zander, A Mleczak, D Sumpton, N Morrice, W V Bienvenut and M F Olson

Targeting the XIAP/caspase-7 complex selectively kills caspase-3-deficient malignancies
Yuan-Feng Lin, Tsung-Ching Lai, Chih-Kang Chang, Chi-Long Chen, Ming-Shyan Huang, Chih-Jen Yang, Hon-Ge Liu, Jhih-Jhong Dong, Yi-An Chou, Kuo-Hsun Teng, Shih-Hsun Chen, Wei-Ting Tian, Yi-Hua Jan, Michael Hsiao, Po-Huang Liang

Caspase-mediated cleavage and DNase activity of the translation initiation factor 3, subunit G (eIF3g)   
Jong-Tae Kim, Seon-Jin Lee, Bo-Yeon kim, Chul-Ho Lee, Young Il Yeom, Yong-Kyung Choe, Do-Young Yoon, Suhn-Kee Chae, Jung Woo Kim, Young Yang, Jong-Seok Lim, Hee Gu Lee


Glucose starved cells do not engage in pro-survival autophagy
Silvia Ramirez-Peinado, Clara Lucia Leon-Annicchiarico, Javier Galindo-Moreno, Raffaella Iurlaro, Alfredo Caro-Maldonado, Jochen H. M. Prehn, Kevin M. Ryan, and Cristina Munoz-Pinedo

CLL cells are resistant to smac mimetics because of an inability to form a ripoptosome complex
C Maas, J M Tromp, J van Laar, R Thijssen, J A Elias, A Malara, A Krippner-Heidenreich, J Silke, M HJ van Oers and E Eldering

Biochemical evidence of key residues for the activation and autoprocessing of tomato type II metacaspase
Shuai Wen1, Qiu-Min Ma1, Ya-Li Zhang, Ji-Ping Yang, Guang-Hua Zhao, Da-Qi Fu, Yun-Bo Luo, Gui-Qin Qu

Live imaging and single-cell analysis reveal differential dynamics of autophagy and apoptosis
Yangqing Xu, Junying Yuan and Marta M. Lipinski


When ER stress reaches a dead end
Hery Urraa, Estefanie Dufey, Fernanda Lisbona, b, Diego Rojas-Rivera, Claudio Hetz

Protect and serve: Bcl-2 proteins as guardians and rulers of cancer cell survival
Frédérique Braun, Sophie de Carné Trécesson, Joséphine Bertin-Ciftci and Philippe Juin


Pseudokiller, Qu’est-ce que C’est?
Douglas R. Green

A Bim-activating mould
G Häcker

Competition for growth factors: a lot more death with a little less Aktion
C J Kearney and S J Martin

Unshackling caspase-7 for cancer therapy 
Maria Eugenia Guicciardi, Gregory J. Gores

It Takes a CAD to Kill a Tumor Cell with a LMP
Erich Gulbins, Richard N. Kolesnick


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