MetaboList – September 2014

Nutrient sensing / Starvation / Ischemia

The Lysosomal v-ATPase-Ragulator Complex Is a Common Activator for AMPK and mTORC1, Acting as a Switch between Catabolism and Anabolism
Chen-Song Zhang, Bin Jiang, Mengqi Li, Mingjiang Zhu, Yongying Peng, Ya-Lin Zhang, Yu-Qing Wu, Terytty Yang Li, Yu Liang, Zailian Lu, Guili Lian, Qing Liu, Huiling Guo, Zhenyu Yin, Zhiyun Ye, Jiahuai Han, Jia-Wei Wu, Huiyong Yin, Shu-Yong Lin, Sheng-Cai Lin

Arginine starvation-associated atypical cellular death involves mitochondrial dysfunction, nuclear DNA leakage, and chromatin autophagy
Chun A. Changou, Yun-Ru Chen, Li Xing, Yun Yen, Frank Y. S. Chuang, R. Holland Cheng, Richard J. Bold, David K. Ann, and Hsing-Jien Kung

Glutamine deprivation stimulates mTOR-JNK-dependent chemokine secretion
Naval P. Shanware, Kevin Bray, Christina H. Eng, Fang Wang, Maximillian Follettie, Jeremy Myers, Valeria R. Fantin and Robert T. Abraham

Sestrins Function as Guanine Nucleotide Dissociation Inhibitors for Rag GTPases to Control mTORC1 Signaling
Min Peng, Na Yin, Ming O. Li

MAPK14/p38α-dependent modulation of glucose metabolism affects ROS levels and autophagy during starvation
Enrico Desideri, Rolando Vegliante, Simone Cardaci, Ridvan Nepravishta, Maurizio Paci and Maria Rosa Ciriolo

ARRB1/β-arrestin-1 mediates neuroprotection through coordination of BECN1-dependent autophagy in cerebral ischemia
Pei Wang, Tian-Ying Xu, Kai Wei, Yun-Feng Guan, Xia Wang, Hui Xu, Ding-Feng Su, Gang Pei and Chao-Yu Miao

Cancer Metabolism

Cell-State-Specific Metabolic Dependency in Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis
Ying-Hua Wang, William J. Israelsen, Dongjun Lee, Vionnie W.C. Yu, Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Clary B. Clish, Lewis C. Cantley, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, David T. Scadden

Hexokinase 2-Mediated Warburg Effect Is Required for PTEN- and p53-Deficiency-Driven Prostate Cancer Growth
Lei Wang, Hua Xiong, Fengxia Wu, Yingjie Zhang, Ji Wang, Liyan Zhao, Xiaolan Guo, Li-Ju Chang, Yong Zhang, M. James You, Shahriar Koochekpour, Mohammad Saleem, Haojie Huang, Junxuan Lu, Yibin Deng

ATF4 and N‐Myc coordinate glutamine metabolism in MYCN‐amplified neuroblastoma cells through ASCT2 activation
P Ren, M Yue, D Xiao, R Xiu, L Gan, H Liu, G Qing

ZBTB7A acts as a tumor suppressor through the transcriptional repression of glycolysis
Xue-Song Liu, Jenna E. Haines, Elie K. Mehanna, Matthew D. Genet, Issam Ben-Sahra, John M. Asara, Brendan D. Manning, and Zhi-Min Yuan

A distinct glucose metabolism signature of acute myeloid leukemia with prognostic value
Wen-Lian Chen, Jing-Han Wang, Ai-Hua Zhao, Xin Xu, Yi-Huang Wang, Tian-Lu Chen, Jun-Min Li, Jian-Qing Mi, Yong-Mei Zhu, Yuan-Fang Liu, Yue-Ying Wang, Jie Jin, He Huang, De-Pei Wu, Yan Li, Xiao-Jing Yan, Jin-Song Yan, Jian-Yong Li, Shuai Wang, Xiao-Jun Huang, Bing-Shun Wang, Zhu Chen, Sai-Juan Chen, and Wei Jia

Plk1 Phosphorylation of PTEN Causes a Tumor-Promoting Metabolic State
Zhiguo Li, Jie Li, Pengpeng Bi, Ying Lu, Grant Burcham, Bennett D. Elzey, Timothy Ratliff, Stephen F. Konieczny, Nihal Ahmad, Shihuan Kuang, and Xiaoqi Liu

Cell Surface Lactate Receptor GPR81 Is Crucial for Cancer Cell Survival
Christina L. Roland, Thiruvengadam Arumugam, Defeng Deng, Shi He Liu, Bincy Philip, Sobeyda Gomez, William R. Burns, Vijaya Ramachandran, Huamin Wang, Zobeida Cruz-Monserrate, and Craig D. Logsdon

Immediate Utility of Two Approved Agents to Target Both the Metabolic Mevalonate Pathway and Its Restorative Feedback Loop
Aleksandra Pandyra, Peter J. Mullen, Manpreet Kalkat, Rosemary Yu, Janice T. Pong, Zhihua Li, Suzanne Trudel, Karl S. Lang, Mark D. Minden, Aaron D. Schimmer, and Linda Z. Penn

IDH1 R132H Mutation Generates a Distinct Phospholipid Metabolite Profile in Glioma
Morteza Esmaeili, Bob C. Hamans, Anna C. Navis, Remco van Horssen, Tone F. Bathen, Ingrid S. Gribbestad, William P. Leenders, and Arend Heerschap

Targeting Epstein–Barr virus oncoprotein LMP1-mediated glycolysis sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma to radiation therapy
L Xiao, Z-y Hu, X Dong, Z Tan, W Li, M Tang, L Chen, L Yang, Y Tao, Y Jiang, J Li, B Yi, B Li, S Fan, S You, X Deng, F Hu, L Feng, A M Bode, Z Dong, L-q Sun and Y Cao

Hypoxia / HIFs

HIF-1-Mediated Suppression of Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenases and Fatty Acid Oxidation Is Critical for Cancer Progression
De Huang, Tingting Li, Xinghua Li, Long Zhang, Linchong Sun, Xiaoping He, Xiuying Zhong, Dongya Jia, Libing Song, Gregg L. Semenza, Ping Gao, Huafeng Zhang

Hypoxia-induced Bmi1 promotes renal tubular epithelial cell–mesenchymal transition and renal fibrosis via PI3K/Akt signal
Rui Du, Lin Xia, Xiaoxuan Ning, Limin Liu, Wenjuan Sun, Chen Huang, Hanmin Wang, and Shiren Sun

Hypoxia inducible factor-1α suppresses Peroxiredoxin 3 expression to promote proliferation of CCRCC cells
Hao Xi, Yao-Hui Gao, Dong-Yan Han, Qian-Yu Li, Li-Jin Feng, Wei Zhang, Guo Ji, Jia-Cheng Xiao, Hui-Zhen Zhang, Qing Wei

Direct regulation of GAS6/AXL signaling by HIF promotes renal metastasis through SRC and MET
Erinn B. Rankin, Katherine C. Fuh, Laura Castellini, Kartik Viswanathan, Elizabeth C. Finger, Anh N. Diep, Edward L. LaGory, Mihalis S. Kariolis, Andy Chan, David Lindgren, Håkan Axelson, Yu R. Miao, Adam J. Krieg, and Amato J. Giaccia

Autophagy promotes paclitaxel resistance of cervical cancer cells: involvement of Warburg effect activated hypoxia-induced factor 1-α-mediated signaling
X Peng, F Gong, Y Chen, Y Jiang, J Liu, M Yu, S Zhang, M Wang, G Xiao and H Liao


Oxidative stress activates AMPK in cultured cells primarily by increasing cellular AMP and/or ADP
F. Romana Auciello, Fiona A. Ross, Naoko Ikematsu, D. Grahame Hardie

Combined SFK/mTOR Inhibition Prevents Rapamycin-Induced Feedback Activation of AKT and Elicits Efficient Tumor Regression
Jennifer L. Yori, Kristen L. Lozada, Darcie D. Seachrist, Jonathan D. Mosley, Fadi W. Abdul-Karim, Christine N. Booth, Chris A. Flask, and Ruth A. Keri

mTORC1/2 targeted by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the prevention of mammary tumorigenesis and tumor progression
Z Chen, Y Zhang, C Jia, Y Wang, P Lai, X Zhou, Y Wang, Q Song, Jun Lin, Z Ren, Q Gao, Z Zhao, H Zheng, Z Wan, T Gao, A Zhao, Y Dai and X Bai


Mechanism of Metformin-dependent Inhibition of mTOR and Ras Activity in Pancreatic Cancer: Role of Sp Transcription Factors
Vijayalekshmi Nair, Sandeep Sreevalsan, Riyaz Basha, Maen Abdelrahim, Ala Abudayyeh, Aline Rodrigues Hoffman, and Stephen H. Safe

Effects of metformin and other biguanides on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria
Hannah R. Bridges, Andrew J. Y. Jones, Michael N. Pollak and Judy Hirst

Metformin directly acts on mitochondria to alter cellular bioenergetics
Andrzejewski S, Gravel S, Pollak M, St-Pierre J


A Switch from White to Brown Fat Increases Energy Expenditure in Cancer-Associated Cachexia
Michele Petruzzelli, Martina Schweiger, Renate Schreiber, Ramon Campos-Olivas, Maria Tsoli, John Allen, Michael Swarbrick, Stefan Rose-John, Mercedes Rincon, Graham Robertson, Rudolf Zechner, Erwin F. Wagner

Metabolic reprogramming induced by ketone bodies diminishes pancreatic cancer cachexia
Shukla SK, Gebregiworgis T, Purohit V, Chaika NV, Gunda V, Radhakrishnan P, Mehla K, Pipinos II, Powers R, Yu F, Singh PK


Glucose metabolism is inhibited by caspases upon the induction of apoptosis
L A Pradelli, E Villa, B Zunino, S Marchetti and J-E Ricci

Deficient Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy in Liver Leads to Metabolic Dysregulation
Jaime L. Schneider, Yousin Suh, Ana Maria Cuervo

mTOR- and HIF-1α–mediated aerobic glycolysis as metabolic basis for trained immunity
Shih-Chin Cheng, Jessica Quintin, Robert A. Cramer, Kelly M. Shepardson, Sadia Saeed, Vinod Kumar, Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Joost H. A. Martens, Nagesha Appukudige Rao, Ali Aghajanirefah, Ganesh R. Manjeri, Yang Li, Daniela C. Ifrim, Rob J. W. Arts, Brian M. J. W. van der Meer, Peter M. T. Deen, Colin Logie, Luke A. O’Neill, Peter Willems, Frank L. van de Veerdonk, Jos W. M. van der Meer,Aylwin Ng, Leo A. B. Joosten, Cisca Wijmenga, Hendrik G. Stunnenberg, Ramnik J. Xavier, Mihai G. Netea

Bcl-6 directly represses the gene program of the glycolysis pathway
Kenneth J Oestreich, Kaitlin A Read, Sarah E Gilbertson, Kenneth P Hough, Paul W McDonald,  Veena Krishnamoorthy & Amy S Weinmann

TIGAR Has a Dual Role in Cancer Cell Survival through Regulating Apoptosis and Autophagy
Jia-Ming Xie, Bin Li, Hong-Pei Yu, Quan-Geng Gao, Wei Li, Hao-Rong Wu, and Zheng-Hong Qin

Architecture of mammalian respiratory complex I
Kutti R. Vinothkumar, Jiapeng Zhu & Judy Hirst

ARTD1/PARP1 Negatively Regulates Glycolysis by Inhibiting Hexokinase 1 Independent of NAD+ Depletion
Elise Fouquerel, Eva M. Goellner, Zhongxun Yu, Jean-Philippe Gagné, Michelle Barbi de Moura, Tim Feinstein, David Wheeler, Philip Redpath, Jianfeng Li, Guillermo Romero, Marie Migaud, Bennett Van Houten, Guy G. Poirier, Robert W. Sobol

HRG-1 enhances cancer cell invasive potential and couples glucose metabolism to cytosolic/extracellular pH gradient regulation by the vacuolar-H+ ATPase
F M Fogarty, J O’Keeffe, A Zhadanov, D Papkovsky, V Ayllon and R O’Connor

ER Stress Cooperates with Hypernutrition to Trigger TNF-Dependent Spontaneous HCC Development
Hayato Nakagawa, Atsushi Umemura, Koji Taniguchi, Joan Font-Burgada, Debanjan Dhar, Hisanobu Ogata, Zhenyu Zhong, Mark A. Valasek, Ekihiro Seki, Juan Hidalgo, Kazuhiko Koike, Randal J. Kaufman, Michael Karin


Metabolic control of cell death
Douglas R. Green, Lorenzo Galluzzi, Guido Kroemer

Endothelial cell metabolism: parallels and divergences with cancer cell metabolism
Verdegem D, Moens S, Stapor P, Carmeliet P

Genetically Modeled Mice with Mutations in Mitochondrial Metabolic Enzymes for the Study of Cancer
Jose I Piruat and África Millán-Uclés

Action at a Distance: Allostery and the Development of Drugs to Target Cancer Cell Metabolism
Byron DeLaBarre, Jonathan Hurov, Giovanni Cianchetta, Stuart Murray, Lenny Dang

Obesity, Cholesterol Metabolism, and Breast Cancer Pathogenesis
Donald P. McDonnell, Sunghee Park, Matthew T. Goulet, Jeff Jasper, Suzanne E. Wardell, Ching-yi Chang, John D. Norris, John R. Guyton, and Erik R. Nelson

Opinion / Previews

Q&A: targeting autophagy in cancer—a new therapeutic?
White E

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress: At the Crossroads of Inflammation and Metabolism in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development
Marion Maurel, Afshin Samali, Eric Chevet

Inhibition of autophagy attenuates pancreatic cancer growth independent of TP53/TRP53 status
Annan Yang and Alec C Kimmelman

Arginine deprivation and autophagic cell death in cancer
Peter Wojciech Szlosarek

Inhibiting HIF with Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphastase

Loss of Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase 1 Is Critical for Renal Carcinoma

mTORC1 Regulates Proteasome-Mediated Protein Degradation

Targeting Lipogenesis Blocks Adaptation to Antiangiogenic Therapy

p62 Loss Reprograms Stromal Metabolism to Promote Tumor Growth

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