MetaboList – March 2020


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Mitochondrial stress is relayed to the cytosol by an OMA1–DELE1–HRI pathway – Xiaoyan Guo, Giovanni Aviles, Yi Liu, Ruilin Tian, Bret A. Unger, Yu-Hsiu T. Lin, Arun P. Wiita, Ke Xu, M. Almira Correia and Martin Kampmann.

A pathway coordinated by DELE1 relays mitochondrial stress to the cytosol – Evelyn Fessler, Eva-Maria Eckl, Sabine Schmitt, Igor Alves Mancilla, Matthias F. Meyer-Bender, Monika Hanf, Julia Philippou-Massier, Stefan Krebs, Hans Zischka and Lucas T. Jae.

OXPHOS remodeling in high-grade prostate cancer involves mtDNA mutations and increased succinate oxidation – Bernd Schöpf, Hansi Weissensteiner, Georg Schäfer, Federica Fazzini, Pornpimol Charoentong, Andreas Naschberger, Bernhard Rupp, Liane Fendt, Valesca Bukur, Irina Giese, Patrick Sorn, Ana Carolina Sant’Anna-Silva, Javier Iglesias-Gonzalez, Ugur Sahin, Florian Kronenberg, Erich Gnaiger and Helmut Klocker.

TET-Mediated Hypermethylation Primes SDH-Deficient Cells for HIF2α-Driven Mesenchymal Transition – Aurélie Morin, Judith Goncalves, Sophie Moog, Luis-Jaime Castro-Vega, Sylvie Job, Alexandre Buffet, Marie-Joséphine Fontenille, Justine Woszczyk, Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo, Eric Letouzé, Judith Favier.

Electron transport chain activity is a predictor and target for venetoclax sensitivity in multiple myeloma – Richa Bajpai, Aditi Sharma, Abhinav Achreja, Claudia L. Edgar, Changyong Wei, Arusha A. Siddiqa, Vikas A. Gupta, Shannon M. Matulis, Samuel K. McBrayer, Anjali Mittal, Manali Rupji, Benjamin G. Barwick, Sagar Lonial, Ajay K. Nooka, Lawrence H. Boise, Deepak Nagrath and Mala Shanmugam.

Nutirent sensing / starvation

Partitioning of MLX-Family Transcription Factors to Lipid Droplets Regulates Metabolic Gene Expression – Niklas Mejhert, Leena Kuruvilla, Katlyn R. Gabriel, Shane D. Elliott, Marie-Aude Guie, Huajin Wang, Zon Weng Lai, Elizabeth A. Lane, Romain Christiano, Nika N. Danial, Robert V. Farese Jr., Tobias C. Walther.

The role of Rsv1 in the transcriptional regulation of genes involved in sugar metabolism for long‐term survival [yeast] – Eun‐Jung Kim, Yong‐Joon Cho, Woo‐Hyun Chung, Jung‐Hye Roe.

Stress granules sense metabolic stress at the plasma membrane and potentiate recovery by storing active Pkc1 [yeast] – Triana Amen, Daniel Kaganovich.

Persistent DNA damage triggers activation of the integrated stress response to promote cell survival under nutrient restrictionElena Clementi, Larissa Inglin, Erin Beebe, Corina Gsell, Zuzana Garajova and Enni Markkanen. 


Rap1-GTPases control mTORC1 activity by coordinating lysosome organization with amino acid availability – Anders P. Mutvei, Michal J. Nagiec, Jens C. Hamann, Sang Gyun Kim, C. Theresa Vincent and John Blenis.

AMPK, a Regulator of Metabolism and Autophagy, Is Activated by Lysosomal Damage via a Novel Galectin-Directed Ubiquitin Signal Transduction System – Jingyue Jia, Bhawana Bissa, Lukas Brecht, Lee Allers, Seong Won Choi, Yuexi Gu, Mark Zbinden, Mark R. Burge, Graham Timmins, Kenneth Hallows, Christian Behrends, Vojo Deretic.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Lactate dehydrogenase inhibition synergizes with IL-21 to promote CD8+ T cell stemness and antitumor immunity – Hermans D, Gautam S, García-Cañaveras JC, Gromer D, Mitra S, Spolski R, Li P, Christensen S, Nguyen R, Lin JX, Oh J, Du N, Veenbergen S, Fioravanti J, Ebina-Shibuya R, Bleck C, Neckers LM, Rabinowitz JD, Gattinoni L, Leonard WJ.

Preclinical validation of Alpha-Enolase (ENO1) as a novel immunometabolic target in multiple myeloma – Arghya Ray, Yan Song, Ting Du, Dharminder Chauhan and Kenneth C. Anderson.


Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer Is Induced to Increase Proton Production – Huiyan Sun, Yi Zhou, Michael Francis Skaro, Yiran Wu, Zexing Qu, Fenglou Mao, Suwen Zhao and Ying Xu.

A highly responsive pyruvate sensor reveals pathway-regulatory role of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier MPCRobinson Arce-Molina, Francisca Cortés-Molina, Pamela Y Sandoval, Alex Galaz, Karin Alegría, Stefanie Schirmeier, L Felipe Barros, Alejandro San Martín.

Metabolites released from apoptotic cells act as tissue messengers – Christopher B. Medina, Parul Mehrotra, Sanja Arandjelovic, Justin S. A. Perry, Yizhan Guo, Sho Morioka, Brady Barron, Scott F. Walk, Bart Ghesquière, Alexander S. Krupnick, Ulrike Lorenz and Kodi S. Ravichandran.

Glucose metabolism

Subpopulation targeting of pyruvate dehydrogenase and GLUT1 decouples metabolic heterogeneity during collective cancer cell invasion – R. Commander, C. Wei, A. Sharma, J. K. Mouw, L. J. Burton, E. Summerbell, D. Mahboubi, R. J. Peterson, J. Konen, W. Zhou, Y. Du, H. Fu, M. Shanmugam and A. I. Marcus.

Rac1 activates non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway to induce chemoresistance of breast cancer – Qingjian Li, Tao Qin, Zhuofei Bi, Huangming Hong, Lin Ding, Jiewen Chen, Wei Wu, Xiaorong Lin, Wenkui Fu, Fang Zheng, Yandan Yao, Man-Li Luo, Phei Er Saw, Gerburg M. Wulf, Xiaoding Xu, Erwei Song, Herui Yao and Hai Hu.

Biochemical and structural insights into how amino acids regulate pyruvate kinase muscle isoform 2Suparno Nandi and Mishtu Dey. 

Nur77-activated lncRNA WFDC21P attenuates hepatocarcinogenesis via modulating glycolysis – Yun-feng Guan, Qiao-ling Huang, Yuan-li Ai, Qi-tao Chen, Wen-xiu Zhao, Xiao-min Wang, Qiao Wu and Hang-zi Chen.


Reactive Oxygen Species Drive Proliferation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia via the Glycolytic Regulator PFKFB3 – Andrew J. Robinson, Goitseone L. Hopkins, Namrata Rastogi, Marie Hodges, Michelle Doyle, Sara Davies, Paul S. Hole, Nader Omidvar, Richard L. Darley and Alex Tonks.

c-Src Promotes Tumorigenesis and Tumor Progression by Activating PFKFB3 – Huanhuan Ma, Jia Zhang, Lin Zhou, Shixiong Wen, Hsiang-Yu Tang, Bin Jiang, Fengqiong Zhang, Muhammad Suleman, Dachao Sun, Ai Chen, Wentao Zhao, Furong Lin, Ming-Tong Tsau, Lu-Min Shih, Changchuan Xie, Xiaotong Li, Donghai Lin, Li-Man Hung, Mei-Ling Cheng, Qinxi Li.

Long noncoding RNA AGPG regulates PFKFB3-mediated tumor glycolytic reprogramming – Jia Liu, Ze-Xian Liu, Qi-Nian Wu, Yun-Xin Lu, Chau-Wei Wong, Lei Miao, Yun Wang, Zixian Wang, Ying Jin, Ming-Ming He, Chao Ren, De-Shen Wang, Dong-Liang Chen, Heng-Ying Pu, Lin Feng, Bo Li, Dan Xie, Mu-Sheng Zeng, Peng Huang, Aifu Lin, Dongxin Lin, Rui-Hua Xu and Huai-Qiang Ju.

Glutamine metabolism and restriction

A shift in glutamine nitrogen metabolism contributes to the malignant progression of cancer – Manabu Kodama, Kiyotaka Oshikawa, Hideyuki Shimizu, Susumu Yoshioka, Masatomo Takahashi, Yoshihiro Izumi, Takeshi Bamba, Chisa Tateishi, Takeshi Tomonaga, Masaki Matsumoto and Keiichi I. Nakayama.

Glutaminase-1 (GLS1) inhibition limits metastatic progression in osteosarcoma – L. Ren, V. Ruiz-Rodado, T. Dowdy, S. Huang, S. H. Issaq, J. Beck, H. Wang, C. Tran Hoang, A. Lita, M. Larion and A. K. LeBlanc.

Undermining Glutaminolysis Bolsters Chemotherapy While NRF2 Promotes Chemoresistance in KRAS-Driven Pancreatic Cancers – Suman Mukhopadhyay, Debanjan Goswami, Pavan P. Adiseshaiah, William Burgan, Ming Yi, Theresa M. Guerin, Serguei V. Kozlov, Dwight V. Nissley and Frank McCormick.

α-Ketoglutarate attenuates Wnt signaling and drives differentiation in colorectal cancer – Thai Q. Tran, Eric A. Hanse, Amber N. Habowski, Haiqing Li, Mari B. Ishak Gabra, Ying Yang, Xazmin H. Lowman, Amelia M. Ooi, Shu Y. Liao, Robert A. Edwards, Marian L. Waterman and Mei Kong.

Other amino acids

Metabolic Profiling Reveals a Dependency of Human Metastatic Breast Cancer on Mitochondrial Serine and One-Carbon Unit Metabolism – Albert M. Li, Gregory S. Ducker, Yang Li, Jose A. Seoane, Yiren Xiao, Stavros Melemenidis, Yiren Zhou, Ling Liu, Sakari Vanharanta, Edward E. Graves, Erinn B. Rankin, Christina Curtis, Joan Massagué, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Craig B. Thompson, Jiangbin Ye.

Serine Biosynthesis Pathway Supports MYC-miR-494-EZH2 Feed-Forward Circuit Necessary to Maintain Metabolic and Epigenetic Reprogramming of Burkitt Lymphoma Cells – Białopiotrowicz E, Noyszewska-Kania M, Kachamakova-Trojanowska N, Łoboda A, Cybulska M, Grochowska A, Kopczyński M, Mikula M, Prochorec-Sobieszek M, Firczuk M, Graczyk-Jarzynka A, Zagożdżon R, Ząbek A, Młynarz P, Dulak J, Górniak P, Szydłowski M, Pyziak K, Martyka J, Sroka-Porada A, Jabłońska E, Polak A, Kowalczyk P, Szumera-Ciećkiewicz A, Chapuy B, Rzymski T, Brzózka K, Juszczyński P.

Regulation of branched-chain amino acid metabolism by hypoxia-inducible factor in glioblastoma – Zhang B, Chen Y, Shi X, Zhou M, Bao L, Hatanpaa KJ, Patel T, DeBerardinis RJ, Wang Y, Luo W.

Inhibition of the polyamine synthesis enzyme ornithine decarboxylase sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer cells to cytotoxic chemotherapy – Renee C. Geck, Jackson R. Foley, Tracy Murray Stewart, John M. Asara, Robert A. Casero Jr. and Alex Toker.

Cancer progression is mediated by proline catabolism in non-small cell lung cancer – Yating Liu, Chao Mao, Min Wang, Na Liu, Lianlian Ouyang, Shouping Liu, Haosheng Tang, Ya Cao, Shuang Liu, Xiang Wang, Desheng Xiao, Ceshi Chen, Ying Shi, Qin Yan & Yongguang Tao.

Lipid metabolism

Adipocyte extracellular vesicles carry enzymes and fatty acids that stimulate mitochondrial metabolism and remodeling in tumor cells – Emily Clement, Ikrame Lazar, Camille Attané, Lorry Carrié, Stéphanie Dauvillier, Manuelle Ducoux‐Petit, David Esteve, Thomas Menneteau, Mohamed Moutahir, Sophie Le Gonidec, Stéphane Dalle, Philippe Valet, Odile Burlet‐Schiltz, Catherine Muller, Laurence Nieto.

Localized Metabolomic Gradients in Patient-Derived Xenograft Models of Glioblastoma – Elizabeth C. Randall, Begoña G.C. Lopez, Sen Peng, Michael S. Regan, Walid M. Abdelmoula, Sankha S. Basu, Sandro Santagata, Haejin Yoon, Marcia C. Haigis, Jeffrey N. Agar, Nhan L. Tran, William F. Elmquist, Forest M. White, Jann N. Sarkaria and Nathalie Y.R. Agar.

The MEK5–ERK5 Kinase Axis Controls Lipid Metabolism in Small-Cell Lung Cancer – Sandra Cristea, Garry L. Coles, Daniel Hornburg, Maya Gershkovitz, Julia Arand, Siqi Cao, Triparna Sen, Stuart C. Williamson, Jun W. Kim, Alexandros P. Drainas, Andrew He, Laurent Le Cam, Lauren Averett Byers, Michael P. Snyder, Kévin Contrepois and Julien Sage.

Stabilization of FASN by ACAT1-mediated GNPAT acetylation promotes lipid metabolism and hepatocarcinogenesis – Li Gu, Yahui Zhu, Xi Lin, Xingyu Tan, Bingjun Lu and Youjun Li.

Nucleotides and NADPH

MESH1 is a cytosolic NADPH phosphatase that regulates ferroptosis – Chien-Kuang Cornelia Ding, Joshua Rose, Tianai Sun, Jianli Wu, Po-Han Chen, Chao-Chieh Lin, Wen-Hsuan Yang, Kai-Yuan Chen, Hana Lee, Emily Xu, Sarah Tian, Jadesola Akinwuntan, Jinshi Zhao, Ziqiang Guan, Pei Zhou and Jen-Tsan Chi.

Macropinocytosis confers resistance to therapies targeting cancer anabolism – Vaishali Jayashankar and Aimee L. Edinger.

Replication and ribosomal stress induced by targeting pyrimidine synthesis and cellular checkpoints suppress p53-deficient tumors – Sona Hubackova, Eliska Davidova, Stepana Boukalova, Jaromira Kovarova, Martina Bajzikova, Ana Coelho, Mikkel G. Terp, Henrik J. Ditzel, Jakub Rohlena and Jiri Neuzil.

UHMK1 promotes gastric cancer progression through reprogramming nucleotide metabolism – Xing Feng, Dong Ma, Jiabao Zhao, Yongxi Song, Yuekun Zhu, Qingxin Zhou, Fei Ma, Xing Liu, Mengya Zhong, Yu Liu, Yubo Xiong, Xingfeng Qiu, Zhen Zhang, Heng Zhang, Yongxiang Zhao, Kaiguang Zhang, Xuehui Hong, Zhiyong Zhang.

Hypoxia / pseudohypoxia

TET-Mediated Hypermethylation Primes SDH-Deficient Cells for HIF2α-Driven Mesenchymal Transition – Aurélie Morin, Judith Goncalves, Sophie Moog, Luis-Jaime Castro-Vega, Sylvie Job, Alexandre Buffet, Marie-Joséphine Fontenille, Justine Woszczyk, Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo, Eric Letouzé, Judith Favier.

Acetate supplementation restores chromatin accessibility and promotes tumor cell differentiation under hypoxia – Yang Li, Joshua J. Gruber, Ulrike M. Litzenburger, Yiren Zhou, Yu Rebecca Miao, Edward L. LaGory, Albert M. Li, Zhen Hu, Lori S. Hart, John M. Maris, Howard Y. Chang, Amato J. Giaccia, Jiangbin Ye.


Dietary modifications for enhanced cancer therapyNaama Kanarek, Boryana Petrova and David M. Sabatini. 

Insulin–PI3K signalling: an evolutionarily insulated metabolic driver of cancer – Benjamin D. Hopkins, Marcus D. Goncalves and Lewis C. Cantley.

The PHGDH enigma: do cancer cells only need serine or also a redox modulator? – Albert M. Li and Jiangbin Ye.

Ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer – Where do we stand?Daniela D. Weber, Sepideh Aminzadeh-Gohari, Julia Tulipan, Luca Catalano, René G. Feichtinger, Barbara Kofler. 

AMPK and TOR: The Yin and Yang of Cellular Nutrient Sensing and Growth Control – Asier González, Michael N. Hall, Sheng-Cai Lin, D. Grahame Hardie.

mTOR Regulation of Metabolism in Hematologic MalignanciesSimone Mirabilii, Maria Rosaria Ricciardi and Agostino Tafuri.

Analysing central metabolism in ultra-high resolution: At the crossroads of carbon and nitrogen – Safak Bayram, Susanne Fürst, Martin Forbes, Stefan Kempa.

Metabolic functions of the tumor suppressor p53: Implications in normal physiology, metabolic disorders, and cancer – Matthieu Lacroix, Romain Riscal, Giuseppe Arena, Laetitia Karine Linares, Laurent Le Cam.

Formate metabolism in health and disease – Matthias Pietzke, Johannes Meiser, Alexei Vazquez.

Monocarboxylate transporters in cancerValéry L. Payen, Erica Mina, Vincent F. Van Hée, Paolo E. Porporato, Pierre Sonveaux. 

Adapt and conquer: Metabolic flexibility in cancer growth, invasion and evasion – Peter Kreuzaler, Yulia Panina, Joanna Segal, Mariia Yuneva.

IGFBP2: integrative hub of developmental and oncogenic signaling network – Tao Li, M. Elizabeth Forbes, Gregory N. Fuller, Jiabo Li, Xuejun Yang and Wei Zhang.

mTOR at the nexus of nutrition, growth, ageing and disease – Grace Y. Liu and David M. Sabatini.


Restraining colorectal cancer with αKG – Dana Krauß and Eyal Gottlieb.

Ghostly metabolic messages from dying cells – Douglas R. Green.

The Antioxidant Role of Non-mitochondrial CoQ10: Mystery Solved! – Massimo M.Santoro.

Cancer metabolism – An updateAlmut Schulze. 

Appetite for Arginine: Metabolic Control of Macrophage Hunger – Daniel J. Puleston, Erika L. Pearce.

Metabolite Imaging at the Margin: Visualizing Metabolic Tumor Gradients Using Mass Spectrometry – Ai Wen Tan and Aalim M. Weljie.

Mitochondrial distress call moves to the cytosol to trigger a response to stress – Bradford P. Tremblay and Cole M. Haynes.

A new adaptation strategy to glucose starvation: modulation of the gluconate shunt and pentose phosphate pathway by the transcriptional repressor Rsv1Rodrigo Fraile, Laura Sánchez‐Mir, Elena Hidalgo. 

Trimming the “fatty” intratumoral Tregs for cancer immunotherapy – Lewis Z. Shi.

Stress fibres fuel glycolysis – Joseph Willson.

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