MetaboList – May 2015

Cancer Metabolism

Structures of human phosphofructokinase-1 and atomic basis of cancer-associated mutations
Bradley A. Webb, Farhad Forouhar, Fu-En Szu, Jayaraman Seetharaman, Liang Tong & Diane L. Barber

Aerobic glycolysis tunes YAP/TAZ transcriptional activity
Elena Enzo, Giulia Santinon, Arianna Pocaterra, Mariaceleste Aragona, Silvia Bresolin, Mattia Forcato, Daniela Grifoni, Annalisa Pession, Francesca Zanconato, Giulia Guzzo, Silvio Bicciato, and Sirio Dupont

MYC oncogene overexpression drives renal cell carcinoma in a mouse model through glutamine metabolism
Emelyn H. Shroff, Livia S. Eberlin, Vanessa M. Dang, Arvin M. Gouw, Meital Gabay, Stacey J. Adam, David I. Bellovin, Phuoc T. Tran, William M. Philbrick, Adolfo Garcia-Ocana, Stephanie C. Casey, Yulin Li, Chi V. Dang, Richard N. Zare, and Dean W. Felsher

ATM Couples Replication Stress and Metabolic Reprogramming during Cellular Senescence
Katherine M. Aird, Andrew J. Worth, Nathaniel W. Snyder, Joyce V. Lee, Sharanya Sivanand, Qin Liu, Ian A. Blair, Kathryn E. Wellen, Rugang Zhang

Brief Report: Stromal cell–mediated glycolytic switch in CLL cells involves Notch-c-Myc signaling
Regina Jitschin, Martina Braun, Mirjeta Qorraj, Domenica Saul, Katarina Le Blanc, Thorsten Zenz, and Dimitrios Mougiakakos

IDH2 and NPM1 Mutations Cooperate to Activate Hoxa9/Meis1 and Hypoxia Pathways in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Yoko Ogawara, Takuo Katsumoto, Yukiko Aikawa, Yutaka Shima, Yuki Kagiyama, Tomoyoshi Soga, Hironori Matsunaga, Takahiko Seki, Kazushi Araki, and Issay Kitabayashi

Metabolic Signature Identifies Novel Targets for Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma
Patricia Maiso, Daisy Huynh, Michele Moschetta, Antonio Sacco, Yosra Aljawai, Yuji Mishima, John M. Asara, Aldo M. Roccaro, Alec C. Kimmelman,and Irene M. Ghobrial

Blocking anaplerotic entry of glutamine into the TCA cycle sensitizes K-Ras mutant cancer cells to cytotoxic drugs
M Saqcena, S Mukhopadhyay, C Hosny, A Alhamed, A Chatterjee and D A Foster

Polymorphism in one-carbon metabolism pathway affects survival of gastric cancer patients: Large and comprehensive study
Zhao T, Gu D, Xu Z, Huo X, Shen L, Wang C, Tang Y, Wu P, He J, Gong W, He ML, Chen J[]=3259

cMyc-mediated activation of serine biosynthesis pathway is critical for cancer progression under nutrient deprivation conditions
Linchong Sun, Libing Song, Qianfen Wan, Gongwei Wu, Xinghua Li, Yinghui Wang, Jin Wang, Zhaoji Liu, Xiuying Zhong, Xiaoping He, Shengqi Shen, Xin Pan, Ailing Li, Yulan Wang, Ping Gao, Huiru Tang and Huafeng Zhang

MACC1 supports human gastric cancer growth under metabolic stress by enhancing the Warburg effect
L Lin, H Huang, W Liao, H Ma, J Liu, L Wang, N Huang, Y Liao and W Liao

Analyses of the Transcriptome and Metabolome Demonstrate That HIF1α Mediates Altered Tumor Metabolism in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
Denise R. Minton, Leiping Fu, Qiuying Chen, Brian D. Robinson, Steven S. Gross, David M. Nanus, Lorraine J. Gudas

Comprehensive Analysis of Glycolytic Enzymes as Therapeutic Targets in the Treatment of Glioblastoma
Morgane Sanzey, Siti Aminah Abdul Rahim, Anais Oudin, Anne Dirkse, Tony Kaoma, Laurent Vallar, Christel Herold-Mende, Rolf Bjerkvig, Anna Golebiewska, Simone P. Niclou

Signaling through the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase (PI3K)/ Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) Axis is Responsible for Aerobic Glycolysis mediated by Glucose Transporter in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)-mutated Lung Adenocarcinoma
Hideki Makinoshima, Masahiro Takita, Koichi Saruwatari, Shigeki Umemura, Yuuki Obata, Genichiro Ishii, Shingo Matsumoto, Eri Sugiyama, Atsushi Ochiai, Ryo Abe, Koichi Goto, Hiroyasu Esumi, and Katsuya Tsuchihara


AMP-activated protein kinase is dispensable for maintaining ATP levels and for survival following inhibition of glycolysis, but promotes tumour engraftment of ras-transformed fibroblasts
Joffrey Pelletier, Danièle Roux, Benoit Viollet, Nathalie M. Mazure,  and  Jacques Pouysségur[]=3738

Glucose-Based Regulation of miR-451/AMPK Signaling Depends on the OCT1 Transcription Factor
Khairul I. Ansari, Daisuke Ogawa, Arun K. Rooj, Sean E. Lawler, Anna M. Krichevsky, Mark D. Johnson, E. Antonio Chiocca, Agnieszka Bronisz, Jakub Godlewski

5′-AMP-activated protein kinase alpha regulates stress granule biogenesis
Hicham Mahboubi, Ramla Barise, Ursula Stochaj

Enhanced amino acid utilization sustains growth of cells lacking Snf1/AMPK
Raffaele Nicastro, Farida Tripodi, Cinzia Guzzi, Veronica Reghellin, Sakda Khoomrung, Claudia Capusoni, Concetta Compagno, Cristina Airoldi, Jens Nielsen, Lilia Alberghina, Paola Coccetti

Protein kinase Snf1 is involved in the proper regulation of the unfolded protein response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jofre Ferrer Dalmau, Francisca Randez Gil, Maribel Marquina, José A. Prieto and Antonio Casamayor

Polarized activities of AMPK and BRSK in primary hippocampal neurons
Vedangi Sample, Santosh Ramamurthy, Kirill Gorshkov, Gabriele V. Ronnett, and Jin Zhang

Anti-metabolic drugs, starvation

Dose-dependent Effect of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose on Glycoprotein Mannosylation in Cancer Cells
Ahadova, A; Gebert, J; Doeberitz, MV; Kopitz, J; Kloor, M

Fasting induces anti-Warburg effect that increases respiration but reduces ATP-synthesis to promote apoptosis in colon cancer models
Giovanna Bianchi, Roberto Martella, Silvia Ravera, Cecilia Marini, Selene Capitanio, Annamaria Orengo, Laura Emionite, Chiara Lavarello, Adriana Amaro, Andrea Petretto, Ulrich Pfeffer, Gianmario Sambuceti, Vito Pistoia, Lizzia Raffaghello,  and  Valter D. Longo[]=3688


The hypoxic cancer secretome induces pre-metastatic bone lesions through lysyl oxidase
Thomas R. Cox, Robin M. H. Rumney, Erwin M. Schoof, Lara Perryman, Anette M. Høye, Ankita Agrawal, Demelza Bird, Norain Ab Latif, Hamish Forrest, Holly R. Evans, Iain D. Huggins, Georgina Lang, Rune Linding, Alison Gartland & Janine T. Erler

EFNA3 long noncoding RNAs induced by hypoxia promote metastatic dissemination
L Gómez-Maldonado, M Tiana, O Roche, A Prado-Cabrero, L Jensen, A Fernandez-Barral, I Guijarro-Muñoz, E Favaro, G Moreno-Bueno, L Sanz, J Aragones, A Harris, O Volpert, B Jimenez and L del Peso

Snail is a Direct Target of HIF1α in Hypoxia-induced Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition of Human Coronary Endothelial Cells
Xingbo Xu, Xiaoying Tan, Bjoern Tampe, Elisa Sanchez, Michael Zeisberg, and Elisabeth M. Zeisberg

Autophagy mediates HIF2α degradation and suppresses renal tumorigenesis
X-D Liu, J Yao, D N Tripathi, Z Ding, Y Xu, M Sun, J Zhang, S Bai, P German, A Hoang, L Zhou, D Jonasch, X Zhang, C J Conti, E Efstathiou, N M Tannir, N T Eissa, G B Mills, C L Walker and E Jonasch

Hypoxia drives transient site-specific copy gain and drug-resistant gene expression
Joshua C. Black, Elnaz Atabakhsh, Jaegil Kim, Kelly M. Biette, Capucine Van Rechem, Brendon Ladd, Paul d. Burrowes, Carlos Donado, Hamid Mattoo, Benjamin P. Kleinstiver, Bing Song, Grasiella Andriani, J. Keith Joung, Othon Iliopoulos, Cristina Montagna, Shiv Pillai, Gad Getz, and JohnathanR. Whetstine


SoNar, a Highly Responsive NAD+/NADH Sensor, Allows High-Throughput Metabolic Screening of Anti-tumor Agents
Yuzheng Zhao, Qingxun Hu, Feixiong Cheng, Ni Su, Aoxue Wang, Yejun Zou, Hanyang Hu, Xianjun Chen, Hai-Meng Zhou, Xinzhi Huang, Kai Yang, Qian Zhu, Xue Wang, Jing Yi, Linyong Zhu, Xuhong Qian, Lixin Chen, Yun Tang, Joseph Loscalzo, Yi Yang

Spatially Resolved Metabolic Phenotyping of Breast Cancer by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Sabine Guenther, Laura J. Muirhead, Abigail V.M. Speller, Ottmar Golf, Nicole Strittmatter, Rathi Ramakrishnan, Robert D. Goldin, Emrys Jones, Kirill Veselkov, Jeremy Nicholson, Ara Darzi, and Zoltan Takats

MS-DIAL: data-independent MS/MS deconvolution for comprehensive metabolome analysis
Hiroshi Tsugawa, Tomas Cajka, Tobias Kind, Yan Ma, Brendan Higgins, Kazutaka Ikeda, Mitsuhiro Kanazawa, Jean VanderGheynst, Oliver Fiehn & Masanori Arita

New method to assess mitophagy flux by flow cytometry
Marta Mauro-Lizcano, Lorena Esteban-Martínez, Esther Seco, Ana Serrano-Puebla, Lucia Garcia-Ledo, Cláudia Figueiredo-Pereira, Helena L A Vieira & Patricia Boya

Quantification of folate metabolism using transient metabolic flux analysis
Tedeschi  PM, Johnson-Farley  N, Lin  H, Shelton  LM, Ooga  T, Mackay  G, Van Den Broek  N, Bertino  JR, Vazquez  A


Rod-Derived Cone Viability Factor Promotes Cone Survival by Stimulating Aerobic Glycolysis
Najate Aït-Ali, Ram Fridlich, Géraldine Millet-Puel, Emmanuelle Clérin, François Delalande, Céline Jaillard, Frédéric Blond, Ludivine Perrocheau, Sacha Reichman, Leah C. Byrne, Anne Olivier-Bandini, Jacques Bellalou, Emmanuel Moyse, Frédéric Bouillaud, Xavier Nicol, Deniz Dalkara, Alain van Dorsselaer, José-Alain Sahel, Thierry Léveillard

IL-7-Induced Glycerol Transport and TAG Synthesis Promotes Memory CD8+ T Cell Longevity
Guoliang Cui, Matthew M. Staron, Simon M. Gray, Ping-Chih Ho, Robert A. Amezquita, Jingxia Wu, Susan M. Kaech

Degradation of lipid droplet-associated proteins by chaperone-mediated autophagy facilitates lipolysis
Susmita Kaushik and Ana Maria Cuervo


Amino Acid Transporters in Cancer and Their Relevance to “Glutamine Addiction”: Novel Targets for the Design of a New Class of Anticancer Drugs
Yangzom D. Bhutia, Ellappan Babu, Sabarish Ramachandran, and Vadivel Ganapathy

Role of tumor hypoxia in acquisition of resistance to microtubule-stabilizing drugs
Viswanath Das, Jana Stepankova, Marian Hajduch, John H. Miller

Targeting the 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase and related metabolic pathways for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Popovics P, Frigo DE, Schally AV, Rick FG

Defining the Metabolome: Size, Flux, and Regulation
Nicola Zamboni, Alan Saghatelian, Gary J. Patti

Pyruvate kinase M2 at a glance
Weiwei Yang and Zhimin Lu


Tumor Metabolism: MAGE-A Proteins Help TRIM Turn Over AMPK
Reuben J. Shaw

Paving the way for therapeutic prevention of tumor metastasis with agents targeting mitochondrial superoxide
Paolo E Porporato & Pierre Sonveaux

Endothelial cells and cancer cells: metabolic partners in crime?
Zecchin A, Borgers G, Carmeliet P:

Targeting the Warburg effect for leukemia therapy: Magnitude matters
Ying-Hua Wang & David T Scadden

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and the Warburg effect
Carol Moreno

Nutrient stress revamps cancer cell metabolism
Moscat J, Richardson A, Diaz-Meco MT.

Metabolic signals in the hypoxic response

Improving PET Evaluation of Brain Tumors

How inhibition of TORC1 stimulates gene expression

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