MetaboList – August 2017


The Dawn of the Age of Amino Acid Sensors for the mTORC1 Pathway
Rachel L. Wolfson, David M. Sabatini

Serine and Functional Metabolites in Cancer
Alice C. Newman, Oliver D.K. Maddocks

Is There a Therapeutic Window for Metabolism-Based Cancer Therapies?
Sarah-Maria Fendt

Oxygen availability and metabolic reprogramming in cancer
Hong Xie and M Celeste Simon

Succinate: An initiator in tumorigenesis and progression
Ting Zhao, Xianmin Mu and Qiang You

Yi-wei Dong, Yan-qiang Shi, Li-wen He, Xi-yu Cui, and Pei-zhu Su

Mitochondria-Associated Membranes As Networking Platforms and Regulators of Cancer Cell Fate
Maria Livia Sassano, Alexander R. van Vliet and Patrizia Agostinis

Involvement of the Warburg effect in non-tumor diseases processes
Zhe Chen, Meiqing Liu, Lanfang Li and Linxi Chen

NAD+ Deficits in Age-Related Diseases and Cancer
Amanda Garrido, Nabil Djouder

Targeting autophagy in cancer
Jean M. Mulcahy Levy, Christina G. Towers & Andrew Thorburn

Linking metabolic reprogramming to therapy resistance in cancer
Andrea Morandi, Stefano Indraccolo

Cancer cell metabolism and mitochondria: Nutrient plasticity for TCA cycle fueling
Cyril Corbet, Olivier Feron

Focus: Metabolism: Endothelial cell metabolism in health and disease: impact of hypoxia
Brian W Wong, Elke Marsch, Lucas Treps, Myriam Baes, and Peter Carmeliet

Linking tumor glycolysis and immune evasion in cancer: Emerging concepts and therapeutic opportunities
Shanmugasundaram Ganapathy-Kanniappan

Stress-sensing mechanisms and the physiological roles of the Keap1-Nrf2 system during cellular stress
Takafumi Suzuki and Masayuki Yamamoto

Metabolic interactions in cancer: cellular metabolism at the interface between the microenvironment, the cancer cell phenotype and the epigenetic landscape
Gianmarco Rinaldi, Matteo Rossi and Sarah-Maria Fendt

Sweet Sixteenth for ChREBP: Established Roles and Future Goals
Aya Abdul-Wahed, Sandra Guilmeau, Catherine Postic

Novel targeted therapies for cancer cachexia
Josep M. Argilés, Francisco Javier López-Soriano, Britta Stemmler, and Sílvia Busquets


In the Hunger Games, the Winner Takes Everything
Franziska Püschel, Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo

Jens C. Hamann, and Michael Overholtzer

The answer’s in the tail: MYC mRNA has a metabolic sensor that supports cancer chemoresistance
Nadine Royla & Stefan Kempa

Extracellular vesicles: Taking metabolism on the road
Lucas B Sullivan

Hitting the target in IDH2 mutant AML
Bas J. Wouters

The RagD GTPase Regulates mTORC1 Activity to Promote Tumor Growth

mTORC2 Regulates the Cystine–Glutamate Antiporter xCT

Cyclin D3–CDK6 Has a Metabolic Prosurvival Role in T-ALL

One-carbon metabolism, nucleotides

Mammals divert endogenous genotoxic formaldehyde into one-carbon metabolism
Guillermo Burgos-Barragan, Niek Wit, Johannes Meiser, Felix A. Dingler, Matthias Pietzke, Lee Mulderrig, Lucas B. Pontel, Ivan V. Rosado, Thomas F. Brewer, Rebecca L. Cordell, Paul S. Monks, Christopher J. Chang, Alexei Vazquez & Ketan J. Patel

Ribonucleotide reductase represents a novel therapeutic target in primary effusion lymphoma
L Dai, Z Lin, J Qiao, Y Chen, E K Flemington and Z Qin


Paraoxonase 2 Facilitates Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastasis by Stimulating GLUT1-Mediated Glucose Transport
Arvindhan Nagarajan, Shaillay Kumar Dogra, Lisha Sun, Neeru Gandotra, Thuy Ho, Guoping Cai, Gary Cline, Priti Kumar, Robert A. Cowles, Narendra Wajapeyee

Evidence for a direct crosstalk between malic enzyme and the pentose phosphate pathway via structural interactions
Pengbo Yao, Huishan Sun, Chang Xu, Taiqi Chen, Bing Zou, Peng Jiang, and Wenjing Du

Wenming Feng, Ge Cui, Cheng-wu Tang, Xiao-lan Zhang, Chuang Dai, Yong-qiang Xu, Hui Gong, Tao Xue, Hui-hui Guo, and Ying Bao

Hong Sun, Anyou Zhu, Xiang Zhou, and Fengchao Wang

Pyruvate kinase M knockdown induced signaling via AMP-activated protein kinase promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, autophagy, and cancer cell survival
Gopinath Prakasam, Rajnish Kumar Singh, Mohammad Askandar Iqbal, Sunil Kumar Saini, Ashu Bhan Tiku, and Rameshwar N.K. Bamezai

Connexin-43 channels are a pathway for discharging lactate from glycolytic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells
T H Dovmark, M Saccomano, A Hulikova, F Alves and P Swietach

Amino acid metabolism

Environmental cystine drives glutamine anaplerosis and sensitizes cancer cells to glutaminase inhibition
Alexander Muir, Laura V Danai, Dan Y Gui, Chiara Y Waingarten, Caroline A Lewis and Matthew G Vander Heiden

Critical role for arginase 2 in obesity-associated pancreatic cancer
Tamara Zaytouni, Pei-Yun Tsai, Daniel S. Hitchcock, Cory D. DuBois, Elizaveta Freinkman, Lin Lin, Vicente Morales-Oyarvide, Patrick J. Lenehan, Brian M. Wolpin, Mari Mino-Kenudson, Eduardo M. Torres, Nicholas Stylopoulos, Clary B. Clish & Nada Y. Kalaany

Glutamine metabolism regulates autophagy-dependent mTORC1 reactivation during amino acid starvation
Hayden Weng Siong Tan, Arthur Yi Loong Sim & Yun Chau Long

Dynamin-dependent amino acid endocytosis activates mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1)
Shusaku Shibutani, Hana Okazaki, and Hiroyuki Iwata

Vitamin B6 is essential for serine de novo biosynthesis
Rúben J. Ramos, Mia L. Pras-Raves, Johan Gerrits, Maria van der Ham, Marcel Willemsen, Hubertus Prinsen, Boudewijn Burgering, Judith J. Jans, Nanda M. Verhoeven-Duif


Lung tumors with distinct p53 mutations respond similarly to p53 targeted therapy but exhibit genotype-specific statin sensitivity
Frances K. Turrell, Emma M. Kerr, Meiling Gao, Hannah Thorpe, Gary J. Doherty, Jake Cridge, David Shorthouse, Alyson Speed, Shamith Samarajiwa, Benjamin A. Hall, Meryl Griffiths and Carla P. Martins

A distinct plasma lipid signature associated with poor prognosis in castration-resistant prostate cancer
Hui-Ming Lin, Kate L. Mahon, Jacquelyn M. Weir, Piyushkumar A. Mundra, Calan Spielman, Karen Briscoe, Howard Gurney, Girish Mallesara, Gavin Marx, Martin R. Stockler, PRIMe Consortium, Robert G. Parton, Andrew J. Hoy, Roger J. Daly, Peter J. Meikle and Lisa G. Horvath

Metabolic reprogramming

Metabolic profiling of triple-negative breast cancer cells reveals metabolic vulnerabilities
Nathan J. Lanning, Joshua P. Castle, Simar J. Singh, Andre N. Leon, Elizabeth A. Tovar, Amandeep Sanghera, Jeffrey P. MacKeigan, Fabian V. Filipp and Carrie R. Graveel

Global metabolic reprogramming of colorectal cancer occurs at adenoma stage and is induced by MYC
Kiyotoshi Satoh et al, and Tomoyoshi Soga

Computational Model Predicts the Effects of Targeting Cellular Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer.
Roy M, Finley SD

Hypoxia / HIFs

Multiple renal cancer susceptibility polymorphisms modulate the HIF pathway
Steffen Grampp, Virginia Schmid, Rafik Salama, Victoria Lauer, Franziska Kranz, James L. Platt, James Smythies, Hani Choudhry, Margarete Goppelt-Struebe, Peter J. Ratcliffe, David R. Mole, Johannes Schödel

Hypoxic lung cancer-secreted exosomal miR-23a increased angiogenesis and vascular permeability by targeting prolyl hydroxylase and tight junction protein ZO-1
Y-L Hsu, J-Y Hung, W-A Chang, Y-S Lin, Y-C Pan, P-H Tsai, C-Y Wu and P-L Kuo

Hypoxia-inducible factor 2α (HIF-2α) promotes colon cancer growth by potentiating Yes-associated protein 1 (YAP1) activity
Xiaoya Ma, Huabing Zhang, Xiang Xue, and Yatrik M Shah

Hypoxia induces cancer-associated cAMP/PKA signalling through HIF-mediated transcriptional control of adenylyl cyclases VI and VII
Veronika Simko, Filippo Iuliano, Lucia Csaderova


Resveratrol reverses the Warburg effect by targeting the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in colon cancer cells
Elise Saunier, Samantha Antonio, Anne Regazzetti, Nicolas Auzeil, Olivier Laprévote, Jerry W. Shay, Xavier Coumoul, Robert Barouki, Chantal Benelli, Laurence Huc & Sylvie Bortoli

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 signalling is essential for Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitophagy in cancer cells
Amy Lyons, Michael Coleman, Sarah Riis, Cedric Favre, Ciara H. O’Flanagan, Alexander V. Zhdanov, Dmitri B. Papkovsky, Stephen D. Hursting, and Rosemary O’Connor

Permeability transition in human mitochondria persists in the absence of peripheral stalk subunits of ATP synthase
Jiuya He, Joe Carroll, Shujing Ding, Ian M. Fearnley, and John E. Walker

Fumarate Hydratase Mutations and Alterations in Leiomyoma With Bizarre Nuclei
Qing Zhang; Kate Poropatich; Julianne Ubago; Jia Xie; Xiuhua Xu; Norma Frizzell; Julie Kim; Beihua Kong; Jian-Jun Wei

Starvation, nutrient sensing

MYCN amplified neuroblastoma requires the mRNA translation regulator eEF2 kinase to adapt to nutrient deprivation
Alberto Delaidelli, Gian Luca Negri, Asad Jan, Brandon Jansonius, Amal El-Naggar, Jonathan K M Lim, Debjit Khan, Htoo Zarni Oo, Christopher J Carnie, Marc Remke, John M Maris, Gabriel Leprivier and Poul H Sorensen

Mitochondrial elongation-mediated glucose metabolism reprogramming is essential for tumour cell survival during energy stress
J Li, Q Huang, X Long, X Guo, X Sun, X Jin, Z Li, T Ren, P Yuan, X Huang, H Zhang and J Xing

Long Noncoding RNA JHDM1D-AS1 Promotes Tumor Growth by Regulating Angiogenesis in Response to Nutrient Starvation
Ayano Kondo, Aya Nonaka, Teppei Shimamura, Shogo Yamamoto, Tetsuo Yoshida, Tatsuhiko Kodama, Hiroyuki Aburatani, and Tsuyoshi Osawa

Glycosylation of KEAP1 links nutrient sensing to redox stress signaling
Po‐Han Chen, Timothy J Smith, Jianli Wu, Priscila F Siesser, Brittany J Bisnett, Farhan Khan, Maxwell Hogue, Erik Soderblom, Flora Tang, Jeffrey R Marks, Michael B Major, Benjamin M Swarts, Michael Boyce, and Jen‐Tsan Chi


Systemic pan-AMPK activator MK-8722 improves glucose homeostasis but induces cardiac hypertrophy
Robert W. Myers , Hong-Ping Guan, Juliann Ehrhart, Aleksandr Petrov, Srinivasa Prahalada, Effie Tozzo, Xiaodong Yang, Marc M. Kurtz, Maria Trujillo, Dinko Gonzalez Trotter, Danqing Feng, Shiyao Xu, George Eiermann, Marie A. Holahan, Daniel Rubins, Stacey Conarello, Xiaoda Niu, Sandra C. Souza, Corin Miller, Jinqi Liu, Ku Lu, Wen Feng, Ying Li, Ronald E. Painter, James A. Milligan, Huaibing He, Franklin Liu, Aimie Ogawa, Douglas Wisniewski, Rory J. Rohm, Liyang Wang, Michelle Bunzel, Ying Qian, Wei Zhu, Hongwu Wang, Bindu Bennet, Lisa LaFranco Scheuch, Guillermo E. Fernandez, Cai Li, Michael Klimas, Gaochao Zhou, Margaret van Heek, Tesfaye Biftu, Ann Weber, David E. Kelley, Nancy Thornberry, Mark D. Erion, Daniel M. Kemp, Iyassu K. Sebhat

Phosphorylation of AMPK by upstream kinases is required for activity in mammalian cells
Robin Willows, Matthew J. Sanders, Bing Xiao, Bhakti R. Patel, Stephen R.Martin, Jon Read, Jon R. Wilson, Julia Hubbard, Steven J. Gamblin and David Carling

mTORC1 Regulates Mitochondrial Integrated Stress Response and Mitochondrial Myopathy Progression
Nahid A. Khan, Joni Nikkanen, Shuichi Yatsuga, Christopher Jackson, Liya Wang, Swagat Pradhan, Riikka Kivelä, Alberto Pessia, Vidya Velagapudi, Anu Suomalainen

Focal Adhesion- and IGF1R-Dependent Survival and Migratory Pathways Mediate Tumor Resistance to mTORC1/2 Inhibition
Sang-Oh Yoon, Sejeong Shin, Florian A. Karreth, Gwen R. Buel, Mark P. Jedrychowski, David R. Plas, Shoukat Dedhar, Steven P. Gygi, Philippe P. Roux, Noah Dephoure, John Blenis


Alessandra Tessitore, Valentina Mastroiaco, Antonella Vetuschi, Roberta Sferra, Simona Pompili, Germana Cicciarelli, Remo Barnabei, Daria Capece, Francesca Zazzeroni, Carlo Capalbo, and Edoardo Alesse

Pharmacologic or Genetic Targeting of Glutamine Synthetase Skews Macrophages toward an M1-like Phenotype and Inhibits Tumor Metastasis
Erika M. Palmieri, Alessio Menga, Rosa Martín-Pérez, Annamaria Quinto, Carla Riera-Domingo, Giacoma De Tullio, Douglas C. Hooper, Wouter H. Lamers, Bart Ghesquière, Daniel W. McVicar, Attilio Guarini, Massimiliano Mazzone, Alessandra Castegna

α-ketoglutarate orchestrates macrophage activation through metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming
Pu-Ste Liu, Haiping Wang, Xiaoyun Li, Tung Chao, Tony Teav, Stefan Christen, Giusy Di Conza, Wan-Chen Cheng, Chih-Hung Chou, Magdalena Vavakova, Charlotte Muret, Koen Debackere, Massimiliano Mazzone, Hsien-Da Huang, Sarah-Maria Fendt, Julijana Ivanisevic & Ping-Chih Ho

A Dynamic Metabolic Flux Analysis of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Confirms Immunosuppression-Related Metabolic Plasticity
Guillaume Goffaux, Iness Hammami & Mario Jolicoeur

Glutamine fuels proliferation but not migration of endothelial cells
Boa Kim, Jia Li, Cholsoon Jang, and Zoltan Arany

Role of glutamine and interlinked asparagine metabolism in vessel formation
Hongling Huang, Saar Vandekeere, Joanna Kalucka, Laura Bierhansl, Annalisa Zecchin, Ulrike Brüning, Asjad Visnagri, Nadira Yuldasheva, Jermaine Goveia, Bert Cruys, Katleen Brepoels, Sabine Wyns, Stephen Rayport, Bart Ghesquière, Stefan Vinckier, Luc Schoonjans, Richard Cubbon, Mieke Dewerchin, Guy Eelen, and Peter Carmeliet

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