MetaboList – March 2020


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Mitochondrial stress is relayed to the cytosol by an OMA1–DELE1–HRI pathway – Xiaoyan Guo, Giovanni Aviles, Yi Liu, Ruilin Tian, Bret A. Unger, Yu-Hsiu T. Lin, Arun P. Wiita, Ke Xu, M. Almira Correia and Martin Kampmann.

A pathway coordinated by DELE1 relays mitochondrial stress to the cytosol – Evelyn Fessler, Eva-Maria Eckl, Sabine Schmitt, Igor Alves Mancilla, Matthias F. Meyer-Bender, Monika Hanf, Julia Philippou-Massier, Stefan Krebs, Hans Zischka and Lucas T. Jae.

OXPHOS remodeling in high-grade prostate cancer involves mtDNA mutations and increased succinate oxidation – Bernd Schöpf, Hansi Weissensteiner, Georg Schäfer, Federica Fazzini, Pornpimol Charoentong, Andreas Naschberger, Bernhard Rupp, Liane Fendt, Valesca Bukur, Irina Giese, Patrick Sorn, Ana Carolina Sant’Anna-Silva, Javier Iglesias-Gonzalez, Ugur Sahin, Florian Kronenberg, Erich Gnaiger and Helmut Klocker.

TET-Mediated Hypermethylation Primes SDH-Deficient Cells for HIF2α-Driven Mesenchymal Transition – Aurélie Morin, Judith Goncalves, Sophie Moog, Luis-Jaime Castro-Vega, Sylvie Job, Alexandre Buffet, Marie-Joséphine Fontenille, Justine Woszczyk, Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo, Eric Letouzé, Judith Favier.

Electron transport chain activity is a predictor and target for venetoclax sensitivity in multiple myeloma – Richa Bajpai, Aditi Sharma, Abhinav Achreja, Claudia L. Edgar, Changyong Wei, Arusha A. Siddiqa, Vikas A. Gupta, Shannon M. Matulis, Samuel K. McBrayer, Anjali Mittal, Manali Rupji, Benjamin G. Barwick, Sagar Lonial, Ajay K. Nooka, Lawrence H. Boise, Deepak Nagrath and Mala Shanmugam.

Nutirent sensing / starvation

Partitioning of MLX-Family Transcription Factors to Lipid Droplets Regulates Metabolic Gene Expression – Niklas Mejhert, Leena Kuruvilla, Katlyn R. Gabriel, Shane D. Elliott, Marie-Aude Guie, Huajin Wang, Zon Weng Lai, Elizabeth A. Lane, Romain Christiano, Nika N. Danial, Robert V. Farese Jr., Tobias C. Walther.

The role of Rsv1 in the transcriptional regulation of genes involved in sugar metabolism for long‐term survival [yeast] – Eun‐Jung Kim, Yong‐Joon Cho, Woo‐Hyun Chung, Jung‐Hye Roe.

Stress granules sense metabolic stress at the plasma membrane and potentiate recovery by storing active Pkc1 [yeast] – Triana Amen, Daniel Kaganovich.

Persistent DNA damage triggers activation of the integrated stress response to promote cell survival under nutrient restrictionElena Clementi, Larissa Inglin, Erin Beebe, Corina Gsell, Zuzana Garajova and Enni Markkanen. 


Rap1-GTPases control mTORC1 activity by coordinating lysosome organization with amino acid availability – Anders P. Mutvei, Michal J. Nagiec, Jens C. Hamann, Sang Gyun Kim, C. Theresa Vincent and John Blenis.

AMPK, a Regulator of Metabolism and Autophagy, Is Activated by Lysosomal Damage via a Novel Galectin-Directed Ubiquitin Signal Transduction System – Jingyue Jia, Bhawana Bissa, Lukas Brecht, Lee Allers, Seong Won Choi, Yuexi Gu, Mark Zbinden, Mark R. Burge, Graham Timmins, Kenneth Hallows, Christian Behrends, Vojo Deretic.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Lactate dehydrogenase inhibition synergizes with IL-21 to promote CD8+ T cell stemness and antitumor immunity – Hermans D, Gautam S, García-Cañaveras JC, Gromer D, Mitra S, Spolski R, Li P, Christensen S, Nguyen R, Lin JX, Oh J, Du N, Veenbergen S, Fioravanti J, Ebina-Shibuya R, Bleck C, Neckers LM, Rabinowitz JD, Gattinoni L, Leonard WJ.

Preclinical validation of Alpha-Enolase (ENO1) as a novel immunometabolic target in multiple myeloma – Arghya Ray, Yan Song, Ting Du, Dharminder Chauhan and Kenneth C. Anderson.


Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer Is Induced to Increase Proton Production – Huiyan Sun, Yi Zhou, Michael Francis Skaro, Yiran Wu, Zexing Qu, Fenglou Mao, Suwen Zhao and Ying Xu.

A highly responsive pyruvate sensor reveals pathway-regulatory role of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier MPCRobinson Arce-Molina, Francisca Cortés-Molina, Pamela Y Sandoval, Alex Galaz, Karin Alegría, Stefanie Schirmeier, L Felipe Barros, Alejandro San Martín.

Metabolites released from apoptotic cells act as tissue messengers – Christopher B. Medina, Parul Mehrotra, Sanja Arandjelovic, Justin S. A. Perry, Yizhan Guo, Sho Morioka, Brady Barron, Scott F. Walk, Bart Ghesquière, Alexander S. Krupnick, Ulrike Lorenz and Kodi S. Ravichandran.

Glucose metabolism

Subpopulation targeting of pyruvate dehydrogenase and GLUT1 decouples metabolic heterogeneity during collective cancer cell invasion – R. Commander, C. Wei, A. Sharma, J. K. Mouw, L. J. Burton, E. Summerbell, D. Mahboubi, R. J. Peterson, J. Konen, W. Zhou, Y. Du, H. Fu, M. Shanmugam and A. I. Marcus.

Rac1 activates non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway to induce chemoresistance of breast cancer – Qingjian Li, Tao Qin, Zhuofei Bi, Huangming Hong, Lin Ding, Jiewen Chen, Wei Wu, Xiaorong Lin, Wenkui Fu, Fang Zheng, Yandan Yao, Man-Li Luo, Phei Er Saw, Gerburg M. Wulf, Xiaoding Xu, Erwei Song, Herui Yao and Hai Hu.

Biochemical and structural insights into how amino acids regulate pyruvate kinase muscle isoform 2Suparno Nandi and Mishtu Dey. 

Nur77-activated lncRNA WFDC21P attenuates hepatocarcinogenesis via modulating glycolysis – Yun-feng Guan, Qiao-ling Huang, Yuan-li Ai, Qi-tao Chen, Wen-xiu Zhao, Xiao-min Wang, Qiao Wu and Hang-zi Chen.


Reactive Oxygen Species Drive Proliferation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia via the Glycolytic Regulator PFKFB3 – Andrew J. Robinson, Goitseone L. Hopkins, Namrata Rastogi, Marie Hodges, Michelle Doyle, Sara Davies, Paul S. Hole, Nader Omidvar, Richard L. Darley and Alex Tonks.

c-Src Promotes Tumorigenesis and Tumor Progression by Activating PFKFB3 – Huanhuan Ma, Jia Zhang, Lin Zhou, Shixiong Wen, Hsiang-Yu Tang, Bin Jiang, Fengqiong Zhang, Muhammad Suleman, Dachao Sun, Ai Chen, Wentao Zhao, Furong Lin, Ming-Tong Tsau, Lu-Min Shih, Changchuan Xie, Xiaotong Li, Donghai Lin, Li-Man Hung, Mei-Ling Cheng, Qinxi Li.

Long noncoding RNA AGPG regulates PFKFB3-mediated tumor glycolytic reprogramming – Jia Liu, Ze-Xian Liu, Qi-Nian Wu, Yun-Xin Lu, Chau-Wei Wong, Lei Miao, Yun Wang, Zixian Wang, Ying Jin, Ming-Ming He, Chao Ren, De-Shen Wang, Dong-Liang Chen, Heng-Ying Pu, Lin Feng, Bo Li, Dan Xie, Mu-Sheng Zeng, Peng Huang, Aifu Lin, Dongxin Lin, Rui-Hua Xu and Huai-Qiang Ju.

Glutamine metabolism and restriction

A shift in glutamine nitrogen metabolism contributes to the malignant progression of cancer – Manabu Kodama, Kiyotaka Oshikawa, Hideyuki Shimizu, Susumu Yoshioka, Masatomo Takahashi, Yoshihiro Izumi, Takeshi Bamba, Chisa Tateishi, Takeshi Tomonaga, Masaki Matsumoto and Keiichi I. Nakayama.

Glutaminase-1 (GLS1) inhibition limits metastatic progression in osteosarcoma – L. Ren, V. Ruiz-Rodado, T. Dowdy, S. Huang, S. H. Issaq, J. Beck, H. Wang, C. Tran Hoang, A. Lita, M. Larion and A. K. LeBlanc.

Undermining Glutaminolysis Bolsters Chemotherapy While NRF2 Promotes Chemoresistance in KRAS-Driven Pancreatic Cancers – Suman Mukhopadhyay, Debanjan Goswami, Pavan P. Adiseshaiah, William Burgan, Ming Yi, Theresa M. Guerin, Serguei V. Kozlov, Dwight V. Nissley and Frank McCormick.

α-Ketoglutarate attenuates Wnt signaling and drives differentiation in colorectal cancer – Thai Q. Tran, Eric A. Hanse, Amber N. Habowski, Haiqing Li, Mari B. Ishak Gabra, Ying Yang, Xazmin H. Lowman, Amelia M. Ooi, Shu Y. Liao, Robert A. Edwards, Marian L. Waterman and Mei Kong.

Other amino acids

Metabolic Profiling Reveals a Dependency of Human Metastatic Breast Cancer on Mitochondrial Serine and One-Carbon Unit Metabolism – Albert M. Li, Gregory S. Ducker, Yang Li, Jose A. Seoane, Yiren Xiao, Stavros Melemenidis, Yiren Zhou, Ling Liu, Sakari Vanharanta, Edward E. Graves, Erinn B. Rankin, Christina Curtis, Joan Massagué, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Craig B. Thompson, Jiangbin Ye.

Serine Biosynthesis Pathway Supports MYC-miR-494-EZH2 Feed-Forward Circuit Necessary to Maintain Metabolic and Epigenetic Reprogramming of Burkitt Lymphoma Cells – Białopiotrowicz E, Noyszewska-Kania M, Kachamakova-Trojanowska N, Łoboda A, Cybulska M, Grochowska A, Kopczyński M, Mikula M, Prochorec-Sobieszek M, Firczuk M, Graczyk-Jarzynka A, Zagożdżon R, Ząbek A, Młynarz P, Dulak J, Górniak P, Szydłowski M, Pyziak K, Martyka J, Sroka-Porada A, Jabłońska E, Polak A, Kowalczyk P, Szumera-Ciećkiewicz A, Chapuy B, Rzymski T, Brzózka K, Juszczyński P.

Regulation of branched-chain amino acid metabolism by hypoxia-inducible factor in glioblastoma – Zhang B, Chen Y, Shi X, Zhou M, Bao L, Hatanpaa KJ, Patel T, DeBerardinis RJ, Wang Y, Luo W.

Inhibition of the polyamine synthesis enzyme ornithine decarboxylase sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer cells to cytotoxic chemotherapy – Renee C. Geck, Jackson R. Foley, Tracy Murray Stewart, John M. Asara, Robert A. Casero Jr. and Alex Toker.

Cancer progression is mediated by proline catabolism in non-small cell lung cancer – Yating Liu, Chao Mao, Min Wang, Na Liu, Lianlian Ouyang, Shouping Liu, Haosheng Tang, Ya Cao, Shuang Liu, Xiang Wang, Desheng Xiao, Ceshi Chen, Ying Shi, Qin Yan & Yongguang Tao.

Lipid metabolism

Adipocyte extracellular vesicles carry enzymes and fatty acids that stimulate mitochondrial metabolism and remodeling in tumor cells – Emily Clement, Ikrame Lazar, Camille Attané, Lorry Carrié, Stéphanie Dauvillier, Manuelle Ducoux‐Petit, David Esteve, Thomas Menneteau, Mohamed Moutahir, Sophie Le Gonidec, Stéphane Dalle, Philippe Valet, Odile Burlet‐Schiltz, Catherine Muller, Laurence Nieto.

Localized Metabolomic Gradients in Patient-Derived Xenograft Models of Glioblastoma – Elizabeth C. Randall, Begoña G.C. Lopez, Sen Peng, Michael S. Regan, Walid M. Abdelmoula, Sankha S. Basu, Sandro Santagata, Haejin Yoon, Marcia C. Haigis, Jeffrey N. Agar, Nhan L. Tran, William F. Elmquist, Forest M. White, Jann N. Sarkaria and Nathalie Y.R. Agar.

The MEK5–ERK5 Kinase Axis Controls Lipid Metabolism in Small-Cell Lung Cancer – Sandra Cristea, Garry L. Coles, Daniel Hornburg, Maya Gershkovitz, Julia Arand, Siqi Cao, Triparna Sen, Stuart C. Williamson, Jun W. Kim, Alexandros P. Drainas, Andrew He, Laurent Le Cam, Lauren Averett Byers, Michael P. Snyder, Kévin Contrepois and Julien Sage.

Stabilization of FASN by ACAT1-mediated GNPAT acetylation promotes lipid metabolism and hepatocarcinogenesis – Li Gu, Yahui Zhu, Xi Lin, Xingyu Tan, Bingjun Lu and Youjun Li.

Nucleotides and NADPH

MESH1 is a cytosolic NADPH phosphatase that regulates ferroptosis – Chien-Kuang Cornelia Ding, Joshua Rose, Tianai Sun, Jianli Wu, Po-Han Chen, Chao-Chieh Lin, Wen-Hsuan Yang, Kai-Yuan Chen, Hana Lee, Emily Xu, Sarah Tian, Jadesola Akinwuntan, Jinshi Zhao, Ziqiang Guan, Pei Zhou and Jen-Tsan Chi.

Macropinocytosis confers resistance to therapies targeting cancer anabolism – Vaishali Jayashankar and Aimee L. Edinger.

Replication and ribosomal stress induced by targeting pyrimidine synthesis and cellular checkpoints suppress p53-deficient tumors – Sona Hubackova, Eliska Davidova, Stepana Boukalova, Jaromira Kovarova, Martina Bajzikova, Ana Coelho, Mikkel G. Terp, Henrik J. Ditzel, Jakub Rohlena and Jiri Neuzil.

UHMK1 promotes gastric cancer progression through reprogramming nucleotide metabolism – Xing Feng, Dong Ma, Jiabao Zhao, Yongxi Song, Yuekun Zhu, Qingxin Zhou, Fei Ma, Xing Liu, Mengya Zhong, Yu Liu, Yubo Xiong, Xingfeng Qiu, Zhen Zhang, Heng Zhang, Yongxiang Zhao, Kaiguang Zhang, Xuehui Hong, Zhiyong Zhang.

Hypoxia / pseudohypoxia

TET-Mediated Hypermethylation Primes SDH-Deficient Cells for HIF2α-Driven Mesenchymal Transition – Aurélie Morin, Judith Goncalves, Sophie Moog, Luis-Jaime Castro-Vega, Sylvie Job, Alexandre Buffet, Marie-Joséphine Fontenille, Justine Woszczyk, Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo, Eric Letouzé, Judith Favier.

Acetate supplementation restores chromatin accessibility and promotes tumor cell differentiation under hypoxia – Yang Li, Joshua J. Gruber, Ulrike M. Litzenburger, Yiren Zhou, Yu Rebecca Miao, Edward L. LaGory, Albert M. Li, Zhen Hu, Lori S. Hart, John M. Maris, Howard Y. Chang, Amato J. Giaccia, Jiangbin Ye.


Dietary modifications for enhanced cancer therapyNaama Kanarek, Boryana Petrova and David M. Sabatini. 

Insulin–PI3K signalling: an evolutionarily insulated metabolic driver of cancer – Benjamin D. Hopkins, Marcus D. Goncalves and Lewis C. Cantley.

The PHGDH enigma: do cancer cells only need serine or also a redox modulator? – Albert M. Li and Jiangbin Ye.

Ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer – Where do we stand?Daniela D. Weber, Sepideh Aminzadeh-Gohari, Julia Tulipan, Luca Catalano, René G. Feichtinger, Barbara Kofler. 

AMPK and TOR: The Yin and Yang of Cellular Nutrient Sensing and Growth Control – Asier González, Michael N. Hall, Sheng-Cai Lin, D. Grahame Hardie.

mTOR Regulation of Metabolism in Hematologic MalignanciesSimone Mirabilii, Maria Rosaria Ricciardi and Agostino Tafuri.

Analysing central metabolism in ultra-high resolution: At the crossroads of carbon and nitrogen – Safak Bayram, Susanne Fürst, Martin Forbes, Stefan Kempa.

Metabolic functions of the tumor suppressor p53: Implications in normal physiology, metabolic disorders, and cancer – Matthieu Lacroix, Romain Riscal, Giuseppe Arena, Laetitia Karine Linares, Laurent Le Cam.

Formate metabolism in health and disease – Matthias Pietzke, Johannes Meiser, Alexei Vazquez.

Monocarboxylate transporters in cancerValéry L. Payen, Erica Mina, Vincent F. Van Hée, Paolo E. Porporato, Pierre Sonveaux. 

Adapt and conquer: Metabolic flexibility in cancer growth, invasion and evasion – Peter Kreuzaler, Yulia Panina, Joanna Segal, Mariia Yuneva.

IGFBP2: integrative hub of developmental and oncogenic signaling network – Tao Li, M. Elizabeth Forbes, Gregory N. Fuller, Jiabo Li, Xuejun Yang and Wei Zhang.

mTOR at the nexus of nutrition, growth, ageing and disease – Grace Y. Liu and David M. Sabatini.


Restraining colorectal cancer with αKG – Dana Krauß and Eyal Gottlieb.

Ghostly metabolic messages from dying cells – Douglas R. Green.

The Antioxidant Role of Non-mitochondrial CoQ10: Mystery Solved! – Massimo M.Santoro.

Cancer metabolism – An updateAlmut Schulze. 

Appetite for Arginine: Metabolic Control of Macrophage Hunger – Daniel J. Puleston, Erika L. Pearce.

Metabolite Imaging at the Margin: Visualizing Metabolic Tumor Gradients Using Mass Spectrometry – Ai Wen Tan and Aalim M. Weljie.

Mitochondrial distress call moves to the cytosol to trigger a response to stress – Bradford P. Tremblay and Cole M. Haynes.

A new adaptation strategy to glucose starvation: modulation of the gluconate shunt and pentose phosphate pathway by the transcriptional repressor Rsv1Rodrigo Fraile, Laura Sánchez‐Mir, Elena Hidalgo. 

Trimming the “fatty” intratumoral Tregs for cancer immunotherapy – Lewis Z. Shi.

Stress fibres fuel glycolysis – Joseph Willson.

MetaboList – February 2020


Glucose metabolism

Mechanical regulation of glycolysis via cytoskeleton architecture – Jin Suk Park, Christoph J. Burckhardt, Rossana Lazcano, Luisa M. Solis, Tadamoto Isogai, Linqing Li, Christopher S. Chen, Boning Gao, John D. Minna, Robert Bachoo, Ralph J. DeBerardinis and Gaudenz Danuser.

Dynamic Imaging of LDH Inhibition in Tumors Reveals Rapid In Vivo Metabolic Rewiring and Vulnerability to Combination Therapy – Nobu Oshima, Ryo Ishida, Shun Kishimoto, Kristin Beebe, Jeffrey R. Brender, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, Daniel Urban, Ganesha Rai, Michelle S. Johnson, Gloria Benavides, Giuseppe L. Squadrito, Dan Crooks, Joseph Jackson, Abhinav Joshi, Bryan T. Mott, Jonathan H. Shrimp, Michael A. Moses, Min-Jung Lee, Akira Yuno, Tobie D. Lee, Xin Hu, Tamara Anderson, Donna Kusewitt, Helen H. Hathaway, Ajit Jadhav, Didier Picard, Jane B. Trepel, James B. Mitchell, Gordon M. Stott, William Moore, Anton Simeonov, Larry A. Sklar, Jeffrey P. Norenberg, W. Marston Linehan, David J. Maloney, Chi V. Dang, Alex G. Waterson, Matthew Hall, Victor M. Darley-Usmar, Murali C. Krishna, Leonard M. Neckers.

Systematic Identification of Regulators of Oxidative Stress Reveals Non-canonical Roles for Peroxisomal Import and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway – Michael M. Dubreuil, David W. Morgens, Kanji Okumoto, Masanori Honsho, Kévin Contrepois, Brittany Lee-McMullen, Gavin McAllister Traber, Ria S. Sood, Scott J. Dixon, Michael P. Snyder, Yukio Fujiki, Michael C. Bassik.

Secreted Pyruvate Kinase M2 Promotes Lung Cancer Metastasis through Activating the Integrin Beta1/FAK Signaling Pathway – Caihong Wang, Shaosen Zhang, Jie Liu, Yang Tian, Boyuan Ma, Siran Xu, Yan Fu, Yongzhang Luo.

MTR4 drives liver tumorigenesis by promoting cancer metabolic switch through alternative splicing – Lili Yu, Jinchul Kim, Lei Jiang, Bingbing Feng, Yue Ying, Kai-yuan Ji, Qingshuang Tang, Wancheng Chen, Taoyi Mai, Wenlong Dou, Jianlong Zhou, Le-yang Xiang, Yang-fan He, Dinghua Yang, Qingjiao Li, Xuemei Fu and Yang Xu.

Loss of GFAT-1 feedback regulation activates the hexosamine pathway that modulates protein homeostasis – Sabine Ruegenberg, Moritz Horn, Christian Pichlo, Kira Allmeroth, Ulrich Baumann and Martin S. Denzel.

GLUT5-mediated fructose utilization drives lung cancer growth by stimulating fatty acid synthesis and AMPK/mTORC1 signaling – Wen-Lian Chen, Xing Jin, Mingsong Wang, Dan Liu, Qin Luo, Hechuan Tian, Lili Cai, Lifei Meng, Rui Bi, Lei Wang, Xiao Xie, Guanzhen Yu, Lihui Li, Changsheng Dong, Qiliang Cai, Wei Jia, Wenyi Wei and Lijun Jia.

CAIX forms a transport metabolon with monocarboxylate transporters in human breast cancer cells – Samantha Ames, Jacob T. Andring, Robert McKenna and Holger M. Becker.

ROS / Amino acids

Activation of Oxidative Stress Response in Cancer Generates a Druggable Dependency on Exogenous Non-essential Amino Acids – Sarah E. LeBoeuf, Warren L. Wu, Triantafyllia R. Karakousi, Burcu Karadal, S. RaElle Jackson, Shawn M. Davidson, Kwok-Kin Wong, Sergei B. Koralov, Volkan I. Sayin, Thales Papagiannakopoulos.

Dynamic ROS Control by TIGAR Regulates the Initiation and Progression of Pancreatic Cancer – Eric C. Cheung, Gina M. DeNicola, Colin Nixon, Karen Blyth, Christiaan F. Labuschagne, David A. Tuveson, Karen H. Vousden.

Lipid metabolism

Histone demethylase JMJD1C is phosphorylated by mTOR to activate de novo lipogenesis  – Jose A. Viscarra, Yuhui Wang, Hai P. Nguyen, Yoon Gi Choi and Hei Sook Sul.

Statin-induced GGPP depletion blocks macropinocytosis and starves cells with oncogenic defects – Zhihua Jiao, Huaqing Cai, Yu Long, Orit Katarina Sirka, Veena Padmanaban, Andrew J. Ewald, and Peter N. Devreotes.


Regulation of Tumor Initiation by the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier – Claire L. Bensard, Dona R. Wisidagama, Kristofor A. Olson, Jordan A. Berg, Nathan M. Krah, John C. Schell, Sara M. Nowinski, Sarah Fogarty, Alex J. Bott, Peng Wei, Katja K. Dove, Jason M. Tanner, Vanja Panic, Ahmad Cluntun, Sandra Lettlova, Christian S. Earl, David F. Namnath, Karina Vázquez-Arreguín, Claudio J. Villanueva, Dean Tantin, L. Charles Murtaugh, Kimberley J. Evason, Gregory S. Ducker, Carl S. Thummel, Jared Rutter.

A novel KDM5A/MPC-1 signaling pathway promotes pancreatic cancer progression via redirecting mitochondrial pyruvate metabolism – Jiujie Cui, Ming Quan, Dacheng Xie, Yong Gao, Sushovan Guha, Michael B. Fallon, Jingde Chen and Keping Xie.

The Amuvatinib Derivative, N-(2H-1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-4-{thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-yl}piperazine-1-carboxamide, Inhibits Mitochondria and Kills Tumor Cells under Glucose Starvation – Marciano R, David HB, Akabayov B, Rotblat B.

Starvation / AMPK

Regulation of Nucleotide Metabolism and Germline Proliferation in Response to Nucleotide Imbalance and Genotoxic Stresses by EndoU Nuclease – Fan Jia, Congwu Chi, Min Han.

Energy-stress-mediated AMPK activation inhibits ferroptosis – Hyemin Lee, Fereshteh Zandkarimi, Yilei Zhang, Jitendra Kumar Meena, Jongchan Kim, Li Zhuang, Siddhartha Tyagi, Li Ma, Thomas F. Westbrook, Gregory R. Steinberg, Daisuke Nakada, Brent R. Stockwell and Boyi Gan.

TLR9 and beclin 1 crosstalk regulates muscle AMPK activation in exercise – Yang Liu, Phong T. Nguyen, Xun Wang, Yuting Zhao, Corbin E. Meacham, Zhongju Zou, Bogdan Bordieanu, Manuel Johanns, Didier Vertommen, Tobias Wijshake, Herman May, Guanghua Xiao, Sanae Shoji-Kawata, Mark H. Rider, Sean J. Morrison, Prashant Mishra and Beth Levine.


Glutamine and asparagine activate mTORC1 independently of Rag GTPases – Delong Meng, Qianmei Yang, Huanyu Wang, Chase H. Melick, Rishika Navlani, Anderson R. Frank and Jenna L. Jewell.

LATS suppresses mTORC1 activity to directly coordinate Hippo and mTORC1 pathways in growth control – Wenjian Gan, Xiaoming Dai, Xiangpeng Dai, Jun Xie, Shasha Yin, Junjie Zhu, Chen Wang, Yuchen Liu, Jianping Guo, Min Wang, Jing Liu, Jia Hu, Ryan J. Quinton, Neil J. Ganem, Pengda Liu, John M. Asara, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, Yingzi Yang, Zhigang He, Guangping Gao and Wenyi Wei.

DEPTOR is an in vivo tumor suppressor that inhibits prostate tumorigenesis via the inactivation of mTORC1/2 signals – Xiaoyu Chen, Xiufang Xiong, Danrui Cui, Fei Yang, Dongping Wei, Haomin Li, Jianfeng Shu, Yanli Bi, Xiaoqing Dai, Longyuan Gong, Yi Sun and Yongchao Zhao.

Macropinocytosis Renders a Subset of Pancreatic Tumor Cells Resistant to mTOR Inhibition – Evdokia Michalopoulou, Francesca R. Auciello, Vinay Bulusu, David Strachan, Andrew D. Campbell, Jacqueline Tait-Mulder, Saadia A. Karim, Jennifer P. Morton, Owen J. Sansom, Jurre J. Kamphorst.


NER-factor DDB2 regulates HIF1α and hypoxia-response genes in HNSCC – Prashant V. Bommi, Vaibhav Chand, Nishit K. Mukhopadhyay, Pradip Raychaudhuri and Srilata Bagchi.

Metformin, phenformin

GDF15 mediates the effects of metformin on body weight and energy balance – Anthony P. Coll, Michael Chen, Pranali Taskar, Debra Rimmington, Satish Patel, John A. Tadross, Irene Cimino, Ming Yang, Paul Welsh, Samuel Virtue, Deborah A. Goldspink, Emily L. Miedzybrodzka, Adam R. Konopka, Raul Ruiz Esponda, Jeffrey T.-J. Huang, Y. C. Loraine Tung, Sergio Rodriguez-Cuenca, Rute A. Tomaz, Heather P. Harding, Audrey Melvin, Giles S. H. Yeo, David Preiss, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Ludovic Vallier, K. Sreekumaran Nair, Nicholas J. Wareham, David Ron, Fiona M. Gribble, Frank Reimann, Naveed Sattar, David B. Savage, Bernard B. Allan and Stephen O’Rahilly.

Phenformin Inhibits Hedgehog-Dependent Tumor Growth through a Complex I-Independent Redox/Corepressor Module – Laura Di Magno, Simona Manni, Fiorella Di Pastena, Sonia Coni, Alberto Macone, Sara Cairoli, Manolo Sambucci, Paola Infante, Marta Moretti, Marialaura Petroni, Carmine Nicoletti, Carlo Capalbo, Enrico De Smaele, Lucia Di Marcotullio, Giuseppe Giannini, Luca Battistini, Bianca Maria Goffredo, Egidio Iorio, Enzo Agostinelli, Marella Maroder, Gianluca Canettieri.

Metformin Abrogates Age-Associated Ovarian Fibrosis – Curtis W. McCloskey, David P. Cook, Brendan S. Kelly, Feryel Azzi, Christian H. Allen, Amanda Forsyth, Jeremy Upham, Katey J. Rayner, Douglas A. Gray, Robert W. Boyd, Sangeeta Murugkar, Bryan Lo, Dominique Trudel, Mary K. Senterman and Barbara C. Vanderhyden.

Cancer Immunometabolism

CD36-mediated metabolic adaptation supports regulatory T cell survival and function in tumors – Haiping Wang, Fabien Franco, Yao-Chen Tsui, Xin Xie, Marcel P. Trefny, Roberta Zappasodi, Syed Raza Mohmood, Juan Fernández-García, Chin-Hsien Tsai, Isabell Schulze, Florence Picard, Etienne Meylan, Roy Silverstein, Ira Goldberg, Sarah-Maria Fendt, Jedd D. Wolchok, Taha Merghoub, Camilla Jandus, Alfred Zippelius and Ping-Chih Ho.

Short-term starvation reduces IGF-1 levels to sensitize lung tumors to PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade – Daniel Ajona, Sergio Ortiz-Espinosa, Teresa Lozano, Francisco Exposito, Alfonso Calvo, Karmele Valencia, Miriam Redrado, Ana Remírez, Fernando Lecanda, Diego Alignani, Juan J. Lasarte, Irati Macaya, Yaiza Senent, Cristina Bértolo, Cristina Sainz, Ignacio Gil-Bazo, Iñaki Eguren-Santamaría, Jose M. Lopez-Picazo, Alvaro Gonzalez, Jose L. Perez-Gracia, Carlos E. de Andrea, Silvestre Vicent, Miguel F. Sanmamed, Luis M. Montuenga and Ruben Pio.

Tumor-Derived Lactic Acid Contributes to the Paucity of Intratumoral ILC2s – Marek Wagner, Kafi N. Ealey, Hiroe Tetsu, Tsuyoshi Kiniwa, Yasutaka Motomura, Kazuyo Moro, Shigeo Koyasu.


Emerging Roles for Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in Cancer – Sharanya Sivanand, Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

Stable Isotopes for Tracing Mammalian-Cell Metabolism In Vivo – Juan Fernández-García, Patricia Altea-Manzano, Erica Pranzini, Sarah-Maria Fendt.

Metabolite Repair Enzymes Control Metabolic Damage in Glycolysis – Guido T. Bommer, Emile Van Schaftingen, Maria Veiga-da-Cunha.

Metformin in Gynecologic Cancers: Opening a New Window for Prevention and Treatment? – Ainhoa Madariaga, Pamela J. Goodwin and Amit M. Oza.

The SLC25 Mitochondrial Carrier Family: Structure and Mechanism – Jonathan J. Ruprecht, Edmund R.S. Kunji.

Cell cycle regulators in cancer cell metabolism – Leal-Esteban LC, Fajas L.

Mitochondrial functions and rare diseases – L.Dard, W.Blanchard, C.Hubert, D.Lacombe, R.Rossignol.

Mechanistic Links between Obesity, Insulin, and Cancer – Rachel J. Perry, Gerald I. Shulman.

Metabolic Regulation of Cell Fate and Function – Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary, Jie Liu, Toren Finkel.

Serine–glycine-one-carbon metabolism: vulnerabilities in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma – Erhu Zhao, Jianbing Hou and Hongjuan Cui.

Cholesterol metabolism in cancer: mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities – Binlu Huang, Bao-liang Song and Chenqi Xu.


We need to talk about the Warburg effect – Ralph J. DeBerardinis and Navdeep S. Chandel.

Dynamic ROS Regulation by TIGAR: Balancing Anti-cancer and Pro-metastasis Effects – Sarah-Maria Fendt, Sophia Y. Lunt.

Dietary Methionine in T Cell Biology and Autoimmune Disease – Shuang Tang, Xiaoling Li, Jason W. Locasale.

Glucose Starvation Blocks Translation at Multiple Levels – Chen-Song Zhang, D. Grahame Hardie, Sheng-Cai Lin.

Tension in tumour cells keeps metabolism high – Nadia M. E. Ayad, Valerie M. Weaver.

Histone Lactylation: A New Role for Glucose Metabolism – Maria V. Liberti, Jason W. Locasale.

Surviving stress during metastasis – Sarah Seton-Rogers.

Starving tumours – Anna Dart.

Mechanosensing metabolically moves cancer cells – Wei Wong.

An SLC1A5 Variant Transports Glutamine to Mitochondria in Cancer Cells –

Isoform-Specific KRAS–Hexokinase 1 Interaction Affects Metabolism –

MetaboList – January 2020


Starvation / nutrient sensing

Glucose-dependent control of leucine metabolism by leucyl-tRNA synthetase 1 – Ina Yoon, Miso Nam, Hoi Kyoung Kim, Hee-Sun Moon, Sungmin Kim, Jayun Jang, Ji Ae Song, Seung Jae Jeong, Sang Bum Kim, Seongmin Cho, YounHa Kim, Jihye Lee, Won Suk Yang, Hee Chan Yoo, Kibum Kim, Min-Sun Kim, Aerin Yang, Kyukwang Cho, Hee-Sung Park, Geum-Sook Hwang, Kwang Yeon Hwang, Jung Min Han, Jong Hyun Kim, Sunghoon Kim.

Local Fatty Acid Channeling into Phospholipid Synthesis Drives Phagophore Expansion during Autophagy – Maximilian Schütter, Patrick Giavalisco, Susanne Brodesser, Martin Graef.

Glucose stimulates microRNA-199 expression in murine pancreatic β-cells – Joao Pedro Werneck-de-Castro, Manuel Blandino-Rosano, Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner and Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi.

The nutrient sensor OGT regulates Hipk stability and tumorigenic-like activities in Drosophila – Kenneth Kin Lam Wong, Ta-Wei Liu, Jessica M. Parker, Donald A. R. Sinclair, Yi-Yun Chen, Kay-Hooi Khoo, David J. Vocadlo and Esther M. Verheye.


Loss of TSC complex enhances gluconeogenesis via upregulation of Dlk1-Dio3 locus miRNAs – Dritan Liko, Andrzej Rzepiela, Vanja Vukojevic, Mihaela Zavolan and Michael N. Hall.

Anabolic SIRT4 Exerts Retrograde Control over TORC1 Signaling by Glutamine Sparing in the Mitochondria – Eisha Shaw, Manasi Talwadekar, Zeenat Rashida, Nitya Mohan, Aishwarya Acharya, Subhash Khatri, Sunil Laxman and Ullas Kolthur-Seetharam.

AMPKα1 confers survival advantage of colorectal cancer cells under metabolic stress by promoting redox balance through the regulation of glutathione reductase phosphorylation – Ying-Nan Wang, Yun-Xin Lu, Jie Liu, Ying Jin, Hui-Chang Bi, Qi Zhao, Ze-Xian Liu, Ying-Qin Li, Jia-Jia Hu, Hui Sheng, Yi-Ming Jiang, Chao Zhang, Feng Tian, Yang Chen, Zhi-Zhong Pan, Gong Chen, Zhao-Lei Zeng, Kai-Yan Liu, Marcia Ogasawara, Jin-Ping Yun, Huai-Qiang Ju, Jian-Xiong Feng, Dan Xie, Song Gao, Wei-Hua Jia, Scott Kopetz, Rui-Hua Xu and Feng Wang.

mTORC1 directly inhibits AMPK to promote cell proliferation under nutrient stress – Naomi X. Y. Ling, Adrian Kaczmarek, Ashfaqul Hoque, Elizabeth Davie, Kevin R. W. Ngoei, Kaitlin R. Morrison, William J. Smiles, Gabriella M. Forte, Tingting Wang, Shervi Lie, Toby A. Dite, Christopher G. Langendorf, John W. Scott, Jonathan S. Oakhill and Janni Petersen.

A two-pore channel protein required for regulating mTORC1 activity on starvation – Fu-Sheng Chang, Yuntao Wang, Phillip Dmitriev, Julian Gross, Antony Galione and Catherine Pears [Dictyostelium].

Homeostasis of branched-chain amino acids is critical for the activity of TOR signaling in Arabidopsis – Pengfei Cao, Sang-Jin Kim, Anqi Xing, Craig A Schenck, Lu Liu, Nan Jiang, Jie Wang, Robert L Last, Federica Brandizzi.

Glucose metabolism

Targeting tumor-intrinsic hexosamine biosynthesis sensitizes pancreatic cancer to anti-PD1 therapy – Nikita S. Sharma, Vineet K. Gupta, Vanessa T. Garrido, Roey Hadad, Brittany C. Durden, Kousik Kesh, Bhuwan Giri, Anthony Ferrantella, Vikas Dudeja, Ashok Saluja and Sulagna Banerjee.

A synthetic lethal drug combination mimics glucose deprivation-induced cancer cell death in the presence of glucose – James H Joly, Alireza Delfarah, Philip S Phung, Sydney Parrish and Nicholas A. Graham.

O-GlcNAcase targets pyruvate kinase M2 to regulate tumor growth – Jay Prakash Singh, Kevin Qian, Jeong-Sang Lee, Jinfeng Zhou, Xuemei Han, Bichen Zhang, Qunxiang Ong, Weiming Ni, Mingzuo Jiang, Hai-Bin Ruan, Min-Dian Li, Kaisi Zhang, Zhaobing Ding, Philip Lee, Kamini Singh, Jing Wu, Raimund I. Herzog, Susan Kaech, Hans-Guido Wendel, John R. Yates III, Weiping Han, Robert S. Sherwin, Yongzhan Nie and Xiaoyong Yang.

Hyperpolarized MRI of Human Prostate Cancer Reveals Increased Lactate with Tumor Grade Driven by Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 – Kristin L. Granlund, Sui-Seng Tee, Hebert A. Vargas, Serge K. Lyashchenko, Ed Reznik, Samson Fine, Vincent Laudone, James A. Eastham, Karim A. Touijer, Victor E. Reuter, Mithat Gonen, Ramon E. Sosa, Duane Nicholson, YanWei W. Guo, Albert P. Chen, James Tropp, Fraser Robb, Hedvig Hricak, Kayvan R. Keshari.

Amino acids

Tissue of origin dictates GOT1 dependence and confers synthetic lethality to radiotherapy – Barbara S. Nelson, Lin Lin, Daniel M. Kremer, Cristovão M. Sousa, Cecilia Cotta-Ramusino, Amy Myers, Johanna Ramos, Tina Gao, Ilya Kovalenko, Kari Wilder-Romans, Joseph Dresser, Mary Davis, Ho-Joon Lee, Zeribe C. Nwosu, Scott Campit, Oksana Mashadova, Brandon N. Nicolay, Zachary P. Tolstyka, Christopher J. Halbrook, Sriram Chandrasekaran, John M. Asara, Howard C. Crawford, Lewis C. Cantley, Alec C. Kimmelman, Daniel R. Wahl and Costas A. Lyssiotis.

Cysteine catabolism and the serine biosynthesis pathway support pyruvate production during pyruvate kinase knockdown in pancreatic cancer cells – Lei Yu, Shao Thing Teoh, Elliot Ensink, Martin P. Ogrodzinski, Che Yang, Ana I. Vazquez and Sophia Y. Lunt.

Pharmacological polyamine catabolism upregulation with methionine salvage pathway inhibition as an effective prostate cancer therapy – Hayley C. Affronti, Aryn M. Rowsam, Anthony J. Pellerite, Spencer R. Rosario, Mark D. Long, Justine J. Jacobi, Anna Bianchi-Smiraglia, Christoph S. Boerlin, Bryan M. Gillard, Ellen Karasik, Barbara A. Foster, Michael Moser, John H. Wilton, Kristopher Attwood, Mikhail A. Nikiforov, Gissou Azabdaftari, Roberto Pili, James G. Phillips, Robert A. Casero Jr. and Dominic J. Smiraglia.

Serine racemase enhances growth of colorectal cancer by producing pyruvate from serine – Kenji Ohshima, Satoshi Nojima, Shinichiro Tahara, Masako Kurashige, Keisuke Kawasaki, Yumiko Hori, Moyu Taniguchi, Yutaka Umakoshi, Daisuke Okuzaki, Naoki Wada, Jun-ichiro Ikeda, Eiichiro Fukusaki and Eiichi Morii.

Lipid metabolism / Statins

Mevalonate Pathway Provides Ubiquinone to Maintain Pyrimidine Synthesis and Survival in p53-Deficient Cancer Cells Exposed to Metabolic Stress – Irem Kaymak, Carina R. Maier, Werner Schmitz, Andrew D. Campbell, Beatrice Dankworth, Carsten P. Ade, Susanne Walz, Madelon Paauwe, Charis Kalogirou, Hecham Marouf, Mathias T. Rosenfeldt, David M. Gay, Grace H. McGregor, Owen J. Sansom and Almut Schulze.

Targeting the Metabolic Response to Statin-Mediated Oxidative Stress Produces a Synergistic Antitumor Response – Grace H. McGregor, Andrew D. Campbell, Sigrid K. Fey, Sergey Tumanov, David Sumpton, Giovanny Rodriguez Blanco, Gillian Mackay, Colin Nixon, Alexei Vazquez, Owen J. Sansom and Jurre J. Kamphorst.

Altered Gene Expression along the Glycolysis–Cholesterol Synthesis Axis Is Associated with Outcome in Pancreatic Cancer – Joanna M. Karasinska, James T. Topham, Steve E. Kalloger, Gun Ho Jang, Robert E. Denroche, Luka Culibrk, Laura M. Williamson, Hui-Li Wong, Michael K.C. Lee, Grainne M. O’Kane, Richard A. Moore, Andrew J. Mungall, Malcolm J. Moore, Cassia Warren, Andrew Metcalfe, Faiyaz Notta, Jennifer J. Knox, Steven Gallinger, Janessa Laskin, Marco A. Marra, Steven J.M. Jones, Daniel J. Renouf and David F. Schaeffer.

MYC regulates fatty acid metabolism through a multigenic program in claudin-low triple negative breast cancer – Jessica C. Casciano, Caroline Perry, Adam J. Cohen-Nowak, Katelyn D. Miller, Johan Vande Voorde, Qifeng Zhang, Susan Chalmers, Mairi E. Sandison, Qin Liu, Ann Hedley, Tony McBryan, Hsin-Yao Tang, Nicole Gorman, Thomas Beer, David W. Speicher, Peter D. Adams, Xuefeng Liu, Richard Schlegel, John G. McCarron, Michael J. O. Wakelam, Eyal Gottlieb, Andrew V. Kossenkov and Zachary T. Schug.

Dysregulation of very-long-chain fatty acid metabolism causes membrane saturation and induction of the unfolded protein response – Yagmur Micoogullari, Sankha S. Basu, Jessie Ang, Nina Weisshaar, Nicholas D. Schmitt, Walid M. Abdelmoula, Begona Lopez, Jeffrey N. Agar, Nathalie Agar and John Hanna.

Deciphering the Elevated Lipid via CD36 in Mantle Cell Lymphoma with Bortezomib Resistance Using Synchrotron-Based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Single Cells – Sudjit Luanpitpong ,Montira Janan ,Kanjana Thumanu , Jirarat Poohadsuan ,Napachai Rodboon , Phatchanat Klaihmon and Surapol Issaragrisil.


A Variant of SLC1A5 Is a Mitochondrial Glutamine Transporter for Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer Cells – Hee Chan Yoo, Seung Joon Park, Miso Nam, Juwon Kang, Kibum Kim, Joo Hye Yeo, Joon-Ki Kim, Yunkyung Heo, Hee Seung Lee, Myeong Youl Lee, Chang Woo Lee, Jong Soon Kang, Yun-Hee Kim, Jinu Lee, Junjeong Choi, Geum-Sook Hwang, Seungmin Bang, Jung Min Han.

O-GlcNAcylation of PGK1 coordinates glycolysis and TCA cycle to promote tumor growth – Hao Nie, Haixing Ju, Jiayi Fan, Xiaoliu Shi, Yaxian Cheng, Xiaohui Cang, Zhiguo Zheng, Xiaotao Duan and Wen Yi.

Dichloroacetate restores colorectal cancer chemosensitivity through the p53/miR-149-3p/PDK2-mediated glucose metabolic pathway – Yu Liang, Lidan Hou, Linjing Li, Lei Li, Liming Zhu, Yu Wang, Xin Huang, Yichao Hou, Danxi Zhu, Huimin Zou, Yan Gu, Xiaoling Weng, Yingying Wang, Yue Li, Tianqi Wu, Mengfei Yao, Isabelle Gross, Christian Gaiddon, Meng Luo, Jianhua Wang and Xiangjun Meng.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Tissue-infiltrating macrophages mediate an exosome-based metabolic reprogramming upon DNA damage – Evi Goulielmaki, Anna Ioannidou, Maria Tsekrekou, Kalliopi Stratigi, Ioanna K. Poutakidou, Katerina Gkirtzimanaki, Michalis Aivaliotis, Konstantinos Evangelou, Pantelis Topalis, Janine Altmüller, Vassilis G. Gorgoulis, Georgia Chatzinikolaou and George A. Garinis.


Subcellular metabolic pathway kinetics are revealed by correcting for artifactual post harvest metabolism – Sophie Trefely, JoyceLiu, Katharina Huber, Mary T. Doan, Helen Jiang, Jay Singh, Elianavon Krusenstiern, Anna Bostwick, Peining Xu, Juliane G.Bogner-Strauss, Kathryn E. Wellen, Nathaniel W.Snyder.

Role of KEAP1/NFE2L2 Mutations in the Chemotherapeutic Response of Patients with Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer – Youngtae Jeong, Jessica A. Hellyer, Henning Stehr, Ngoc T. Hoang, Xiaomin Niu, Millie Das, Sukhmani K. Padda, Kavitha Ramchandran, Joel W. Neal, Heather Wakelee and Maximilian Diehn.

The creatine–phosphagen system is mechanoresponsive in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and fuels invasion and metastasis – Vassilis Papalazarou, Tong Zhang, Nikki R. Paul, Amelie Juin, Marco Cantini, Oliver D. K. Maddocks, Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and Laura M. Machesky.

Genomic Profiling Identifies Association of IDH1/IDH2 Mutation with Longer Relapse-Free and Metastasis-Free Survival in High-Grade Chondrosarcoma – Guo Gord Zhu, Khedoudja Nafa, Narasimhan Agaram, Ahmet Zehir, Ryma Benayed, Justyna Sadowska, Laetitia Borsu, Ciara Kelly, William D. Tap, Nicola Fabbri, Edward Athanasian, Patrick J. Boland, John H. Healey, Michael F. Berger, Marc Ladanyi and Meera Hameed.


The PI3K–AKT network at the interface of oncogenic signalling and cancer metabolism – Gerta Hoxhaj and Brendan D. Manning.

Greasing the Wheels of the Cancer Machine: The Role of Lipid Metabolism in Cancer – Marteinn Thor Snaebjornsson, Sudha Janaki-Raman, Almut Schulze.

Targeting Extracellular Nutrient Dependencies of Cancer Cells – Javier Garcia-Bermudez, Robert T Williams, Rohiverth Guarecuco, Kıvanç Birsoy.

The Role of Metabolic Plasticity in Blood and Brain Stem Cell Pathophysiology – Catherine J. Libby, Jonathan McConathy, Victor Darley-Usmar and Anita B. Hjelmeland.

Metabolic Subtyping for Novel Personalized Therapies Against Pancreatic Cancer – Kamiya Mehla and Pankaj K. Singh.

Tumor microenvironment differences between primary tumor and brain metastases – Cacho-Díaz B, García-Botello DR, Wegman-Ostrosky T, Reyes-Soto G, Ortiz-Sánchez E, Herrera-Montalvo LA.

Targeting citrate as a novel therapeutic strategy in cancer treatment – Lan Huang, Cindy Wang, Huaxi Xu, Guangyong Peng.

Dietary patterns and cancer risk – Susan E. Steck and E. Angela Murphy

Loads of reviews and primary articles at the special issue in Cancers:
“Metabolic Reprogramming and Vulnerabilities in Cancer” – Guest Editor(s): Deepak Nagrath, Costas Lyssiotis.


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Natarajan, S.K.; Venneti, S. Glutamine Metabolism in Brain Tumors. Cancers

Comments / other

A sugary input to leucine sensing – Elyssa Lehman, Robert T. Abraham.

How to catch a HIF-the work of Gregg Semenza’s lab on hypoxia-inducible factor 1 – Martin J. Spiering.


Lactate: Unconventional roles of a nutrient along tumor landscape
Organizers: Paola Chiarugi, Pierre Sonveaux, Luigi Ippolito. Florence, Italy, May 08-10 2020.

Cancer Immunometabolism 2020. Rehovot, Israel, May 5-6th.
Organizers: Ayelet Erez and Eyal Gottlieb.

Cancer Metabolism and Signaling 2020. Friday, April 17, 2020, New York.
Organizers: Lydia Finley, Steven Gross, Costas Lyssiotis, Sonya Dougal, Kari Fischer.

MetaboList – December 2019

Special issue of the British Journal of Cancer
Loads of interesting articles and reviews. Edited by Adrian Harris and Christian Frezza

Glucose/lactate metabolism

Metabolic Diversity in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells – Pei-Hsuan Chen, Ling Cai Kenneth Huffman, Chendong Yang, Jiyeon Kim, Brandon Faubert, Lindsey Boroughs, Bookyung Ko, Jessica Sudderth, Elizabeth A. McMillan, Luc Girard, Dong Chen, Michael Peyton, Misty D. Shields, Bo Yao, David S. Shames, Hyun Seok Kim, Brenda Timmons, Ikuo Sekine, Rebecca Britt, Stephanie Weber, Lauren A. Byers, John V. Heymach, Jing Chen, Michael A. White, John D. Minna, Guanghua Xiao, Ralph J. DeBerardinis.

Reactive metabolite production is a targetable liability of glycolytic metabolism in lung cancer – Alba Luengo, Keene L. Abbott, Shawn M. Davidson, Aaron M. Hosios, Brandon Faubert, Sze Ham Chan, Elizaveta Freinkman, Lauren G. Zacharias, Thomas P. Mathews, Clary B. Clish, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Caroline A. Lewis and Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

KRAS4A directly regulates hexokinase-1 – Caroline R. Amendola, James P. Mahaffey, Seth J. Parker, Ian M. Ahearn, Wei-Ching Chen, Mo Zhou, Helen Court, Jie Shi, Sebastian L. Mendoza, Michael J. Morten, Eli Rothenberg, Eyal Gottlieb, Youssef Z. Wadghiri, Richard Possemato, Stevan R. Hubbard, Allan Balmain, Alec C. Kimmelman and Mark R. Philips.

A Novel Allosteric Inhibitor of Phosphoglycerate Mutase 1 Suppresses Growth and Metastasis of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer – Ke Huang, Qian Liang, Ye Zhou, Lu-lu Jiang, Wei-ming Gu, Ming-yu Luo, Ya-bin Tang, Yang Wang, Wei Lu, Min Huang, Sheng-zhe Zhang, Guang-lei Zhuang, Qing Dai, Qian-cheng Shen, Jian Zhang, Hui-min Lei, Liang Zhu, De-yong Ye, Hong-zhuan Chen, Lu Zhou, Ying Shen.

Primary prostate cancer educates bone stroma through exosomal pyruvate kinase M2 to promote bone metastasis – Jinlu Dai, June Escara-Wilke, Jill M. Keller, Younghun Jung, Russell S. Taichman, Kenneth J. Pienta and Evan T. Keller.

Aurora-A mediated phosphorylation of LDHB promotes glycolysis and tumor progression by relieving the substrate-inhibition effect – Aoxing Cheng, Peng Zhang, Bo Wang, Dongdong Yang, Xiaotao Duan, Yongliang Jiang, Tian Xu, Ya Jiang, Jiahui Shi, Chengtao Ding, Gao Wu, Zhihong Sang, Qiang Wu, Hua Wang, Mian Wu, Zhiyong Zhang, Xin Pan, Yue-yin Pan, Ping Gao, Huafeng Zhang, Cong-zhao Zhou, Jing Guo and Zhenye Yang.

Glycolytic suppression dramatically changes the intracellular metabolic profile of multiple cancer cell lines in a mitochondrial metabolism-dependent manner – Reika Shiratori, Kenta Furuichi, Masashi Yamaguchi, Natsumi Miyazaki, Haruna Aoki, Hiroji Chibana, Kousei Ito and Shigeki Aoki.

The TGFβ1-FOXM1-HMGA1-TGFβ1 positive feedback loop increases the cisplatin resistance of non-small cell lung cancer by inducing G6PD expression – Zhang R, Tao F, Ruan S, Hu M, Hu Y, Fang Z, Mei L, Gong C.

Does Tumor FDG-PET-Avidity Represent Enhanced Glycolytic Metabolism in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer? – Kernstine KH, Faubert B, Do QN, Rogers TJ, Hensley CT, Cai L, Torrealba J, Oliver D, Waschmann JW, Lenkinski RE, Malloy CR, Deberardinis RJ.

Decreased FBP1 expression rewires metabolic processes affecting aggressiveness of glioblastoma – Beomseok Son, Sungmin Lee, Hyunwoo Kim, Hyunkoo Kang, Jaewan Jeon, Sunmi Jo, Ki Moon Seong, Su-Jae Lee, HyeSook Youn and BuHyun Youn.

Metabolic heterogeneity confers differences in melanoma metastatic potential – Alpaslan Tasdogan, Brandon Faubert, Vijayashree Ramesh, Jessalyn M. Ubellacker, Bo Shen, Ashley Solmonson, Malea M. Murphy, Zhimin Gu, Wen Gu, Misty Martin, Stacy Y. Kasitinon, Travis Vandergriff, Thomas P. Mathews, Zhiyu Zhao, Dirk Schadendorf, Ralph J. DeBerardinis and Sean J. Morrison.

Amino acids

Plasma membrane V-ATPase controls oncogenic RAS-induced macropinocytosis – Craig Ramirez, Andrew D. Hauser, Emily A. Vucic and Dafna Bar-Sagi.

A Covalent Small Molecule Inhibitor of Glutamate-Oxaloacetate Transaminase 1 Impairs Pancreatic Cancer Growth – Tomohiro Yoshida, Shingo Yamasaki, Osamu Kaneko, Naofumi Taoka, Yusuke Tomimoto, Ichiji Namatame, Toshiko Yahata, Sadao Kuromitsu, Lewis C Cantley, Costas A Lyssiotis.

SIRT5 stabilizes mitochondrial glutaminase and supports breast cancer tumorigenesis – Kai Su Greene, Michael J. Lukey, Xueying Wang, Bryant Blank, Joseph E. Druso, Miao-chong J. Lin, Clint A. Stalnecker, Chengliang Zhang, Yashira Negrón Abril, Jon W. Erickson, Kristin F. Wilson, Hening Lin, Robert S. Weiss and Richard A. Cerione.

Lipid metabolism

ASPP2 inhibits tumor growth by repressing the mevalonate pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma – Beibei Liang, Rui Chen, Shaohua Song, Hao Wang, Guowei Sun, Hao Yang, Wei Jing, Xuyu Zhou, Zhiren Fu, Gang Huang and Jian Zhao.

CD36-Mediated Metabolic Rewiring of Breast Cancer Cells Promotes Resistance to HER2-Targeted Therapies – William W. Feng, Owen Wilkins, Scott Bang, Matthew Ung, Jiaqi Li, Jennifer An, Carmen del Genio, Kaleigh Canfield, James DiRenzo, Wendy Wells, Arti Gaur, R. Brooks Robey, Jessie Yanxiang Guo, Ryan L. Powles, Christos Sotiriou, Lajos Pusztai, Maria Febbraio, Chao Cheng, William B. Kinlaw, Manabu Kurokawa.

Lineage-Restricted Regulation of SCD and Fatty Acid Saturation by MITF Controls Melanoma Phenotypic Plasticity – Yurena Vivas-García, Paola Falletta, Jana Liebing, Pakavarin Louphrasitthiphol, Yongmei Feng, Jagat Chauhan, David A. Scott, Nicole Glodde, Ana Chocarro-Calvo, Sarah Bonham, Andrei L. Osterman, Roman Fischer, Ze’ev Ronai, Custodia García-Jiménez, Michael Hölzel, Colin R. Goding.

Dynamic Regulation of ME1 Phosphorylation and Acetylation Affects Lipid Metabolism and Colorectal Tumorigenesis – Yahui Zhu, Li Gu, Xi Lin, Cheng Liu, Bingjun Lu, Kaisa Cui, Feng Zhou, Qiu Zhao, Edward V. Prochownik, Chengpeng Fan, Youjun Li.


Inhibition of tRNA Gene Transcription by the Immunosuppressant Mycophenolic Acid – Aneta Jurkiewicz, Ewa Leśniewska, Małgorzata Cieśla, Neuton Gorjão, Theodoros Kantidakis, Robert J. White, Magdalena Boguta and Damian Graczyk.

The Folate Pathway Inhibitor Pemetrexed Pleiotropically Enhances Effects of Cancer Immunotherapy – David A. Schaer, Sandaruwan Geeganage, Nelusha Amaladas, Zhao Hai Lu, Erik R. Rasmussen, Andreas Sonyi, Darin Chin, Andrew Capen, Yanxia Li, Catalina M. Meyer, Bonita D. Jones, Xiaodong Huang, Shuang Luo, Carmine Carpenito, Kenneth D. Roth, Alexander Nikolayev, Bo Tan, Manisha Brahmachary, Krishna Chodavarapu, Frank C. Dorsey, Jason R. Manro, Thompson N. Doman, Gregory P. Donoho, David Surguladze, Gerald E. Hall, Michael Kalos and Ruslan D. Novosiadly.

PCK1 and DHODH drive colorectal cancer liver metastatic colonization and hypoxic growth by promoting nucleotide synthesis – Norihiro Yamaguchi, Ethan M Weinberg, Alexander Nguyen, Maria V Liberti, Hani Goodarzi, Yelena Y Janjigian, Philip B Paty, Leonard B Saltz, T Peter Kingham, Jia Min Loo, Elisa de Stanchina, Sohail F Tavazoie.


BRCA1 Deficiency Upregulates NNMT, Which Reprograms Metabolism and Sensitizes Ovarian Cancer Cells to Mitochondrial Metabolic Targeting Agents – Arun Kanakkanthara, Kiran Kurmi, Thomas L. Ekstrom, Xiaonan Hou, Emma R. Purfeerst, Ethan P. Heinzen, Cristina Correia, Catherine J. Huntoon, Daniel O’Brien, Andrea E. Wahner Hendrickson, Sean C. Dowdy, Hu Li, Ann L. Oberg, Taro Hitosugi, Scott H. Kaufmann, S. John Weroha and Larry M. Karnitz.

Acidosis-induced metabolic reprogramming in tumor cells enhances the anti-proliferative activity of the PDK inhibitor dichloroacetate – Schoonjans CA, Joudiou N, Brusa D, Corbet C, Feron O, Gallez B.

The mitochondrial carrier Citrin plays a role in regulating cellular energy during carcinogenesis – Shiran Rabinovich, Alon Silberman, Lital Adler, Shani Agron, Smadar Levin-Zaidman, Amir Bahat, Ziv Porat, Efrat Ben-Zeev, Inbal Geva, Maxim Itkin, Sergey Malitsky, Adam Buchaklian, Daniel Helbling, David Dimmock and Ayelet Erez.


Combination of Metformin and Gefitinib as First-Line Therapy for Nondiabetic Advanced NSCLC Patients with EGFR Mutations: A Randomized, Double-Blind Phase II Trial – Li Li, Liyan Jiang, Yubo Wang, Yizhuo Zhao, Xiao-Ju Zhang, Guoming Wu, Xiangdong Zhou, Jianguo Sun, Jun Bai, Biyong Ren, Kun Tian, Zhi Xu, Hua-liang Xiao, Qi Zhou, Rui Han, Hengyi Chen, Haidong Wang, Zhenzhou Yang, Chan Gao, Shangli Cai and Yong He.

Metformin-induced increases in GDF15 are important for suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss – Emily A. Day, Rebecca J. Ford, Brennan K. Smith, Pedrum Mohammadi-Shemirani, Marisa R. Morrow, Robert M. Gutgesell, Rachel Lu, Amogelang R. Raphenya, Mostafa Kabiri, Andrew G. McArthur, Natalia McInnes, Sibylle Hess, Guillaume Paré, Hertzel C. Gerstein and Gregory R. Steinberg.

Mesothelial Cell HIF1α Expression Is Metabolically Downregulated by Metformin to Prevent Oncogenic Tumor-Stromal Crosstalk – Peter C. Hart, Hilary A. Kenny, Niklas Grassl, Karen M. Watters, Lacey M. Litchfield, Fabian Coscia, Ivana Blaženović, Lisa Ploetzky, Oliver Fiehn, Matthias Mann, Ernst Lengyel, Iris L. Romero.

Hypoxia and hyperglycaemia determine why some endometrial tumours fail to respond to metformin – Sivalingam VN, Latif A, Kitson S, McVey R, Finegan KG, Marshall K, Lisanti MP, Sotgia F, Stratford IJ, Crosbie EJ.

Metabolic Rewiring in Response to Biguanides Is Mediated by mROS/HIF-1a in Malignant Lymphocytes – Hamidullah Khan, Ashish Anshu, Aman Prasad, Sushmita Roy, Justin Jeffery, Wasakorn Kittipongdaja, David T. Yang, Stefan M. Schieke.

Quantitative In Vivo Proteomics of Metformin Response in Liver Reveals AMPK-Dependent and -Independent Signaling Networks – Benjamin D. Stein, Diego Calzolari, Kristina Hellberg, Ying S. Hu, Lin He, Chien-Min Hung, Erin Q. Toyama, Debbie S. Ross, Björn F. Lillemeier, Lewis C. Cantley, John R. Yates III, Reuben J. Shaw.

Starvation / AMPK

AMPK regulates ESCRT-dependent microautophagy of proteasomes concomitant with proteasome storage granule assembly during glucose starvation – Jianhui Li, Michal Breker, Morven Graham, Maya Schuldiner, Mark Hochstrasser.

TFEB controls retromer expression in response to nutrient availability – Rachel Curnock, Alessia Calcagni, Andrea Ballabio, Peter J. Cullen.

Requirement for p62 acetylation in the aggregation of ubiquitylated proteins under nutrient stress – Zhiyuan You, Wen-Xue Jiang, Ling-Yun Qin, Zhou Gong, Wei Wan, Jin Li, Yusha Wang, Hongtao Zhang, Chao Peng, Tianhua Zhou, Chun Tang and Wei Liu.

TIPRL potentiates survival of lung cancer by inducing autophagy through the eIF2α-ATF4 pathway – Su-Jin Jeon, Jun-Ho Ahn, Debasish Halder, Hyun-Soo Cho, Jung-Hwa Lim, Soo Young Jun, Jeong-Ju Lee, Ji-Yong Yoon, Min-Hyuk Choi, Cho-Rok Jung, Jin-Man Kim and Nam-Soon Kim.

γ-6-Phosphogluconolactone, a Byproduct of the Oxidative Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Contributes to AMPK Activation through Inhibition of PP2A – Xue Gao, Liang Zhao, Shuangping Liu, Yuancheng Li, Siyuan Xia, Dong Chen, Mei Wang, Shaoxiong Wu, Qing Dai, Hieu Vu, Lauren Zacharias, Ralph DeBerardinis, Esther Lim, Christian Metallo, Titus J. Boggon, Sagar Lonial, Ruiting Lin, Hui Mao, Yaozhu Pan, Changliang Shan, Jing Chen.

Hypoxia and HIF

KDM3A Senses Oxygen Availability to Regulate PGC-1α-Mediated Mitochondrial Biogenesis – Xu Qian, Xinjian Li, Zhumei Shi, Xiaoming Bai, Yan Xia, Yanhua Zheng, Daqian Xu, Feng Chen, Yongping You, Jing Fang, Zhibin Hu, Qin Zhou, Zhimin Lu.

HIF1/2-exerted control over glycolytic gene expression is not functionally relevant for glycolysis in human leukemic stem/progenitor cells – Albertus T. J. Wierenga, Alan Cunningham, Ayşegül Erdem, Nuria Vilaplana Lopera, Annet Z. Brouwers-Vos, Maurien Pruis, André B. Mulder, Ulrich L. Günther, Joost H. A. Martens, Edo Vellenga and Jan Jacob Schuringa.

Relief of tumor hypoxia unleashes the tumoricidal potential of neutrophils – Karim Mahiddine, Adam Blaisdell, Stephany Ma, Amandine Créquer-Grandhomme, Clifford A. Lowell and Adrian Erlebacher.


PGC1α Suppresses Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion through ERRα Transcriptional Control – Lorea Valcarcel-Jimenez, Alice Macchia, Eva Crosas-Molist, Ariane Schaub-Clerigué, Laura Camacho, Natalia Martín-Martín, Paolo Cicogna, Cristina Viera-Bardón, Sonia Fernández-Ruiz, Irene Rodriguez-Hernandez, Ivana Hermanova, Ianire Astobiza, Ana R. Cortazar, Jon Corres-Mendizabal, Antonio Gomez-Muñoz, Victoria Sanz-Moreno, Verónica Torrano and Arkaitz Carracedo.

SGLT2 inhibition slows tumor growth in mice by reversing hyperinsulinemia – Ali R. Nasiri, Marcos R. Rodrigues, Zongyu Li, Brooks P. Leitner and Rachel J. Perry.

Cerebrospinal fluid-based metabolomics to characterize different types of brain tumors – Wang FX, Chen K, Huang FQ, Alolga RN, Ma J, Wu ZX, Fan Y, Ma G, Guan M.

Untargeted LC-HRMS-based metabolomics to identify novel biomarkers of metastatic colorectal cancer – Martín-Blázquez A, Díaz C, González-Flores E, Franco-Rivas D, Jiménez-Luna C, Melguizo C, Prados J, Genilloud O, Vicente F, Caba O, Pérez Del Palacio J.

A systematic flux analysis approach to identify metabolic vulnerabilities in human breast cancer cell lines – Sheree D. Martin and Sean L. McGee.

Reviews / comments

Mitochondrial TCA cycle metabolites control physiology and disease – Inmaculada Martínez-Reyes and Navdeep S. Chandel.

A Tumor Agnostic Therapeutic Strategy for Hexokinase 1–Null/Hexokinase 2–Positive Cancers – Shili Xu and Harvey R. Herschman.

The Metabolic Interplay between Cancer and Other Diseases – Anne Le, Sunag Udupa, Cissy Zhang.

Metabolic Regulation of Macrophage Polarization in Cancer – Kamiya Mehla, Pankaj K. Singh.

Sweet Temptation: From Sugar Metabolism to Gene Regulation – Giulia Notarangelo, Marcia C. Haigis.

The Mitochondrion as an Emerging Therapeutic Target in Cancer – Katherine G. Roth, Isa Mambetsariev, Prakash Kulkarni, Ravi Salgia.

The impact of oncogenic RAS on redox balance and implications for cancer development – Jonathan K. M. Lim and Gabriel Leprivier.

Glutamine Skipping the Q into Mitochondria – Zachary E. Stine, Chi V. Dang.

MetaboList – November 2019

Glucose metabolism

Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase 2 Inhibits Sarcoma Progression by Restraining Mitochondrial Biogenesis – Peiwei Huangyang, Fuming Li, Pearl Lee, Itzhak Nissim, Aalim M. Weljie, Anthony Mancuso, Bo Li, Brian Keith, Sam S. Yoon, M. Celeste Simon.

Nuclear Glycogenolysis Modulates Histone Acetylation in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers – Ramon C. Sun, Vikas V. Dukhande, Zhengqiu Zhou, Lyndsay E.A. Young, Shane Emanuelle, Christine Fillmore Brainson, Matthew S. Gentry.

An allosteric PGAM1 inhibitor effectively suppresses pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – Chen-Lei Wen, Ke Huang, Lu-Lu Jiang, Xiong-Xiong Lu, Yu-Ting Dai, Min-Min Shi, Xiao-Mei Tang, Qing-Bing Wang, Xiao-Dan Zhang, Peng-Hui Wang, Hui-Ti Li, Xiao-Xue Ruan, Li-Wen Wang, Xin-Jing Wang, Qian Wang, Wei Lu, Xiao-Qiang Xiang, Xun Sun, Yan-Hui Xu, Lu-Hua Lai, Qian Zhan, Hong-Wei Li, Cheng-Hong Peng, Jing Chen, Jin-Yan Huang, De-Yong Ye, Sai-Juan Chen, Zhu Chen, Min Li, Yuan Fang, Bai-Yong Shen, and Lu Zhou.

PTEN Suppresses Glycolysis by Dephosphorylating and Inhibiting Autophosphorylated PGK1 – Xu Qian, Xinjian Li, Zhumei Shi, Yan Xia, Qingsong Cai, Daqian Xu, Lin Tan, Linyong Du, Yanhua Zheng, Dan Zhao, Chuanbao Zhang, Philip L. Lorenzi, Yongping You, Bing-Hua Jiang, Tao Jiang, Haitao Li, Zhimin Lu.

Evolved resistance to partial GAPDH inhibition results in loss of the Warburg effect and in a different state of glycolysis – Maria V. Liberti, Annamarie E. Allen, Vijyendra Ramesh, Ziwei Dai, Katherine R. Singleton, Zufeng Guo, Jun O. Liu, Kris C. Wood and Jason W. Locasale.


Lactate-mediated epigenetic reprogramming regulates formation of human pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts – Tushar D Bhagat, Dagny Von Ahrens, Meelad Dawlaty, Yiyu Zou, Joelle Baddour, Abhinav Achreja, Hongyun Zhao, Lifeng Yang, Brijesh Patel, Changsoo Kwak, Gaurav S Choudhary, Shanisha Gordon-Mitchell, Srinivas Aluri, Sanchari Bhattacharyya, Srabani Sahu, Yiting Yu, Matthias Bartenstein, Orsi Giricz, Masako Suzuki, Davendra Sohal, Sonal Gupta, Paola A Guerrero, Surinder Batra, Michael Goggins, Ulrich Steidl, John Greally, Beamon Agarwal, Kith Pradhan, Debabrata Banerjee, Deepak Nagrath, Anirban Maitra, Amit Verma.

Lactic Acidosis Promotes Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells, Supporting Proliferation Under Normoxia or Survival Under Hypoxia – Romero-Garcia S, Prado-Garcia H, Valencia-Camargo AD, Alvarez-Pulido A.

Monocarboxylate transporter 4 (MCT4) is a high affinity transporter capable of exporting lactate in high-lactate microenvironments – Yasna Contreras-Baeza, Pamela Y. Sandoval, Romina Alarcón, Alex Galaz, Francisca Cortés-Molina, Karin Alegría, Felipe Baeza-Lehnert, Robinson Arce-Molina, Anita Guequén, Carlos A Flores, Alejandro San Martín and L. Felipe Barros.

Cystine / Glutathione

Tumors with TSC mutations are sensitive to CDK7 inhibition through NRF2 and glutathione depletion – Mahsa Zarei, Heng Du, Amin H. Nassar, Rachel E. Yan, Krinio Giannikou, Sneha H. Johnson, Hilaire C. Lam, Elizabeth P. Henske, Yubao Wang, Tinghu Zhang, John Asara and David J. Kwiatkowski.

Oncogenic KRAS Sensitizes Lung Adenocarcinoma to GSK-J4–Induced Metabolic and Oxidative Stress – Beom-Jin Hong, Woo-Yong Park, Hwa-Ryeon Kim, Jin Woo Moon, Ho Yeon Lee, Jun Hyung Park, Seon-Kyu Kim, Youngbin Oh, Jae-Seok Roe and Mi-Young Kim.


Glutamine blockade induces divergent metabolic programs to overcome tumor immune evasion – Robert D. Leone, Liang Zhao, Judson M. Englert, Im-Meng Sun, Min-Hee Oh, Im-Hong Sun, Matthew L. Arwood, Ian A. Bettencourt, Chirag H. Patel, Jiayu Wen, Ada Tam, Richard L. Blosser, Eva Prchalova, Jesse Alt, Rana Rais, Barbara S. Slusher, Jonathan D. Powell.

CD9 identifies pancreatic cancer stem cells and modulates glutamine metabolism to fuel tumour growth – Victoria M.-Y. Wang, Rute M. M. Ferreira, Jorge Almagro, Theodore Evan, Nathalie Legrave, May Zaw Thin, David Frith, Joana Carvalho, David J. Barry, Ambrosius P. Snijders, Eleanor Herbert, Emma L. Nye, James I. MacRae and Axel Behrens.

Lipid metabolism

Essentiality of fatty acid synthase in the 2D to anchorage-independent growth transition in transforming cells – Maria J. Bueno, Veronica Jimenez-Renard, Sara Samino, Jordi Capellades, Alejandra Junza, María Luz López-Rodríguez, Javier Garcia-Carceles, Irene Lopez-Fabuel, Juan P. Bolaños, Navdeep S. Chandel, Oscar Yanes, Ramon Colomer and Miguel Quintela-Fandino.

A Fatty Acid Oxidation-dependent Metabolic Shift Regulates the Adaptation of BRAF-mutated Melanoma to MAPK Inhibitors – Andrea Aloia, Daniela Müllhaupt, Christophe D. Chabbert, Tanja Eberhart, Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual, Ana Vukolic, Ossia Eichhoff, Anja Irmisch, Leila T. Alexander, Ernesto Scibona, Dennie T. Frederick, Benchun Miao, Tian Tian, Chaoran Cheng, Lawrence N. Kwong, Zhi Wei, Ryan J. Sullivan, Genevieve M. Boland, Meenhard Herlyn, Keith T. Flaherty, Nicola Zamboni, Reinhard Dummer, Gao Zhang, Mitchell P. Levesque, Wilhelm Krek and Werner J. Kovacs.


Identification of DHODH as a therapeutic target in small cell lung cancer – Leanne Li , Sheng Rong Ng, Caterina I. Colón, Benjamin J. Drapkin, Peggy P. Hsu, Zhaoqi Li, Christopher S. Nabel, Caroline A. Lewis, Rodrigo Romero, Kim L. Mercer, Arjun Bhutkar, Sarah Phat, David T. Myers, Mandar Deepak Muzumdar, Peter M. K. Westcott, Mary Clare Beytagh, Anna F. Farago, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Nicholas J. Dyson, Tyler Jacks.

Loss of thymidine kinase 1 inhibits lung cancer growth and metastatic attributes by reducing GDF15 expression – Parmanand Malvi, Radoslav Janostiak, Arvindhan Nagarajan, Guoping Cai, Narendra Wajapeyee.

Deoxycytidine Release from Pancreatic Stellate Cells Promotes Gemcitabine Resistance – Simona Dalin, Mark R. Sullivan, Allison N. Lau, Beatrice Grauman-Boss, Helen S. Mueller, Emanuel Kreidl, Silvia Fenoglio, Alba Luengo, Jacqueline A. Lees, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Douglas A. Lauffenburger and Michael T. Hemann.


Lipid signalling drives proteolytic rewiring of mitochondria by YME1L – Thomas MacVicar, Yohsuke Ohba, Hendrik Nolte, Fiona Carola Mayer, Takashi Tatsuta, Hans-Georg Sprenger, Barbara Lindner, Yue Zhao, Jiahui Li, Christiane Bruns, Marcus Krüger, Markus Habich, Jan Riemer, Robin Schwarzer, Manolis Pasparakis, Sinika Henschke, Jens C. Brüning, Nicola Zamboni and Thomas Langer.

Mitochondrial stress causes neuronal dysfunction via an ATF4-dependent increase in L-2-hydroxyglutarate – Rachel J. Hunt,  Lucy Granat, Gregory S. McElroy, Ramya Ranganathan, Navdeep S. Chandel, Joseph M. Bateman.

The ADP/ATP translocase drives mitophagy independent of nucleotide exchange – Atsushi Hoshino, Wei-jia Wang, Shogo Wada, Chris McDermott-Roe, Chantell S. Evans, Bridget Gosis, Michael P. Morley, Komal S. Rathi, Jian Li, Kristina Li, Steven Yang, Meagan J. McManus, Caitlyn Bowman, Prasanth Potluri, Michael Levin, Scott Damrauer, Douglas C. Wallace, Erika L. F. Holzbaur and Zoltan Arany.

Individual cristae within the same mitochondrion display different membrane potentials and are functionally independent – Dane M Wolf, Mayuko Segawa, Arun Kumar Kondadi, Ruchika Anand, Sean T Bailey, Andreas S Reichert, Alexander M van der Bliek, David B Shackelford, Marc Liesa, Orian S Shirihai.

Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Complex Regulates NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Predicts Patient Survival in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma – I-Che Chung, Lih-Chyang Chen, Ngan-Ming Tsang, Wen-Yu Chuang, Tzu-Chieh Liao, Sheng-Ning Yuan, Chun-Nan OuYang, David M Ojcius, Chih-Ching Wu, Yu-Sun Chang.

A Compendium of Genetic Modifiers of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Reveals Intra-organelle Buffering – Tsz-Leung To, Alejandro M. Cuadros, Hardik Shah, Wendy H.W. Hung, Yang Li, Sharon H. Kim, Daniel H.F. Rubin, Ryan H. Boe, Sneha Rath, John K. Eaton, Federica Piccioni, Amy Goodale, Zohra Kalani, John G. Doench, David E. Root, Stuart L. Schreiber, Scott B. Vafai, Vamsi K. Mootha.


Lipid signalling drives proteolytic rewiring of mitochondria by YME1L – Thomas MacVicar, Yohsuke Ohba, Hendrik Nolte, Fiona Carola Mayer, Takashi Tatsuta, Hans-Georg Sprenger, Barbara Lindner, Yue Zhao, Jiahui Li, Christiane Bruns, Marcus Krüger, Markus Habich, Jan Riemer, Robin Schwarzer, Manolis Pasparakis, Sinika Henschke, Jens C. Brüning, Nicola Zamboni and Thomas Langer.

A MYC–GCN2–eIF2α negative feedback loop limits protein synthesis to prevent MYC-dependent apoptosis in colorectal cancer – Stefanie Schmidt, David Gay, Friedrich Wilhelm Uthe, Sarah Denk, Madelon Paauwe, Niels Matthes, Markus Elmar Diefenbacher, Sheila Bryson, Fiona Clare Warrander, Florian Erhard, Carsten Patrick Ade, Apoorva Baluapuri, Susanne Walz, Rene Jackstadt, Catriona Ford, Georgios Vlachogiannis, Nicola Valeri, Christoph Otto, Christina Schülein-Völk, Katja Maurus, Werner Schmitz, John Raymond Philip Knight, Elmar Wolf, Douglas Strathdee, Almut Schulze, Christoph-Thomas Germer, Andreas Rosenwald, Owen James Sansom, Martin Eilers and Armin Wiegering.

The ribosomal P-stalk couples amino acid starvation to GCN2 activation in mammalian cells – Heather P Harding, Adriana Ordonez, Felicity Allen, Leopold Parts, Alison J Inglis, Roger L Williams, David Ron.

Asparagine restriction

SLC1A3 contributes to L‐asparaginase resistance in solid tumors – Jianhui Sun, Remco Nagel, Esther A Zaal, Alejandro Piñeiro Ugalde, Ruiqi Han, Natalie Proost, Ji‐Ying Song, Abhijeet Pataskar, Artur Burylo, Haigen Fu, Gerrit J Poelarends, Marieke van de Ven, Olaf van Tellingen, Celia R Berkers, Reuven Agami.

Translational reprogramming marks adaptation to asparagine restriction in cancer – Gaurav Pathria, Joo Sang Lee, Erez Hasnis, Kristofferson Tandoc, David A. Scott, Sachin Verma, Yongmei Feng, Lionel Larue, Avinash D. Sahu, Ivan Topisirovic, Eytan Ruppin and Ze’ev A. Ronai.


Phosphatidic acid drives mTORC1 lysosomal translocation in the absence of amino acids – Maria A. Frias, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Elyssa Lehman, Aleksandra Walasek, Matthew Utter, Deepak Menon and David A. Foster.

Heat Shock Factor 1 Is a Direct Antagonist of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase – Kuo-Hui Su, Siyuan Dai, Zijian Tang, Meng Xu, Chengkai Dai.

Autophagic lipid metabolism sustains mTORC1 activity in TSC-deficient neural stem cells – Chenran Wang, Michael A. Haas, Fuchun Yang, Syn Yeo, Takako Okamoto, Song Chen, Jian Wen, Pranjal Sarma, David R. Plas and Jun-Lin Guan.


Hypoxia drives glucose transporter 3 expression through HIF-mediated induction of the long non-coding RNA NICI – Victoria Lauer, Steffen Grampp, James Platt, Veronique Lafleur, Olivia Lombardi, Hani Choudhry, Franziska Kranz, Arndt Hartmann, Bernd Wullich, Atsushi Yamamoto, Mathew L Coleman, Peter J Ratcliffe, David R Mole and Johannes Schödel.

Absence of HIF1A Leads to Glycogen Accumulation and an Inflammatory Response That Enables Pancreatic Tumor Growth – Marco Maruggi, Fabiana Izidro Layng, Robert Lemos Jr, Guillermina Garcia, Brian P. James, Monica Sevilla, Ferran Soldevilla, Bas J. Baaten, Petrus R. de Jong, Mei Yee Koh and Garth Powis.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Lactate Buildup at the Site of Chronic Inflammation Promotes Disease by Inducing CD4+ T Cell Metabolic Rewiring – Valentina Pucino, Michelangelo Certo, Vinay Bulusu, Danilo Cucchi, Katriona Goldmann, Elena Pontarini, Robert Haas, Joanne Smith, Sarah E. Headland, Kevin Blighe, Massimiliano Ruscica, Frances Humby, Myles J. Lewis, Jurre J. Kamphorst, Michele Bombardieri, Costantino Pitzalis, Claudio Mauro.

Cancer-Derived Succinate Promotes Macrophage Polarization and Cancer Metastasis via Succinate Receptor – Jing-Yiing Wu, Tsai-Wang Huang, Yi-Ting Hsieh, Yi-Fu Wang, Chia-Chien Yen, Guan-Lin Lee, Chang-Ching Yeh, Yi-Jen Peng, Ya-Yi Kuo, Hsiu-Ting Wen, Hui-Chen Lin, Cheng-Wen Hsiao, Kenneth K. Wu, Hsing-Jien Kung, Yu-Juei Hsu, Cheng-Chin Kuo.

Metabolic stress in cancer cells induces immune escape through a PI3K-dependent blockade of IFNγ receptor signaling – Koen A. Marijt, Marjolein Sluijter, Laura Blijleven, Sofie H. Tolmeijer, Ferenc A. Scheeren, Sjoerd H. van der Burg and Thorbald van Hall.

STAT3 Activation-Induced Fatty Acid Oxidation in CD8+ T Effector Cells Is Critical for Obesity-Promoted Breast Tumor Growth – Zhang C, Yue C, Herrmann A, Song J, Egelston C, Wang T, Zhang Z, Li W, Lee H, Aftabizadeh M, Li YJ, Lee PP, Forman S, Somlo G, Chu P, Kruper L, Mortimer J, Hoon DSB, Huang W, Priceman S, Yu H.


Metformin Improves Mitochondrial Respiratory Activity through Activation of AMPK – Yu Wang, Hongying An, Ting Liu, Caolitao Qin, Hiromi Sesaki, Shaodong Guo, Sally Radovick, Mehboob Hussain, Akhil Maheshwari, Fredric E. Wondisford, Brian O’Rourke, Ling He.

Metformin prevents liver tumourigenesis by attenuating fibrosis in a transgenic mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma – Ram C. Shankaraiah, Elisa Callegari, Paola Guerriero, Alessandro Rimessi, Paolo Pinton, Laura Gramantieri, Enrico M. Silini, Silvia Sabbioni and Massimo Negrini.


eIF4A supports an oncogenic translation program in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – Karina Chan, Francis Robert, Christian Oertlin, Dana Kapeller-Libermann, Daina Avizonis, Johana Gutierrez, Abram Handly-Santana, Mikhail Doubrovin, Julia Park, Christina Schoepfer, Brandon Da Silva, Melissa Yao, Faith Gorton, Junwei Shi, Craig J. Thomas, Lauren E. Brown, John A. Porco Jr., Michael Pollak, Ola Larsson, Jerry Pelletier and Iok In Christine Chio.

Metabolic Profiling Using Stable Isotope Tracing Reveals Distinct Patterns of Glucose Utilization by Physiologically Activated CD8+ T Cells – Eric H. Ma, Mark J. Verway, Radia M. Johnson, Dominic G. Roy, Mya Steadman, Sebastian Hayes, Kelsey S. Williams, Ryan D. Sheldon, Bozena Samborska, Penelope A. Kosinski, Hyeryun Kim, Takla Griss, Brandon Faubert, Stephanie A. Condotta, Connie M. Krawczyk, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Kelly M. Stewart, Martin J. Richer, Victor Chubukov, Thomas P. Roddy, Russell G. Jones.

Subcellular metabolic pathway kinetics are revealed by correcting for artifactual post harvest metabolism – Sophie Trefely, Joyce Liu, Katharina Huber, Mary T. Doan, Helen Jiang, Jay Singh, Elianavon Krusenstiern, Anna Bostwick, Peining Xu, Juliane G. Bogner-Strauss, Kathryn E. Wellen, Nathaniel W.Snyder.


Nutrient regulation of mTORC1 at a glance – Kendall J. Condon and David M. Sabatini.

Metabolism in the Tumor Microenvironment – Allison N. Lau and Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

Lipid Metabolism at the Nexus of Diet and Tumor Microenvironment – Barrie Peck, Almut Schulze.

Targeting cellular cholesterol for anticancer therapy – Liang Gu, Sourav Taru Saha, Jodie Thomas, Mandeep Kaur.

DUBs, Hypoxia, and Cancer – Daniela Mennerich, Kateryna Kubaichuk, Thomas Kietzmann.

Lactate in the Regulation of Tumor Microenvironment and Therapeutic Approaches – de la Cruz-López KG, Castro-Muñoz LJ, Reyes-Hernández DO, García-Carrancá A, Manzo-Merino J.

New insights into transcriptional reprogramming during cellular stress – Samu V. Himanen, Lea Sistonen.

Tracking intra‐ and inter‐organelle signaling of mitochondria – Corina T. Madreiter‐Sokolowski, Jeta Ramadani‐Muja, Gabriela Ziomek, Sandra Burgstaller, Helmut Bischof, Zhanat Koshenov, Benjamin Gottschalk, Roland Malli, Wolfgang F. Graier.

Modular biogenesis of mitochondrial respiratory complexes – Mario H. Barrosa, Gavin P. McStay.


Running the Light: Nucleotide Metabolism Drives Bypass of Senescence in Cancer – Christopher J. Halbrook, Daniel R. Wahl, Costas A. Lyssiotis.

Metabolic vulnerability in tumours illuminated – Aparna D. Rao, Ralph J. DeBerardinis.

The Transsulfuration Pathway Makes, the Tumor Takes – Ross Weber, Kıvanç Birsoy.

Metabolic Stress Triggers Immune Escape by Tumors – Joana B. Nunes, Bart Everts.

Mitochondrial cristae as insulated transformers of metabolic energy – Michael Schlame.

Metabolic adaption through regulated proteolysis – Wei Wong.

T Cell Metabolism in a State of Flux – Siva Karthik Varanasi, Shixin Ma, Susan M. Kaech.

Extra: Christian Frezza’s selections

MetaboList – October 2019


Structural basis for the docking of mTORC1 on the lysosomal surface – Kacper B. Rogala, Xin Gu, Jibril F. Kedir, Monther Abu-Remaileh, Laura F. Bianchi, Alexia M. S. Bottino, Rikke Dueholm, Anna Niehaus, Daan Overwijn, Ange-Célia Priso Fils, Sherry X. Zhou, Daniel Leary, Nouf N. Laqtom, Edward J. Brignole, David M. Sabatini.

Architecture of human Rag GTPase heterodimers and their complex with mTORC1 – Madhanagopal Anandapadamanaban, Glenn R. Masson, Olga Perisic, Alex Berndt, Jonathan Kaufman, Chris M. Johnson, Balaji Santhanam, Kacper B. Rogala, David M. Sabatini, Roger L. Williams.

mTORC1 Activation Requires DRAM-1 by Facilitating Lysosomal Amino Acid Efflux – Florian Beaumatin, Jim O’Prey, Valentin J.A. Barthet, Barbara Zunino, Jean-Philippe Parvy, Alexis Maximilien Bachmann, Margaret O’Prey, Elżbieta Kania, Pablo Sierra Gonzalez, Robin Macintosh, Laurence Y. Lao, Colin Nixon, Jonathan Lopez, Jaclyn S. Long, Stephen W.G. Tait, Kevin M. Ryan.

Phosphofructokinases Axis Controls Glucose-Dependent mTORC1 Activation Driven by E2F1 – Eugènia Almacellas, Joffrey Pelletier, Anna Manzano, Antonio Gentilella, Santiago Ambrosio, Caroline Mauvezin, Albert Tauler.

Weak membrane interactions allow Rheb to activate mTORC1 signaling without major lysosome enrichment – Brittany Angarola and Shawn M. Ferguson.

The cytosolic form of aspartate aminotransferase is required for full activation of TOR complex 1 in fission yeast – Sophie Reidman, Adiel Cohen, Martin Kupiec and Ronit Weisman.

CDK4 Regulates Lysosomal Function and mTORC1 Activation to Promote Cancer Cell Survival – Laia Martínez-Carreres, Julien Puyal, Lucía C. Leal-Esteban, Meritxell Orpinell, Judit Castillo-Armengol, Albert Giralt, Oleksandr Dergai, Catherine Moret, Valentin Barquissau, Anita Nasrallah, Angélique Pabois, Lianjun Zhang, Pedro Romero, Isabel C. Lopez-Mejia and Lluis Fajas.

Starvation / nutrient sensing

α-Ketoglutarate-Activated NF-κB Signaling Promotes Compensatory Glucose Uptake and Brain Tumor Development – Xiongjun Wang, Ruilong Liu, Xiujuan Qu, Hua Yu, Huiying Chu, Yajuan Zhang, Wencheng Zhu, Xueyuan Wu, Hong Gao, Bangbao Tao, Wenfeng Li, Ji Liang, Guohui Li, Weiwei Yang.

Glucose starvation induces mitochondrial fragmentation depending on the dynamin GTPase Dnm1/Drp1 in fission yeast – Fan Zheng, Bowen Jia, Fenfen Dong, Ling Liu, Faiz Rasul, Jiajia He and Chuanhai Fu.

Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis eIF4E and eIFiso4E by SnRK1 inhibits translation – Aaron N. Bruns, Sizhun Li, Gireesha Mohannath, David M. Bisaro.

ADP-dependent glucokinase regulates energy metabolism via ER-localized glucose sensing – Roland Imle, Bei-Tzu Wang, Nicolas Stützenberger, Jana Birkenhagen, Amol Tandon, Matthias Carl, Nastassja Himmelreich, Christian Thiel, Hermann-Josef Gröne, Gernot Poschet, Mirko Völkers, Karsten Gülow, Anne Schröder, Sara Carillo, Stefan Mittermayr, Jonathan Bones, Marcin Mikołaj Kamiński, Stefan Kölker and Sven Wolfgang Sauer.

The RING-type E3 ligase RNF186 ubiquitinates Sestrin-2 and thereby controls nutrient sensing – Travis B. Lear, Karina C. Lockwood, Yurong Ouyang, John W. Evankovich, Mads B. Larsen, Bo Lin, Yuan Liu and Bill B. Chen.


Differential regulation of AMP-activated protein kinase in healthy and cancer cells explains why V-ATPase inhibition selectively kills cancer cells – Karin Bartel, Rolf Müller and Karin von Schwarzenberg.

The AMPK-Related Kinases SIK1 and SIK3 Mediate Key Tumor-Suppressive Effects of LKB1 in NSCLC – Pablo E. Hollstein, Lillian J. Eichner, Sonja N. Brun, Anwesh Kamireddy, Robert U. Svensson, Liliana I. Vera, Debbie S. Ross, T.J. Rymoff, Amanda Hutchins, Hector M. Galvez, April E. Williams, Maxim N. Shokhirev, Robert A. Screaton, Rebecca Berdeaux and Reuben J. Shaw.

Glucose / lactate

Metabolic regulation of gene expression by histone lactylation – Di Zhang, Zhanyun Tang, He Huang, Guolin Zhou, Chang Cui, Yejing Weng, Wenchao Liu, Sunjoo Kim, Sangkyu Lee, Mathew Perez-Neut, Jun Ding, Daniel Czyz, Rong Hu, Zhen Ye, Maomao He, Y. George Zheng, Howard A. Shuman, Lunzhi Dai, Bing Ren, Robert G. Roeder, Lev Becker and Yingming Zhao.

Discovery of a potent GLUT inhibitor using rapafucin 3D microarrays – Jun O. Liu, Zufeng Guo, Zhiqiang Cheng, Jingxin Wang, Wukun Liu, Hanjing Peng, Yuefan Wang, Subba Rao, Ruojing Li, Xue Ying, Preethi Korangath, Maria Liberti, Yingjun Li, Yongmei Xie, Sam Hong, Cordelia Schiene-Fischer, Gunter Fischer, Jason Locasale, Saraswati Sukumar, Heng Zhu.

Near-equilibrium glycolysis supports metabolic homeostasis and energy yield – Junyoung O. Park, Lukas B. Tanner, Monica H. Wei, Daven B. Khana, Tyler B. Jacobson, Zheyun Zhang, Sara A. Rubin, Sophia Hsin-Jung Li, Meytal B. Higgins, David M. Stevenson, Daniel Amador-Noguez and Joshua D. Rabinowitz.

Hexosamines / gluconeogenesis

Inhibiting the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway lowers O-GlcNAcylation levels and sensitizes cancer to environmental stress – Lisa A Walter, Yu Hsuan Lin, Christopher J Halbrook, Kelly N Chuh, Lina He, Nichole J Pedowitz, Anna R Batt, Caroline K Brennan, Bangyan L. Stiles, Costas Andreas Lyssiotis, Matthew R. Pratt.

The E3 ubiquitin ligase Pib1 regulates effective gluconeogenic shutdown upon glucose availability – Vineeth Vengayil, Zeenat Rashida and Sunil Laxman.

Enhanced hexosamine metabolism drives metabolic and signaling networks involving hyaluronan production and O-GlcNAcylation to exacerbate breast cancer – Chatchadawalai Chokchaitaweesuk, Takashi Kobayashi, Tomomi Izumikawa and Naoki Itano.

Cystine / Glutathione / ROS

Transsulfuration Activity Can Support Cell Growth upon Extracellular Cysteine Limitation – Zhu J, Berisa M, Schwörer S, Qin W, Cross JR, Thompson CB.

Mutations in the KEAP1-NFE2L2 Pathway Define a Molecular Subset of Rapidly Progressing Lung Adenocarcinoma – Frauke Goeman, Francesca De Nicola, Stefano Scalera, Francesca Sperati, Enzo Gallo, Ludovica Ciuffreda, Matteo Pallocca, Laura Pizzuti, Eriseld Krasniqi, Giacomo Barchiesi, Patrizia Vici, Maddalena Barba, Simonetta Buglioni, Beatrice Casini, Paolo Visca, Edoardo Pescarmona, Marco Mazzotta, Ruggero De Maria, Maurizio Fanciulli, Gennaro Ciliberto, Marcello Maugeri-Saccà.

Other amino acids

Glutamine Anabolism Plays a Critical Role in Pancreatic Cancer by Coupling Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism – Alex J. Bott, Jianliang Shen, Claudia Tonelli, Le Zhan, Nithya Sivaram, Ya-Ping Jiang, Xufen Yu, Vrushank Bhatt, Eric Chiles, Hua Zhong, Sara Maimouni, Weiwei Dai, Stephani Velasquez, Ji-An Pan, Nathiya Muthalagu, Jennifer Morton, Tracy G. Anthony, Hui Feng, Wouter H. Lamers, Daniel J. Murphy, Jessie Yanxiang Guo, Jian Jin, Howard C. Crawford, Lanjing Zhang, Eileen White, Richard Z. Lin, Xiaoyang Su, David A. Tuveson, Wei-Xing Zong.

CD98hc (SLC3A2) sustains amino acid and nucleotide availability for cell cycle progression – Sara Cano-Crespo, Josep Chillarón, Alexandra Junza, Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda, Judit García, Christine Polte, Laura R. de la Ballina, Zoya Ignatova, Óscar Yanes, Antonio Zorzano, Camille Stephan-Otto Attolini and Manuel Palacín.

Promoter demethylation of the asparagine synthetase gene is required for an ATF4-dependent adaptation to asparagine depletion – Jie Jiang, Sankalp Srivastava, Gretchen Seim, Natalya N Pavlova, Bryan King, Lihua Zou, Chi Zhang, Minghua Zhong, Hui Feng, Reuben Kapur, Ronald C. Wek, Jing Fan and Ji Zhang.

Hotspot SF3B1 mutations induce metabolic reprogramming and vulnerability to serine deprivation – Brian Dalton, Eric Helmenstine, Noel Walsh, Lukasz P. Gondek, Dhanashree S. Kelkar, Abigail Read, Rachael Natrajan, Eric S. Christenson, Barbara Roman, Samarjit Das, Liang Zhao, Robert D. Leone, Daniel Shinn, Taylor Groginski, Anil K. Madugundu, Arun Patil, Daniel J. Zabransky, Arielle Medford, Justin Lee, Alex J. Cole, Marc Rosen, Maya Thakar, Alexander Ambinder, Joshua Donaldson, Amy E. DeZern, Karen Cravero, David Chu, Rafael Madero-Marroquin, Akhilesh Pandey, Paula J. Hurley, Josh Lauring and Ben Ho Park.


Thymidylate synthase maintains the de-differentiated state of triple negative breast cancers – Aarif Siddiqui, Paradesi Naidu Gollavilli, Annemarie Schwab, Maria Eleni Vazakidou, Pelin G. Ersan, Mallika Ramakrishnan, Dick Pluim, Si’Ana Coggins, Ozge Saatci, Laura Annaratone, Jan HM Schellens, Baek Kim, Irfan Ahmed Asangani, Suhail Ahmed Kabeer Rasheed, Caterina Marchiò, Ozgur Sahin and Paolo Ceppi.


In vivo imaging of mitochondrial membrane potential in non-small-cell lung cancer – Milica Momcilovic, Anthony Jones, Sean T. Bailey, Christopher M. Waldmann, Rui Li, Jason T. Lee, Gihad Abdelhady, Adrian Gomez, Travis Holloway, Ernst Schmid, David Stout, Michael C. Fishbein, Linsey Stiles, Deepa V. Dabir, Steven M. Dubinett, Heather Christofk, Orian Shirihai, Carla M. Koehler, Saman Sadeghi and David B. Shackelford.

Mitochondrial Reprogramming Underlies Resistance to BCL-2 Inhibition in Lymphoid Malignancies – Romain Guièze, Vivian M. Liu, Daniel Rosebrock, Alexis A. Jourdain, María Hernández-Sánchez, Aina Martinez Zurita, Jing Sun, Elisa Ten Hacken, Kaitlyn Baranowski, Philip A. Thompson, Jin-Mi Heo, Zachary Cartun, Ozan Aygün, J. Bryan Iorgulescu, Wandi Zhang, Giulia Notarangelo, Dimitri Livitz, Shuqiang Li, Matthew S. Davids, Anat Biran, Stacey M. Fernandes, Jennifer R. Brown, Ana Lako, Zoe B. Ciantra, Matthew A. Lawlor, Derin B. Keskin, Namrata D. Udeshi, William G. Wierda, Kenneth J. Livak, Anthony G. Letai, Donna Neuberg, J. Wade Harper, Steven A. Carr, Federica Piccioni, Christopher J. Ott, Ignaty Leshchiner, Cory M. Johannessen, John Doench, Vamsi K. Mootha, Gad Getz, Catherine J. Wu.

The natural compound gracillin exerts potent antitumor activity by targeting mitochondrial complex II – Hye-Young Min, Hyun-Ji Jang, Kwan Hee Park, Seung Yeob Hyun, So Jung Park, Ji Hye Kim, Jaekyoung Son, Sam Sik Kang and Ho-Young Lee.

Inhibition of mitochondrial translation overcomes venetoclax resistance in AML through activation of the integrated stress response – David Sharon, Severine Cathelin, Sara Mirali, Justin M. Di Trani, David J. Yanofsky, Kristine A. Keon, John L. Rubinstein, Aaron D. Schimmer, Troy Ketela and Steven M. Chan.

Active pyruvate dehydrogenase and impaired gluconeogenesis in orthotopic hepatomas of rats – Min Hee Lee, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Xiaodong Wen, Ian R.Corbin, A. Dean Sherry, Craig R. Malloy, Eunsook S.Jin.


Hypoxia-reprogrammed tricarboxylic acid cycle promotes the growth of human breast tumorigenic cells – Ke Tang, Yuandong Yu, Liyan Zhu, Pingwei Xu, Jie Chen, Jingwei Ma, Huafeng Zhang, Haiqing Fang, Weiwei Sun, Li Zhou, Keke Wei, Fei Li, Jiadi Lv, Jing Xie, Yuying Liu and Bo Huang.

Effect of hypoxia on human equilibrative nucleoside transporters hENT1 and hENT2 in breast cancer – Daniel Krys, Ingrit Hamann, Melinda Wuest and Frank Wuest.

Mitochondrial NIX Promotes Tumor Survival in the Hypoxic Niche of Glioblastoma – Jinkyu Jung, Ying Zhang, Orieta Celiku, Wei Zhang, Hua Song, Brian J. Williams, Amber J. Giles, Jeremy N. Rich, Roger Abounader, Mark R. Gilbert and Deric M. Park.

YTHDF1 links hypoxia adaptation and non-small cell lung cancer progression – Yulin Shi, Songqing Fan, Mengge Wu, Zhixiang Zuo, Xingyang Li, Liping Jiang, Qiushuo Shen, Peifang Xu, Lin Zeng, Yongchun Zhou, Yunchao Huang, Zuozhang Yang, Jumin Zhou, Jing Gao, Hu Zhou, Shuhua Xu, Hongbin Ji, Peng Shi, Dong-Dong Wu, Cuiping Yang and Yongbin Chen.

HIF-independent synthetic lethality between CDK4/6 inhibition and VHL loss across species – Hilary E. Nicholson , Zeshan Tariq, Benjamin E. Housden, Rebecca B. Jennings, Laura A. Stransky, Norbert Perrimon, Sabina Signoretti, William G. Kaelin Jr.


Selective inhibition of mutant IDH1 by DS-1001b ameliorates aberrant histone modifications and impairs tumor activity in chondrosarcoma – Makoto Nakagawa, Fumihiko Nakatani, Hironori Matsunaga, Takahiko Seki, Makoto Endo, Yoko Ogawara, Yukino Machida, Takuo Katsumoto, Kazutsune Yamagata, Ayuna Hattori, Shuhei Fujita, Yukiko Aikawa, Takamasa Ishikawa, Tomoyoshi Soga, Akira Kawai, Hirokazu Chuman, Nobuhiko Yokoyama, Suguru Fukushima, Kenichiro Yahiro, Atsushi Kimura, Eijiro Shimada, Takeshi Hirose, Toshifumi Fujiwara, Nokitaka Setsu, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Yukihide Iwamoto, Yasuharu Nakashima and Issay Kitabayashi.

The oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate produced by mutant IDH1 sensitizes cells to ferroptosis – Tian-Xiang Wang, Jun-Yun Liang, Cheng Zhang, Yue Xiong, Kun-Liang Guan and Hai-Xin Yuan.

Increased 14C-acetate accumulation in IDH-mutated human glioblastoma: implications for detecting IDH-mutated glioblastoma with 11C-acetate PET imaging – Koyasu S, Shimizu Y, Morinibu A, Saga T, Nakamoto Y, Togashi K, Harada H.


Serine and Lipid Metabolism in Macular Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy – Marin L. Gantner, Kevin Eade, […], Christian M. Metallo and Martin Friedlander.

Structural basis of species-selective antagonist binding to the succinate receptor – Matthias Haffke, Dominique Fehlmann, Gabriele Rummel, Jacques Boivineau, Myriam Duckely, Nina Gommermann, Simona Cotesta, Finton Sirockin, Felix Freuler, Amanda Littlewood-Evans, Klemens Kaupmann and Veli-Pekka Jaakola.


A framework for examining how diet impacts tumour metabolism – Evan C. Lien and Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

Methionine metabolism in health and cancer: a nexus of diet and precision medicine – Sydney M. Sanderson, Xia Gao, Ziwei Dai and Jason W. Locasale.

The metabolic engine of endothelial cells – Kim D. Falkenberg, Katerina Rohlenova, Yonglun Luo and Peter Carmeliet.

Oncometabolites in renal cancer – Cissy Yong, Grant D. Stewart and Christian Frezza.

Growth Factors Stimulate Anabolic Metabolism by Directing Nutrient Uptake – Craig B. Thompson and Agata A. Bielska.

Mitochondria orchestrate proteostatic and metabolic stress responses – Claes Andréasson, Martin Ott, Sabrina Büttner.

Even Cancer Cells Watch Their Cholesterol! – Romain Riscal, Nicolas Skuli, M. Celeste Simon.

Metabolic dependencies and vulnerabilities in leukemia – Marissa Rashkovan and Adolfo Ferrando.

Emerging roles for the ER stress sensor IRE1α in metabolic regulation and disease – Shijia Huang, Yuying Xing and Yong Liu.

Nrf2: Redox and Metabolic Regulator of Stem Cell State and Function – Xiaozhen Dai, Xiaoqing Yan, Kupper A. Wintergerst, Lu Cai, Bradley B. Keller, Yi Tan.

The Rise of Physiologic Media – Jason R. Cantor.


Histone lactylation links metabolism and gene regulation – Luke T. Izzo, Kathryn E. Wellen.

Metabolic vulnerability in tumours illuminated – Aparna D. Rao and Ralph J. DeBerardinis.

Mutations in the Antioxidant KEAP1/NRF2 Pathway Define an Aggressive Subset of NSCLC Resistant to Conventional Treatments – Ernest Nadal, Ramon Palmero, Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo.

Suppressed fate [alpha-KG] – Anna Dart.

Arkaitz Carracedo: If the scientific question is good, the result will be interesting – Houston S.

MetaboList – September 2019

Glucose metabolism / glycolytic enzymes

GAPDH Overexpression in the T Cell Lineage Promotes Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma through an NF-κB-Dependent Mechanism – Laura Mondragón, Rana Mhaidly, Gian Marco De Donatis, Marie Tosolini, Pascal Dao, Anthony R. Martin, Caroline Pons, Johanna Chiche, Marie Jacquin, Véronique Imbert, Emma Proïcs, Laurent Boyer, Anne Doye, Frédéric Luciano, Jaap G. Neels, Frédéric Coutant, Nicole Fabien, Laura Sormani, Camila Rubio-Patiño, Jozef P. Bossowski, Florian Muller, Sandrine Marchetti, Elodie Villa, Jean-François Peyron, Philippe Gaulard, François Lemonnier, Vahid Asnafi, Laurent Genestier, Rachid Benhida, Jean-Jacques Fournié, Thierry Passeron, Jean-Ehrland Ricci, Els Verhoeyen.

Therapeutic Targeting of Aldolase A Interactions Inhibits Lung Cancer Metastasis and Prolongs Survival – Yu-Chan Chang, Jean Chiou, Yi-Fang Yang, Chia-Yi Su, Yuan-Feng Lin, Chia-Ning Yang, Pei-Jung Lu, Ming-Shyan Huang, Chih-Jen Yang and Michael Hsiao.

Targeting a moonlighting function of aldolase induces apoptosis in cancer cells – Agnieszka Gizak, Janusz Wiśniewski, Paul Heron, Piotr Mamczur, Jurgen Sygusch and Dariusz Rakus.

6-Phosphofructo-2-Kinase/Fructose-2,6-Biphosphatase-2 Regulates TP53-Dependent Paclitaxel Sensitivity in Ovarian and Breast Cancers – Hailing Yang, Zhang Shu, Yongying Jiang, Weiqun Mao, Lan Pang, Abena Redwood, Sabrina L. Jeter-Jones, Nicholas B. Jennings, Argentina Ornelas, Jinhua Zhou, Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo, Geoffrey Bartholomeusz, LaKesla R. Iles, Niki M. Zacharias, Steven W. Millward, Gabriel Lopez-Berestein, Xiao-Feng Le, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Helen Piwnica-Worms, Anil K. Sood, Robert C. Bast and Zhen Lu.

The induction of HAD-like phosphatases by multiple signaling pathways confers resistance to the metabolic inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose – Quentin Defenouillère, Agathe Verraes, Clotilde Laussel, Anne Friedrich, Joseph Schacherer, Sébastien Léon.

Nitric oxide maintains endothelial redox homeostasis through PKM2 inhibition – Mauro Siragusa, Janina Thöle, Sofia‐Iris Bibli, Bert Luck, Annemarieke E Loot, Kevin de Silva, Ilka Wittig, Juliana Heidler, Heike Stingl, Voahanginirina Randriamboavonjy, Karin Kohlstedt, Bernhard Brüne, Andreas Weigert, Beate Fisslthaler, Ingrid Fleming.

Distinct initiating events underpin the immune and metabolic heterogeneity of KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma – Sarah A. Best, Sheryl Ding, Ariena Kersbergen, Xueyi Dong, Ji-Ying Song, Yi Xie, Boris Reljic, Kaiming Li, James E. Vince, Vivek Rathi, Gavin M. Wright, Matthew E. Ritchie and Kate D. Sutherland.

CD36 inhibits β-catenin/c-myc-mediated glycolysis through ubiquitination of GPC4 to repress colorectal tumorigenesis – Yuan Fang, Zhi-Yong Shen, Yi-Zhi Zhan, Xiao-Chuang Feng, Ke-Li Chen, Yong-Sheng Li, Hai-Jun Deng, Su-Ming Pan, De-Hua Wu and Yi Ding.

Dual Inhibition of GLUT1 and the ATR/CHK1 Kinase Axis Displays Synergistic Cytotoxicity in KRAS-Mutant Cancer Cells – Johanna Erber, Joachim D. Steiner, Jörg Isensee, Leonard A. Lobbes, André Toschka, Filippo Beleggia, Anna Schmitt, Rainer W. J. Kaiser, Florian Siedek, Thorsten Persigehl, Tim Hucho and Hans C. Reinhardt.

PFKFB3 inhibition reprograms malignant pleural mesothelioma to nutrient stress-induced macropinocytosis and ER stress as independent binary adaptive responses – Sayantani Sarkar Bhattacharya, Prabhu Thirusangu, Ling Jin, Debarshi Roy, Deokbeom Jung, Yinan Xiao, Julie Staub, Bhaskar Roy, Julian R. Molina and Viji Shridhar.

Lactate and pyruvate promote oxidative stress resistance through hormetic ROS signaling – Arnaud Tauffenberger, Hubert Fiumelli, Salam Almustafa and Pierre J. Magistretti.

Amino acids

Cellular redox state constrains serine synthesis and nucleotide production to impact cell proliferation – Frances F. Diehl, Caroline A. Lewis, Brian P. Fiske and Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

Loss of EZH2 Reprograms BCAA Metabolism to Drive Leukemic Transformation – Zhimin Gu, Yuxuan Liu, Feng Cai, McKenzie Patrick, Jakub Zmajkovic, Hui Cao, Yuannyu Zhang, Alpaslan Tasdogan, Mingyi Chen, Le Qi, Xin Liu, Kailong Li, Junhua Lyu, Kathryn E. Dickerson, Weina Chen, Min Ni, Matthew E. Merritt, Sean J. Morrison, Radek C. Skoda, Ralph J. DeBerardinis and Jian Xu.

Liver-Type Glutaminase GLS2 Is a Druggable Metabolic Node in Luminal-Subtype Breast Cancer – Michael J. Lukey, Ahmad A. Cluntun, William P. Katt, Miao-chong J. Lin, Joseph E. Druso, Sekar Ramachandran, Jon W. Erickson, Henry H. Le, Zhihan-Emily Wang, Bryant Blank, Kai Su Greene, Richard A. Cerione.

MYC promotes tryptophan uptake and metabolism by the kynurenine pathway in colon cancer – Niranjan Venkateswaran, M. Carmen Lafita-Navarro, Yi-Heng Hao, Jessica A Kilgore, Lizbeth Perez-Castro, Jonathan Braverman, Nofit Borenstein-Auerbach, Min Kim, Nicholas P. Lesner, Prashant Mishra, Thomas Brabletz, Jerry W. Shay, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Noelle S. Williams, Omer H. Yilmaz and Maralice Conacci-Sorrell.

Unbiased Metabolic Profiling Predicts Sensitivity of High MYC-Expressing Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumors to Glutamine Inhibition with 6-Diazo-5-Oxo-L-Norleucine – Sabrina Z. Wang, Brad Poore, Jesse Alt, Antoinette Price, Sariah J. Allen, Allison R. Hanaford, Harpreet Kaur, Brent A. Orr, Barbara S. Slusher, Charles G. Eberhart, Eric H. Raabe and Jeffrey A. Rubens.

Lipid metabolism

The MYC Oncogene Cooperates with Sterol-Regulated Element-Binding Protein to Regulate Lipogenesis Essential for Neoplastic Growth – Arvin M. Gouw, Katherine Margulis, Natalie S. Liu, Sudha J. Raman, Anthony Mancuso, Georgia G. Toal, Ling Tong, Adriane Mosley, Annie L. Hsieh, Delaney K. Sullivan, Zachary E. Stine, Brian J. Altman, Almut Schulze, Chi V. Dang, Richard N. Zare, Dean W. Felsher.

Glioma Stem Cell–Specific Superenhancer Promotes Polyunsaturated Fatty-Acid Synthesis to Support EGFR Signaling – Ryan C. Gimple, Reilly L. Kidwell, Leo J.Y. Kim, Tengqian Sun, Anthony D. Gromovsky, Qiulian Wu, Megan Wolf, Deguan Lv, Shruti Bhargava, Li Jiang, Briana C. Prager, Xiuxing Wang, Qing Ye, Zhe Zhu, Guoxin Zhang, Zhen Dong, Linjie Zhao, Derrick Lee, Junfeng Bi, Andrew E. Sloan, Paul S. Mischel, J. Mark Brown, Hu Cang, Tao Huan, Stephen C. Mack, Qi Xie and Jeremy N. Rich.

Caspase-10 inhibits ATP-citrate lyase-mediated metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming to suppress tumorigenesis – Rajni Kumari, Ruhi S. Deshmukh and Sanjeev Das.

Nucleotides / one carbon

Epstein-Barr-Virus-Induced One-Carbon Metabolism Drives B Cell Transformation – Liang Wei Wang, Hongying Shen, Luis Nobre, Ina Ersing, Joao A. Paulo, Stephen Trudeau, Zhonghao Wang, Nicholas A. Smith, Yijie Ma, Bryn Reinstadler, Jason Nomburg, Thomas Sommermann, Ellen Cahir-McFarland, Steven P. Gygi, Vamsi K. Mootha, Michael P. Weekes, Benjamin E. Gewurz.

Cell-Cycle–Dependent Phosphorylation of PRPS1 Fuels Nucleotide Synthesis and Promotes Tumorigenesis – Xiaoqian Jing, Xiong-jun Wang, Tao Zhang, Wencheng Zhu, Yi Fang, Haoxuan Wu, Xinyu Liu, Ding Ma, Xiaopin Ji, Yimei Jiang, Kun Liu, Xianze Chen, Yi Shi, Yaqi Zhang, Minmin Shi, Weihua Qiu and Ren Zhao.


α-Ketoglutarate links p53 to cell fate during tumour suppression – John P. Morris IV, Jossie J. Yashinskie, Richard Koche, Rohit Chandwani, Sha Tian, Chi-Chao Chen, Timour Baslan, Zoran S. Marinkovic, Francisco J. Sánchez-Rivera, Steven D. Leach, Carlos Carmona-Fontaine, Craig B. Thompson, Lydia W. S. Finley and Scott W. Lowe.

Disrupting Mitochondrial Pyruvate Uptake Directs Glutamine into the TCA Cycle away from Glutathione Synthesis and Impairs Hepatocellular Tumorigenesis – Sean C. Tompkins, Ryan D. Sheldon, Adam J. Rauckhorst, Maria F. Noterman, Shane R. Solst, Jane L. Buchanan, Kranti A. Mapuskar, Alvin D. Pewa, Lawrence R. Gray, Lalita Oonthonpan, Arpit Sharma, Diego A. Scerbo, Adam J. Dupuy, Douglas R. Spitz, Eric B. Taylor.

Mitochondrial supercomplex assembly promotes breast and endometrial tumorigenesis by metabolic alterations and enhanced hypoxia tolerance – Kazuhiro Ikeda, Kuniko Horie-Inoue, Takashi Suzuki, Rutsuko Hobo, Norie Nakasato, Satoru Takeda and Satoshi Inoue.

Mitochondria supply ATP to the ER through a mechanism antagonized by cytosolic Ca2+ – Jing Yong, Helmut Bischof, Sandra Burgstaller, Marina Siirin, Anne Murphy, Roland Malli, Randal J Kaufman.

Metformin Inhibits Progression of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Acting Directly on Carcinoma-Initiating Cells – Xingyu Wu, Huwate Yeerna, Yusuke Goto, Toshinori Ando, Victoria H. Wu, Xuefeng Zhang, Zhiyong Wang, Panomwat Amornphimoltham, Anne N. Murphy, Pablo Tamayo, Qianming Chen, Scott M. Lippman and J. Silvio Gutkind.

Starvation / nutrient sensing

Transient Receptor Potential V Channels Are Essential for Glucose Sensing by Aldolase and AMPK – Mengqi Li, Chen-Song Zhang, Yue Zong, Jin-Wei Feng, Teng Ma, Meiqin Hu, Zhizhong Lin, Xiaotong Li, Changchuan Xie, Yaying Wu, Dong Jiang, Ying Li, Cixiong Zhang, Xiao Tian, Wen Wang, Yanyan Yang, Jie Chen, Jiwen Cui, Yu-Qing Wu, Xin Chen, Qing-Feng Liu, Jianfeng Wu, Shu-Yong Lin, Zhiyun Ye, Ying Liu, Hai-Long Piao, Li Yu, Zhuan Zhou, Xiao-Song Xie, D. Grahame Hardie, Sheng-Cai Lin.

Acetyl-CoA flux regulates the proteome and acetyl-proteome to maintain intracellular metabolic crosstalk – Inca A. Dieterich, Alexis J. Lawton, Yajing Peng, Qing Yu, Timothy W. Rhoads, Katherine A. Overmyer, Yusi Cui, Eric A. Armstrong, Porsha R. Howell, Maggie S. Burhans, Lingjun Li, John M. Denu, Joshua J. Coon, Rozalyn M. Anderson and Luigi Puglielli.

Phosphoethanolamine Accumulation Protects Cancer Cells under Glutamine Starvation through Downregulation of PCYT2 – Tsuyoshi Osawa, Teppei Shimamura, Kyoko Saito, Yoko Hasegawa, Naoko Ishii, Miyuki Nishida, Ritsuko Ando, Ayano Kondo, Muyassar Anwar, Rika Tsuchida, Shinjiro Hino, Akihisa Sakamoto, Kaori Igarashi, Kaori Saitoh, Keiko Kato, Keiko Endo, Shotaro Yamano, Yasuharu Kanki, Yoshihiro Matsumura, Takashi Minami, Toshiya Tanaka, Motonobu Anai, Youichiro Wada, Hideki Wanibuchi, Mitsuhiro Hayashi, Akinobu Hamada, Masayuki Yoshida, Shinichi Yachida, Mitsuyoshi Nakao, Juro Sakai, Hiroyuki Aburatani, Masabumi Shibuya, Kentaro Hanada, Satoru Miyano, Tomoyoshi Soga, Tatsuhiko Kodama.

ALDH7A1 inhibits the intracellular transport pathways during hypoxia and starvation to promote cellular energy homeostasis – Jia-Shu Yang, Jia-Wei Hsu, Seung-Yeol Park, Stella Y. Lee, Jian Li, Ming Bai, Claudia Alves, William Tseng, Xavier Michelet, I-Cheng Ho and Victor W. Hsu.

Age modulates liver responses to asparaginase-induced amino acid stress in mice – Inna A. Nikonorova, Qiaoqiao Zhu, Christina C. Signore, Emily T. Mirek, William O. Jonsson, Bo Kong, Grace L. Guo, William J. Belden and Tracy G. Anthony.


Retromer and TBC1D5 maintain late endosomal RAB7 domains to enable amino acid–induced mTORC1 signaling – Arunas Kvainickas, Heike Nägele, Wenjing Qi, Ladislav Dokládal, Ana Jimenez-Orgaz, Luca Stehl, Dipak Gangurde, Qian Zhao, Zehan Hu, Jörn Dengjel, Claudio De Virgilio, Ralf Baumeister and Florian Steinberg.

Protein kinase N controls a lysosomal lipid switch to facilitate nutrient signalling via mTORC1 – Alexander Wallroth, Philipp A. Koch, Andrea L. Marat, Eberhard Krause and Volker Haucke.

Regulation of GSK3 cellular location by FRAT modulates mTORC1-dependent cell growth and sensitivity to rapamycin – Long He, Dennis Liang Fei, Michal J. Nagiec, Anders P. Mutvei, Andreas Lamprakis, Bo Yeon Kim and John Blenis.


Negative regulation of AMPKα1 by PIM2 promotes aerobic glycolysis and tumorigenesis in endometrial cancer – Xue Han, Chune Ren, Tingting Yang, Pengyun Qiao, Li Wang, Aifang Jiang, Yuhan Meng, Zhijun Liu, Yu Du and Zhenhai Yu.

Tankyrase disrupts metabolic homeostasis and promotes tumorigenesis by inhibiting LKB1-AMPK signalling – Nan Li, Yifan Wang, Shinya Neri, Yuanli Zhen, Lon Wolf R. Fong, Yawei Qiao, Xu Li, Zhen Chen, Clifford Stephan, Weiye Deng, Rui Ye, Wen Jiang, Shuxing Zhang, Yonghao Yu, Mien-Chie Hung, Junjie Chen & Steven H. Lin.

Hypoxia / HIF

Cell Clustering Promotes a Metabolic Switch that Supports Metastatic Colonization – Christiaan F. Labuschagne, Eric C. Cheung, Julianna Blagih, Marie-Charlotte Domart, Karen H. Vousden.

Volumetric Optoacoustic Imaging Unveils High-Resolution Patterns of Acute and Cyclic Hypoxia in a Murine Model of Breast Cancer – Avihai Ron, Xosé Luís Deán-Ben, Sven Gottschalk and Daniel Razansky.

HIF-independent synthetic lethality between CDK4/6 inhibition and VHL loss across species – Hilary E. Nicholson, Zeshan Tariq, Benjamin E. Housden, Rebecca B. Jennings, Laura A. Stransky, Norbert Perrimon, Sabina Signoretti and William G. Kaelin Jr.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Restricting Glycolysis Preserves T Cell Effector Functions and Augments Checkpoint Therapy – Kathrin Renner, Christina Bruss, Annette Schnell, Gudrun Koehl, Holger M. Becker, Matthias Fante, Ayse-Nur Menevse, Nathalie Kauer, Raquel Blazquez, Lisa Hacker, Sonja-Maria Decking, Toszka Bohn, Stephanie Faerber, Katja Evert, Lisa Aigle, Sabine Amslinger, Maria Landa, Oscar Krijgsman, Elisa A. Rozeman, Christina Brummer, Peter J. Siska, Katrin Singer, Stefanie Pektor, Matthias Miederer, Katrin Peter, Eva Gottfried, Wolfgang Herr, Ibtisam Marchiq, Jacques Pouyssegur, William R. Roush, SuFey Ong, Sarah Warren, Tobias Pukrop, Philipp Beckhove, Sven A. Lang, Tobias Bopp, Christian U. Blank, John L. Cleveland, Peter J. Oefner, Katja Dettmer, Mark Selby, Marina Kreutz.

Proteomics of Melanoma Response to Immunotherapy Reveals Mitochondrial Dependence – Michal Harel, Rona Ortenberg, Siva Karthik Varanasi, Kailash Chandra Mangalhara, Mariya Mardamshina, Ettai Markovits, Erez N. Baruch, Victoria Tripple, May Arama-Chayoth, Eyal Greenberg, Anjana Shenoy, Ruveyda Ayasun, Naama Knafo, Shihao Xu, Liat Anafi, Gali Yanovich-Arad, Georgina D. Barnabas, Shira Ashkenazi, Michal J. Besser, Jacob Schachter, Marcus Bosenberg, Gerald S. Shadel, Iris Barshack, Susan M. Kaech, Gal Markel, Tamar Geiger. ttps://

T Cell Activation Depends on Extracellular Alanine – Noga Ron-Harel, Jonathan M. Ghergurovich, Giulia Notarangelo, Arlene H. Sharpe, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Marcia C. Haigis.

AMPK Alpha-1 Intrinsically Regulates the Function and Differentiation of Tumor Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells – Jimena Trillo-Tinoco, Rosa A. Sierra, Eslam Mohamed, Yu Cao, Álvaro de Mingo-Pulido, Danielle L. Gilvary, Carmen M. Anadon, Tara Lee Costich, Sheng Wei, Elsa R. Flores, Brian Ruffell, José R. Conejo-Garcia and Paulo C. Rodriguez.


High-fat diet fuels prostate cancer progression by rewiring the metabolome and amplifying the MYC program – David P. Labbé, Giorgia Zadra, […]Myles Brown.

PPARδ Mediates the Effect of Dietary Fat in Promoting Colorectal Cancer Metastasis – Dingzhi Wang, Lingchen Fu, Jie Wei, Ying Xiong and Raymond N. DuBois.

Endogenous Hyperinsulinemia Contributes to Pancreatic Cancer Development – Anni M.Y. Zhang, Jamie Magrill, Twan J.J. de Winter, Xiaoke Hu, Søs Skovsø, David F. Schaeffer, Janel L. Kopp, James D. Johnson.

Mutant IDH Sensitizes Gliomas to Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Triggers Apoptosis via miR-183-Mediated Inhibition of Semaphorin 3E – Ying Zhang, Stefan Pusch, James Innes, Kastytis Sidlauskas, Matthew Ellis, Joanne Lau, Tedani El-Hassan, Natasha Aley, Francesca Launchbury, Angela Richard-Loendt, Jasper deBoer, Sheng Chen, Lei Wang, Andreas von Deimling, Ningning Li and Sebastian Brandner.


Mechanisms and Implications of Metabolic Heterogeneity in Cancer – Jiyeon Kim, Ralph J. DeBerardinis.

Hallmarks of Endothelial Cell Metabolism in Health and Disease – Xuri Li, Xiaodong Sun, Peter Carmeliet.

Metabolic implications of organelle–mitochondria communication – Isabel Gordaliza‐Alaguero, Carlos Cantó, Antonio Zorzano.


Epigenetic Control of Fatty-Acid Metabolism Sustains Glioma Stem Cells – Hayley C. Affronti and Kathryn E. Wellen.

United They Stand, Divided They Fall – Isaac S. Harris, Joan S. Brugge.

Monitoring Oxygenation Levels Deep in the Tumor Core: Noninvasive Imaging of Hypoxia, Now in Real-Time 3D – Alexander L. Klibanov and Song Hu.

Membrane Lipid Remodeling Takes Center Stage in Growth Factor Receptor-Driven Cancer Development – Johannes V. Swinnen, Jonas Dehairs, Ali Talebi.

Essentiality of non-essential amino acids for tumour cells and tumorigenesis – Chi V. Dang.

Bone Marrow: An Immunometabolic Refuge during Energy Depletion – Emily L. Goldberg, Vishwa Deep Dixit.

MetaboList – August 2019


Metabolic landscape of the tumor microenvironment at single cell resolution – Zhengtao Xiao, Ziwei Dai and Jason W. Locasale.

Glucose and lactate metabolism

p63 and SOX2 Dictate Glucose Reliance and Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Squamous Cell Carcinomas – Meng-Hsiung Hsieh, Joshua H. Choe, Jashkaran Gadhvi, Yoon Jung Kim, Marcus A. Arguez, Madison Palmer, Haleigh Gerold, Chance Nowak, Hung Do, Simbarashe Mazambani, Jordan K. Knighton, Matthew Cha, Justin Goodwin, Min Kyu Kang, Ji Yun Jeong, Shin Yup Lee, Brandon Faubert, Zhenyu Xuan, E. Dale Abel, Claudio Scafoglio, David B. Shackelford, John D. Minna, Pankaj K. Singh, Vladimir Shulaev, Leonidas Bleris, Kenneth Hoyt, James Kim, Masahiro Inoue, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Tae Hoon Kim, Jung-whan Kim.

LncRNA GLCC1 promotes colorectal carcinogenesis and glucose metabolism by stabilizing c-Myc – Jiayin Tang, Tingting Yan, Yujie Bao, Chaoqin Shen, Chenyang Yu, Xiaoqiang Zhu, Xianglong Tian, Fangfang Guo, Qian Liang, Qiang Liu, Ming Zhong, Jinxian Chen, Zhizheng Ge, Xiaobo Li, Xiaoyu Chen, Yun Cui, Yingxuan Chen, Weiping Zou, Haoyan Chen, Jie Hong and Jing-Yuan Fang.

Inhibition of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase blocks lactate utilization and impairs tumor growth in colorectal cancer – Emily D. Montal, Kavita Bhalla, Ruby E. Dewi, Christian F. Ruiz, John A. Haley, Ashley E. Ropell, Chris Gordon, John D. Haley and Geoffrey D. Girnun.

Autophagy inhibition elicits emergence from metastatic dormancy by inducing and stabilizing Pfkfb3 expression – Alyssa La Belle Flynn, Benjamin C. Calhoun, Arishya Sharma, Jenny C. Chang, Alexandru Almasan and William P. Schiemann.

Imaging of glucose metabolism by 13C-MRI distinguishes pancreatic cancer subtypes in mice – Shun Kishimoto, Jeffrey R Brender , Daniel R Crooks, Shingo Matsumoto, Tomohiro Seki, Nobu Oshima, Hellmut Merkle, Penghui Lin, Galen Reed,Albert P Chen, Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen, Jeeva Munasinghe, Keita Saito, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, Peter L Choyke, James Mitchell, Andrew N Lane,Teresa Fan, W Marston Linehan, Murali C Krishna.

Targeting tumor phenotypic plasticity and metabolic remodeling in adaptive cross-drug tolerance – Aaron Goldman, Sachin Khiste, Elizaveta Freinkman, Andrew Dhawan, Biswanath Majumder, Jayanta Mondal, Anthony B. Pinkerton, Elliot Eton, Ragini Medhi, Vineethkrishna Chandrasekar, M. Mamunur Rahman, Takaharu Ichimura, Kodaganur S. Gopinath, Pradip Majumder, Mohammad Kohandel and Shiladitya Sengupta.

Cystine / Glutathione / NRF2

The Oncogenic Action of NRF2 Depends on De-glycation by Fructosamine-3-Kinase – Viraj R. Sanghvi, Josef Leibold, Marco Mina, Prathibha Mohan, Marjan Berishaj, Zhuoning Li, Matthew M. Miele, Nathalie Lailler, Chunying Zhao, Elisa de Stanchina, Agnes Viale, Leila Akkari, Scott W. Lowe, Giovanni Ciriello, Ronald C. Hendrickson, Hans-Guido Wendel.

GSTZ1‐1 Deficiency Activates NRF2/IGF1R Axis in HCC via Accumulation of Oncometabolite Succinylacetone – Fan Yang, Jingjing Li, Haijun Deng, Yihao Wang, Chong Lei, Qiujie Wang, Jin Xiang, Li Liang, Jie Xia, Xuanming Pan, Xiaosong Li, Quanxin Long, Lei Chang, Ping Xu, Ailong Huang, Kai Wang, Ni Tang.

Genetic Ablation of the Cystine Transporter xCT in PDAC Cells Inhibits mTORC1, Growth, Survival, and Tumor Formation via Nutrient and Oxidative Stresses – Boutaina Daher, Scott K. Parks, Jerome Durivault, Yann Cormerais, Hanane Baidarjad, Eric Tambutte, Jacques Pouysségur and Milica Vučetić.

Other amino acids

MYC-Driven Small-Cell Lung Cancer is Metabolically Distinct and Vulnerable to Arginine Depletion – Milind D. Chalishazar, Sarah J. Wait, Fang Huang, Abbie S. Ireland, Anandaroop Mukhopadhyay, Younjee Lee, Sophia S. Schuman, Matthew R. Guthrie, Kristofer C. Berrett, Jeffery M. Vahrenkamp, Zeping Hu, Marek Kudla, Katarzyna Modzelewska, Guoying Wang, Nicholas T. Ingolia, Jason Gertz, David H. Lum, Sabina C. Cosulich, John S. Bomalaski, Ralph J. DeBerardinis and Trudy G. Oliver.

Arginine Starvation and Docetaxel Induce c-Myc–Driven hENT1 Surface Expression to Overcome Gemcitabine Resistance in ASS1-Negative Tumors – Bethany C. Prudner, Richa Rathore, Anthony M. Robinson, Abigail Godec, Samuel F. Chang, William G. Hawkins, Angela C. Hirbe and Brian A. Van Tine.

Age modulates liver responses to asparaginase-induced amino acid stress in mice – Inna A. Nikonorova, Qiaoqiao Zhu, Christina C. Signore, Emily T. Mirek, William O. Jonsson, Bo Kong, Grace L. Guo, William J. Belden and Tracy G. Anthony.

Metabolic Reprogramming by MYCN Confers Dependence on the Serine-Glycine-One-Carbon Biosynthetic Pathway – Yingfeng Xia, Bingwei Ye, Jane Ding, Yajie Yu, Ahmet Alptekin, Muthusamy Thangaraju, Puttur D. Prasad, Zhi-Chun Ding, Eun Jeong Park, Jeong-Hyeon Choi, Bei Gao, Oliver Fiehn, Chunhong Yan, Zheng Dong, Yunhong Zha and Han-Fei Ding.

Folate can promote the methionine-dependent reprogramming of glioblastoma cells towards pluripotency – Racha Zgheib, Shyue-Fang Battaglia-Hsu, Sébastien Hergalant, Maelle Quéré, Jean-Marc Alberto, Céline Chéry, Pierre Rouyer, Guillaume Gauchotte, Jean-Louis Guéant and Farès Namour.

Targeting HIBCH to reprogram valine metabolism for the treatment of colorectal cancer – Yunlong Shan, Yuan Gao, Wei Jin, Minmin Fan, Ying Wang, Yanhong Gu, Chenxiao Shan, Lijun Sun, Xin Li, Biao Yu, Qiong Luo and Qiang Xu.


Lysine harvesting is an antioxidant strategy and triggers underground polyamine metabolism – Viridiana Olin-Sandoval, Jason Shu Lim Yu, Leonor Miller-Fleming, Mohammad Tauqeer Alam, Stephan Kamrad, Clara Correia-Melo, Robert Haas, Joanna Segal, David Alejandro Peña Navarro, Lucia Herrera-Dominguez, Oscar Méndez-Lucio, Jakob Vowinckel, Michael Mülleder and Markus Ralser.

Polyamines and eIF5A Hypusination Modulate Mitochondrial Respiration and Macrophage Activation – Daniel J. Puleston, Michael D. Buck, Ramon I. Klein Geltink, Ryan L. Kyle, George Caputa, David O’Sullivan, Alanna M. Cameron, Angela Castoldi, Yaarub Musa, Agnieszka M. Kabat, Ying Zhang, Lea J. Flachsmann, Cameron S. Field, Annette E. Patterson, Stefanie Scherer, Francesca Alfei, Francesc Baixauli, S. Kyle Austin, Beth Kelly, Mai Matsushita, Jonathan D. Curtis, Katarzyna M. Grzes, Matteo Villa, Mauro Corrado, David E. Sanin, Jing Qiu, Nora Pällman, Katelyn Paz, Maria Elena Maccari, Bruce R. Blazar, Gerhard Mittler, Joerg M. Buescher, Dietmar Zehn, Sabine Rospert, Edward J. Pearce, Stefan Balabanov, Erika L. Pearce.

Supramolecular trap for catching polyamines in cells as an anti-tumor strategy – Junyi Chen, Hanzhi Ni, Zhao Meng, Jing Wang, Xiayang Huang, Yansheng Dong, Chao Sun, Yadan Zhang, Lei Cui, Jian Li, Xueshun Jia, Qingbin Meng and Chunju Li.

Lipid metabolism

Acyl-CoA-Binding Protein Drives Glioblastoma Tumorigenesis by Sustaining Fatty Acid Oxidation – Ceren Duman, Kaneschka Yaqubi, Angelika Hoffmann, Azer Aylin Acikgöz, Andrey Korshunov, Martin Bendszus, Christel Herold-Mende, Hai-Kun Liu, Julieta Alfonso.

Targeting of lipid metabolism with a metabolic inhibitor cocktail eradicates peritoneal metastases in ovarian cancer cells – Chen RR, Yung MMH, Xuan Y, Zhan S, Leung LL, Liang RR, Leung THY, Yang H, Xu D, Sharma R, Chan KKL, Ngu SF, Ngan HYS, Chan DW.

mTOR direct crosstalk with STAT5 promotes de novo lipid synthesis and induces hepatocellular carcinoma – Ting Li, Jun Weng, Yue Zhang, Kangyan Liang, Gongbo Fu, Yang Li, Xiaochun Bai and Yi Gao.


Suppression of p16 Induces mTORC1-Mediated Nucleotide Metabolic Reprogramming – Raquel Buj, Chi-Wei Chen, Erika S. Dahl, Kelly E. Leon, Rostislav Kuskovsky, Natella Maglakelidze, Maithili Navaratnarajah, Gao Zhang, Mary T. Doan, Helen Jiang, Michael Zaleski, Lydia Kutzler, Holly Lacko, Yiling Lu, Gordon B. Mills, Raghavendra Gowda, Gavin P. Robertson, Joshua I. Warrick, Meenhard Herlyn, Yuka Imamura, Scot R. Kimball, David J. DeGraff, Nathaniel W. Snyder, Katherine M. Aird.

Targeting pyrimidine synthesis accentuates molecular therapy response in glioblastoma stem cells – Xiuxing Wang , Kailin Yang, Qiulian Wu, Leo J. Y. Kim, Andrew R. Morton, Ryan C. Gimple, Briana C. Prager, Yu Shi, Wenchao Zhou, Shruti Bhargava, Zhe Zhu, Li Jiang, Weiwei Tao, Zhixin Qiu, Linjie Zhao, Guoxing Zhang, Xiqing Li, Sameer Agnihotri, Paul S. Mischel, Stephen C. Mack, Shideng Bao, Jeremy N. Rich.

IMP dehydrogenase-2 drives aberrant nucleolar activity and promotes tumorigenesis in glioblastoma – Satoshi Kofuji, Akiyoshi Hirayama, Alexander Otto Eberhardt, Risa Kawaguchi, Yuki Sugiura, Oltea Sampetrean, Yoshiki Ikeda, Mikako Warren, Naoya Sakamoto, Shuji Kitahara, Hirofumi Yoshino, Daisuke Yamashita, Kazutaka Sumita, Kara Wolfe, Lisa Lange, Satsuki Ikeda, Hiroko Shimada, Noriaki Minami, Akshiv Malhotra, Shin Morioka, Yuki Ban, Maya Asano, Victoria L. Flanary, Annmarie Ramkissoon, Lionel M. L. Chow, Juri Kiyokawa, Tomoyuki Mashimo, Greg Lucey, Sergey Mareninov, Tatsuya Ozawa, Nobuyuki Onishi, Koichi Okumura, Jumpei Terakawa, Takiko Daikoku, Trisha Wise-Draper, Nazanin Majd, Kaori Kofuji, Mika Sasaki, Masaru Mori, Yonehiro Kanemura, Eric P. Smith, Dimitrios Anastasiou, Hiroaki Wakimoto, Eric C. Holland, William H. Yong, Craig Horbinski, Ichiro Nakano, Ralph J. DeBerardinis, Robert M. Bachoo, Paul S. Mischel, Wataru Yasui, Makoto Suematsu, Hideyuki Saya, Tomoyoshi Soga, Ingrid Grummt, Holger Bierhoff and Atsuo T. Sasaki.


Drp1 Promotes KRas-Driven Metabolic Changes to Drive Pancreatic Tumor Growth – Sarbajeet Nagdas, Jennifer A. Kashatus, Aldo Nascimento, Syed S. Hussain, Riley E. Trainor, Sarah R. Pollock, Sara J. Adair, Alex D. Michaels, Hiromi Sesaki, Edward B. Stelow, Todd W. Bauer, David F. Kashatus.

Synthetic Essentiality of Metabolic Regulator PDHK1 in PTEN-Deficient Cells and Cancers – Nilanjana Chatterjee, Evangelos Pazarentzos, Manasi K. Mayekar, Philippe Gui, David V. Allegakoen, Gorjan Hrustanovic, Victor Olivas, Luping Lin, Erik Verschueren, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Matan Hofree, Jenny J. Yan, Billy W. Newton, John V. Dollen, Charles H. Earnshaw, Jennifer Flanagan, Elton Chan, Saurabh Asthana, Trey Ideker, Wei Wu, Junji Suzuki, Benjamin A. Barad, Yuriy Kirichok, James S. Fraser, William A. Weiss, Nevan J. Krogan, Asmin Tulpule, Amit J. Sabnis, Trever G. Bivona.

Mutant p53-dependent mitochondrial metabolic alterations in a mesenchymal stem cell-based model of progressive malignancy – Giuseppe Lonetto, Gabriela Koifman, Alon Silberman, Ayush Attery, Hilla Solomon, Smadar Levin-Zaidman, Naomi Goldfinger, Ziv Porat, Ayelet Erez and Varda Rotter.

UCP2 Deficiency Increases Colon Tumorigenesis by Promoting Lipid Synthesis and Depleting NADPH for Antioxidant Defenses – Esther Aguilar, Pauline Esteves, Tiphaine Sancerni, Véronique Lenoir, Thomas Aparicio, Frédéric Bouillaud, Renaud Dentin, Carina Prip-Buus, Daniel Ricquier, Claire Pecqueur, Sandra Guilmeau, Marie-Clotilde Alves-Guerra.

Isoflavone ME-344 Disrupts Redox Homeostasis and Mitochondrial Function by Targeting Heme Oxygenase 1 – Leilei Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhiwei Ye, Yefim Manevich, Lauren E. Ball, Jennifer R. Bethard, Yu-Lin Jiang, Ann-Marie Broome, Annamarie C. Dalton, Gavin Y. Wang, Danyelle M. Townsend and Kenneth D. Tew.

Starvation / ATF4 / AMPK

Impaired Mitochondrial ATP Production Downregulates Wnt Signaling via ER Stress Induction – Roberto Costa, Roberta Peruzzo, Magdalena Bachmann, Giulia Dalla Montà, Mattia Vicario, Giulia Santinon, Andrea Mattarei, Enrico Moro, Rubén Quintana-Cabrera, Luca Scorrano, Massimo Zeviani, Francesca Vallese, Mario Zoratti, Cristina Paradisi, Francesco Argenton, Marisa Brini, Tito Calì, Sirio Dupont, Ildikò Szabò, Luigi Leanza.

AMPK promotes induction of the tumor suppressor FLCN through activation of TFEB independently of mTOR – Caterina Collodet, Marc Foretz, Maria Deak, Laurent Bultot, Sylviane Metairon, Benoit Viollet, Gregory Lefebvre, Frederic Raymond, Alice Parisi, Gabriele Civiletto, Philipp Gut, Patrick Descombes and Kei Sakamoto.


Oncogenic Rag GTPase signalling enhances B cell activation and drives follicular lymphoma sensitive to pharmacological inhibition of mTOR – Ana Ortega-Molina, Nerea Deleyto-Seldas, Joaquim Carreras, Alba Sanz, Cristina Lebrero-Fernández, Camino Menéndez, Andrew Vandenberg, Beatriz Fernández-Ruiz, Leyre Marín-Arraiza, Celia de la Calle Arregui, Ana Belén Plata-Gómez, Eduardo Caleiras, Alba de Martino, Nuria Martínez-Martín, Kevin Troulé, Elena Piñeiro-Yáñez, Naoya Nakamura, Shamzah Araf, Gabriel D. Victora, Jessica Okosun, Jude Fitzgibbon and Alejo Efeyan.

mTORC1/AMPK responses define a core gene set for developmental cell fate switching [in Dictyostelium] – Pundrik Jaiswal and Alan R. Kimmel.


Hypoxic ER stress suppresses β-catenin expression and promotes cooperation between the transcription factors XBP1 and HIF1α for cell survival – Zhixiong Xia, Shiyong Wu, Xin Wei, Yifei Liao, Ping Yi, Yong Liu, Jianmiao Liu and Jianfeng Liu.

The Pro-Oncogenic Adaptor CIN85 Acts as an Inhibitory Binding Partner of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Prolyl Hydroxylase 2 – Nina Kozlova, Daniela Mennerich, Anatoly Samoylenko, Elitsa Y. Dimova, Peppi Koivunen, Ekaterina Biterova, Kati Richter, Antti Hassinen, Sakari Kellokumpu, Aki Manninen, Ilkka Miinalainen, Virpi Glumoff, Lloyd Ruddock, Lyudmyla Borysivna Drobot and Thomas Kietzmann.


Targeting IDH1 as a Prosenescent Therapy in High-grade Serous Ovarian Cancer – Erika S. Dahl, Raquel Buj, Kelly E. Leon, Jordan M. Newell, Yuka Imamura, Benjamin G. Bitler, Nathaniel W. Snyder and Katherine M. Aird.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Pro-Survival Lipid Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Metabolically Programs T Cells to Limit Anti-tumor Activity – Paramita Chakraborty, Silvia G. Vaena, Krishnamurthy Thyagarajan, Shilpak Chatterjee, Amir Al-Khami, Shanmugam Panneer Selvam, Hung Nguyen, Inhong Kang, Megan W. Wyatt, Uday Baliga, Zachariah Hedley, Rose N. Ngang, Beichu Guo, Gyda C. Beeson, Shahid Husain, Chrystal M. Paulos, Craig C. Beeson, Michael J. Zilliox, Elizabeth G. Hill, Meenal Mehrotra, Xue-Zhong Yu, Besim Ogretmen, Shikhar Mehrotra.

Treg Cells Promote the SREBP1-Dependent Metabolic Fitness of Tumor-Promoting Macrophages via Repression of CD8+ T Cell-Derived Interferon-γ – Chang Liu, Maria Chikina, Rahul Deshpande, Ashley V. Menk, Ting Wang, Tracy Tabib, Erin A. Brunazzi, Kate M. Vignali, Ming Sun, Donna B. Stolz, Robert A. Lafyatis, Wei Chen, Greg M. Delgoffe, Creg J. Workman, Stacy G. Wendell, Dario A.A. Vignali.

Acidity promotes tumour progression by altering macrophage phenotype in prostate cancer – El-Kenawi A, Gatenbee C, Robertson-Tessi M, Bravo R, Dhillon J, Balagurunathan Y, Berglund A, Visvakarma N, Ibrahim-Hashim A, Choi J, Luddy K, Gatenby R, Pilon-Thomas S, Anderson A, Ruffell B, Gillies R.

3 articles on caloric restriction and the immune system in Cell:


The Cytokine TNF Promotes Transcription Factor SREBP Activity and Binding to Inflammatory Genes to Activate Macrophages and Limit Tissue Repair – Anthony Kusnadi, Sung Ho Park, Ruoxi Yuan, Tania Pannellini, Eugenia Giannopoulou, David Oliver, Theresa Lu, Kyung-Hyun Park-Min, Lionel B. Ivashkiv.

Inhibition of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase Enhances the Antitumor Efficacy of Oncolytic Reovirus – Barry E. Kennedy, John Patrick Murphy, Derek R. Clements, Prathyusha Konda, Namit Holay, Youra Kim, Gopal P. Pathak, Michael A. Giacomantonio, Yassine El Hiani and Shashi Gujar.


Acetate Metabolism in Physiology, Cancer, and Beyond – Shree Bose, Vijyendra Ramesh, Jason W. Locasale.

Metabolic Regulation of Redox Balance in Cancer – Vinee Purohit, Diane M. Simeone and Costas A. Lyssiotis.

Mitochondria Plasticity in Cell Fate Regulation – Amir Bahat and Atan Gross.

Targeting Metabolic Bottlenecks in Lung Cancer – Volkan I. Sayin, Sarah E. LeBoeuf, Thales Papagiannakopoulos.

Studying metabolic flux adaptations in cancer through integrated experimental-computational approaches – Shoval Lagziel, Won Dong Lee and Tomer Shlomi.

NAD-Biosynthetic and Consuming Enzymes as Central Players of Metabolic Regulation of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses in Cancer – Audrito V, Managò A, Gaudino F, Sorci L, Messana VG, Raffaelli N, Deaglio S.

Adipocyte and lipid metabolism in cancer drug resistance – Yihai Cao.

Innate and adaptive resistance mechanisms to arginine deprivation therapies in sarcoma and other cancers – Leonard C. Rogers, Brian A. Van Tine.

The Metabolic Basis of Kidney Cancer – Marston Linehan, Laura S. Schmidt, Daniel R. Crooks, Darmood Wei, Ramaprasad Srinivasan, Martin Lang and Christopher J. Ricketts.

Serine-Glycine-One-Carbon Metabolism: The Hidden Achilles Heel of MYCN-Amplified Neuroblastoma? – Aida Rodriguez Garcia and Marie Arsenian-Henriksson.

Fasting and rapamycin: diabetes versus benevolent glucose intolerance – Mikhail V. Blagosklonny.


AGK Unleashes CD8+ T Cell Glycolysis to Combat Tumor Growth – Peipei Zhou, Hongbo Chi.

Acyl-CoA-Binding Protein Fuels Gliomagenesis – Junfeng Bi, Paul S. Mischel.

EGFR Pathway Links Amino Acid Levels and Induction of Macropinocytosis – Vajira K. Weerasekara, Krushna C. Patra, Nabeel Bardeesy.

Losing control of nutrient sensing in the germinal centre drives lymphomagenesis – Ulf Klein.

Drugging OXPHOS Dependency in Cancer–

MetaboList – July 2019

Cysteine / Glutathione / antioxidants

Nrf2 Activation Promotes Lung Cancer Metastasis by Inhibiting the Degradation of Bach1 – Luca Lignitto, Sarah E. LeBoeuf, Harrison Homer, Shaowen Jiang, Manor Askenazi, Triantafyllia R. Karakousi, Harvey I. Pass, Arjun J. Bhutkar, Aristotelis Tsirigos, Beatrix Ueberheide, Volkan I. Sayin, Thales Papagiannakopoulos, Michele Pagano.

BACH1 Stabilization by Antioxidants Stimulates Lung Cancer Metastasis – Clotilde Wiel, Kristell Le Gal, Mohamed X. Ibrahim, Chowdhury Arif Jahangir, Muhammad Kashif, Haidong Yao, Dorian V. Ziegler, Xiufeng Xu, Tanushree Ghosh, Tanmoy Mondal, Chandrasekhar Kanduri, Per Lindahl, Volkan I. Sayin, Martin O. Bergo.

Epigenetic regulation of ferroptosis by H2B monoubiquitination and p53 – Yufei Wang, Lu Yang, Xiaojun Zhang, Wen Cui, Yanping Liu, Qin‐Ru Sun, Qing He, Shiyan Zhao,Guo‐An Zhang, Yequan Wang, Su Chen.

Brief Report: Cysteine depletion targets leukemia stem cells through inhibition of electron transport complex II – Courtney L. Jones, Brett M. Stevens, Angelo D’Alessandro, Rachel Culp-Hill, Julie A. Reisz, Shanshan Pei, Annika Gustafson, Nabilah Khan, James DeGregori, Daniel A. Pollyea and Craig T. Jordan.

Other amino acids

Dietary methionine influences therapy in mouse cancer models and alters human metabolism – Xia Gao, Sydney M. Sanderson, Ziwei Dai, Michael A. Reid, Daniel E. Cooper, Min Lu, John P. Richie Jr, Amy Ciccarella, Ana Calcagnotto, Peter G. Mikhael, Samantha J. Mentch, Juan Liu, Gene Ables, David G. Kirsch, David S. Hsu, Sailendra N. Nichenametla and Jason W. Locasale.

Reprogramming of Amino Acid Transporters to Support Aspartate and Glutamate Dependency Sustains Endocrine Resistance in Breast Cancer – Marina Bacci, Nicla Lorito, Luigi Ippolito, Matteo Ramazzotti, Simone Luti, Simone Romagnoli, Matteo Parri, Francesca Bianchini, Federica Cappellesso, Federico Virga, Qiong Gao, Bruno M. Simões, Elisabetta Marangoni, Lesley-Ann Martin, Giuseppina Comito, Manuela Ferracin, Elisa Giannoni, Massimiliano Mazzone, Paola Chiarugi and Andrea Morandi.

Targeting Glutamine Metabolism and Redox State for Leukemia Therapy – Mark A. Gregory, Travis Nemkov, Hae J. Park, Vadym Zaberezhnyy, Sarah Gehrke, Biniam Adane, Craig T. Jordan, Kirk C. Hansen, Angelo D’Alessandro and James DeGregori.

Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolic Reprogramming Orchestrates Drug Resistance to EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors – Yuetong Wang, Jian Zhang, Shengxiang Ren, Dan Sun, Hsin-Yi Huang, Hua Wang, Yujuan Jin, Fuming Li, Chao Zheng, Liu Yang, Lei Deng, Zhonglin Jiang, Tao Jiang, Xiangkun Han, Shenda Hou, Chenchen Guo, Fei Li, Dong Gao, Jun Qin, Daming Gao, Luonan Chen, Shu-Hai Lin, Kwok-Kin Wong, Cheng Li, Liang Hu, Caicun Zhou, Hongbin Ji.

Glutamine Synthetase Promotes Radiation Resistance via Facilitating Nucleotide Metabolism and Subsequent DNA Damage Repair – Shujun Fu, Zhi Li, Lanbo Xiao, Wenfeng Hu, Lu Zhang, Bowen Xie, Qin Zhou, Junju He, Yanfang Qiu, Ming Wen, Yanni Peng, Jie Gao, Rong Tan, Yuezhen Deng, Liang Weng, Lun-Quan Sun.

Glucose metabolism / metabolic enzymes

Discovery of Small-Molecule Selective mTORC1 Inhibitors via Direct Inhibition of Glucose Transporters – Kang SA, O’Neill DJ, Machl AW, Lumpkin CJ, Galda SN, Sengupta S, Mahoney SJ, Howell JJ, Molz L, Hahm S, Vlasuk GP, Saiah E.

Phenotypic selection with an intrabody library reveals an anti-apoptotic function of PKM2 requiring Mitofusin-1 – Liu, T., Kuwana, T., Zhang, H., Vander Heiden, M. G., Lerner, R. A. and Newmeyer, D. D.

Functional cross-talk between allosteric effects of activating and inhibiting ligands underlies PKM2 regulation – Jamie A Macpherson, Alina Theisen, Laura Masino, Louise Fets, Paul C Driscoll, Vesela Encheva, Ambrosius P Snijders, Stephen R. Martin, Jens Kleinjung,. Perdita E Barran, Franca Fraternali, Dimitrios Anastasiou.

UDP-glucose accelerates SNAI1 mRNA decay and impairs lung cancer metastasis – Xiongjun Wang, Ruilong Liu, Wencheng Zhu, Huiying Chu, Hua Yu, Ping Wei, Xueyuan Wu, Hongwen Zhu, Hong Gao, Ji Liang, Guohui Li and Weiwei Yang.

Inhibition of Glucose Transporters and Glutaminase Synergistically Impairs Tumor Cell Growth – Elena S. Reckzeh, George Karageorgis, Melanie Schwalfenberg, Javier Ceballos, Jessica Nowacki, Marcus C.M. Stroet, Aylin Binici, Lena Knauer, Silke Brand, Axel Choidas, Carsten Strohmann, Slava Ziegler, Herbert Waldmann.

A positive feedback loop between Myc and aerobic glycolysis sustains tumor growth in a Drosophila tumor model – Kenneth Kin Lam Wong, Jenny Zhe Liao, Esther M Verheyen.

A Warburg effect targeting vector designed to increase the uptake of compounds by cancer cells demonstrates glucose and hypoxia dependent uptake – Alexandra Glenister, Michela I. Simone, Trevor W. Hambley.

Lipid metabolism

HCF-1 Regulates De Novo Lipogenesis through a Nutrient-Sensitive Complex with ChREBP – Elizabeth A. Lane, Dong Wook Choi, Luisa Garcia-Haro, Zebulon G. Levine, Meghan Tedoldi, Suzanne Walker, Nika N. Danial.

Inhibition of hepatocellular carcinoma by metabolic normalization – Huabo Wang, Jie Lu, James Dolezal, Sucheta Kulkarni, Weiqi Zhang,Angel Chen, Joanna Gorka, Jordan A. Mandel, Edward V. Prochownik.

Lipogenic SREBP-1a/c transcription factors activate expression of the iron regulator hepcidin, revealing cross-talk between lipid and iron metabolisms – Alus M. Xiaoli, Ziyi Song and Fajun Yang.


De novo synthesis of serine and glycine fuels purine nucleotide biosynthesis in  human lung cancer tissues – Teresa W. M. Fan, Ronald C. Bruntz, Ye Yang, Huan Song, Yelena Chernyavskaya, Pan  Deng, Yan Zhang, Parag P. Shah, Levi J. Beverly, Zhen Qi, Angela L. Mahan, Richard M.  Higashi, Chi V. Dang and Andrew N. Lane.

Acetylation regulates ribonucleotide reductase activity and cancer cell growth – Guo Chen, Yin Luo, Kurt Warncke, Youwei Sun, David S. Yu, Haian Fu, Madhusmita Behera, Suresh S. Ramalingam, Paul W. Doetsch, Duc M. Duong, Michael Lammers, Walter J. Curran and Xingming Deng.

BCL-2 family protein BOK is a positive regulator of uridine metabolism in mammals – Rahul Srivastava, Zhipeng Cao, Christina Nedeva, Samara Naim, Daniel Bachmann, Tatiana Rabachini, Lahiru Gangoda, Sanjay Shahi, Jason Glab, Joseph Menassa, Laura Osellame, Tao Nelson, Yuniel Fernandez-Marrero, Fiona Brown, Andrew Wei, Francine Ke, Lorraine O’Reilly, Marcel Doerflinger, Cody Allison, Andrew Kueh, Rob Ramsay, Brian J. Smith, Suresh Mathivanan, Thomas Kaufmann and Hamsa Puthalakath.


Mubritinib Targets the Electron Transport Chain Complex I and Reveals the Landscape of OXPHOS Dependency in Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Irène Baccelli, Yves Gareau, Bernhard Lehnertz, Stéphane Gingras, Jean-François Spinella, Sophie Corneau, Nadine Mayotte, Simon Girard, Mélanie Frechette, Valérie Blouin-Chagnon, Koryne Leveillé, Isabel Boivin, Tara MacRae, Jana Krosl, Clarisse Thiollier, Vincent-Philippe Lavallée, Evgeny Kanshin, Thierry Bertomeu, Jasmin Coulombe-Huntington, Corinne St-Denis, Marie-Eve Bordeleau, Geneviève Boucher, Philippe P. Roux, Sébastien Lemieux, Mike Tyers, Pierre Thibault, Josée Hébert, Anne Marinier, Guy Sauvageau.

CHCHD4 regulates tumour proliferation and EMT-related phenotypes, through respiratory chain-mediated metabolism – Luke W. Thomas, Cinzia Esposito, Jenna M. Stephen, Ana S. H. Costa, Christian Frezza, Thomas S. Blacker, Gyorgy Szabadkai and Margaret Ashcroft.

Cardiolipin-induced activation of pyruvate dehydrogenase links mitochondrial lipid biosynthesis to TCA cycle function – Yiran Li, Wenjia Lou, Vaishnavi Raja, Simone Denis, Wenxi Yu, Michael W. Schmidtke, Christian A. Reynolds, Michael Schlame, Riekelt H. Houtkooper and Miriam L. Greenberg.

Starvation / metabolic stress

ATF4 couples MYC-dependent translational activity to bioenergetic demands during tumour progression – Feven Tameire, Ioannis I. Verginadis, Nektaria Maria Leli, Christine Polte, Crystal S. Conn, Rani Ojha, Carlo Salas Salinas, Frank Chinga, Alexandra. M. Monroy, Weixuan Fu, Paul Wang, Andrew Kossenkov, Jiangbin Ye, Ravi K. Amaravadi, Zoya Ignatova, Serge Y. Fuchs, J. Alan Diehl, Davide Ruggero and Constantinos Koumenis.

EGFR-Pak Signaling Selectively Regulates Glutamine Deprivation-Induced Macropinocytosis – Szu-Wei Lee, Yijuan Zhang, Michael Jung, Nathalia Cruz, Basheer Alas, Cosimo Commisso.

LIMS1 Promotes Pancreatic Cancer Cell Survival under Oxygen–Glucose Deprivation Conditions by Enhancing HIF1A Protein Translation – Chongbiao Huang, Yang Li, Zengxun Li, Yang Xu, Na Li, Yi Ge, Jie Dong, Antao Chang, Tiansuo Zhao, Xiuchao Wang, Hongwei Wang, Shengyu Yang, Keping Xie, Jihui Hao and He Ren.

Metabolic stress activates an ERK/hnRNPK/DDX3X pathway in pancreatic β cells – Austin L. Good, Matthew W. Haemmerle, Alexis U. Oguh, Nicolai M.Doliba, Doris A.Stoffers.


Covalent targeting of the vacuolar H+-ATPase activates autophagy via mTORC1 inhibition – Clive Yik-Sham Chung, Hijai R. Shin, Charles A. Berdan, Breanna Ford, Carl C. Ward, James A. Olzmann, Roberto Zoncu and Daniel K. Nomura.

mTORC1 suppresses PIM3 expression via miR-33 encoded by the SREBP loci – Kelsey I, Zbinden M, Byles V, Torrence M, Manning BD.

Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus miRNAs suppress CASTOR1-mediated mTORC1 inhibition to promote tumorigenesis – Li T, Ju E, Gao SJ.

A novel rapamycin analog is highly selective for mTORC1 in vivo – Katherine H. Schreiber, Sebastian I. Arriola Apelo, Deyang Yu, Jacqueline A. Brinkman, Michael C. Velarde, Faizan A. Syed, Chen-Yu Liao, Emma L. Baar, Kathryn A. Carbajal, Dawn S. Sherman, Denise Ortiz, Regina Brunauer, Shany E. Yang, Stelios T. Tzannis, Brian K. Kennedy and Dudley W. Lamming.


Conserved N-terminal cysteine dioxygenases transduce responses to hypoxia in animals and plants – Norma Masson, Thomas P. Keeley, Beatrice Giuntoli, Mark D. White, Mikel Lavilla Puerta, Pierdomenico Perata, Richard J. Hopkinson, Emily Flashman, Francesco Licausi, Peter J. Ratcliffe.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Small extracellular vesicles containing arginase-1 suppress T-cell responses and promote tumor growth in ovarian carcinoma – Malgorzata Czystowska-Kuzmicz, Anna Sosnowska, Dominika Nowis, Kavita Ramji, Marta Szajnik, Justyna Chlebowska-Tuz, Ewa Wolinska, Pawel Gaj, Magdalena Grazul, Zofia Pilch, Abdessamad Zerrouqi, Agnieszka Graczyk-Jarzynka, Karolina Soroczynska, Szczepan Cierniak, Robert Koktysz, Esther Elishaev, Slawomir Gruca, Artur Stefanowicz, Roman Blaszczyk, Bartlomiej Borek, Anna Gzik, Theresa Whiteside and Jakub Golab.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Is More Sensitive Than PET for Detecting Treatment-Induced Cell Death–Dependent Changes in Glycolysis – Richard L. Hesketh, Jiazheng Wang, Alan J. Wright, David Y. Lewis, Alice E. Denton, Richard Grenfell, Jodi L. Miller, Robert Bielik, Marcel Gehrung, Maria Fala, Susana Ros, Bangwen Xie, De-en Hu and Kevin M. Brindle.

Changes in the turnover of the cellular proteome during metabolic reprogramming: A role for mtROS in proteostasis – Garcia A, Martinez-Reyes I, Cuezva JM.

Loss of GCN5L1 in cardiac cells disrupts glucose metabolism and promotes cell death via reduced Akt/mTORC2 signaling – Janet R. Manning, Dharendra Thapa, Manling Zhang, Michael W. Stoner, Javier Traba, Catherine Corey, Sruti Shiva, Michael N. Sack, Iain Scott.

Cancer-associated fibroblasts promote prostate cancer malignancy via metabolic rewiring and mitochondrial transfer – Luigi Ippolito, Andrea Morandi, Maria Letizia Taddei, Matteo Parri, Giuseppina Comito, Alessandra Iscaro, Maria Rosaria Raspollini, Francesca Magherini, Elena Rapizzi, Julien Masquelier, Giulio G. Muccioli, Pierre Sonveaux, Paola Chiarugi and Elisa Giannoni.


Exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities of Non small cell lung carcinoma – Blanca Majem, Ernest Nadal, Cristina Muñoz Pinedo.

Mitochondrial DNA: the overlooked oncogenome? – Payam A. Gammage and Christian Frezza.

Metabolic Regulation of Redox Balance in Cancer – Vinee Purohit, Diane M. Simeone and Costas A. Lyssiotis.

Fueling the fire: emerging role of the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway in cancer – Neha M. Akella, Lorela Ciraku and Mauricio J. Reginato.

mTOR as a central regulator of lifespan and aging – David Papadopoli, Karine Boulay, Lawrence Kazak, Michael Pollak, Frédérick A. Mallette, Ivan Topisirovic, Laura Hulea.

Exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities for personalized therapy in acute myeloid leukemia – Stuani L, Sabatier M, Sarry JE.

Allosteric, transcriptional and post-translational control of mitochondrial energy metabolism – Qutuba G. Karwi, Alice R. Jörg and Gary D. Lopaschuk.

Macrophages and Metabolism in the Tumor Microenvironment – Ilio Vitale, Gwenola Manic, Lisa M. Coussens, Guido Kroemer, Lorenzo Galluzzi.

The strange case of AMPK and cancer: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde? – Diana Vara-Ciruelos, Fiona M. Russell and D. Grahame Hardie.

Thirty sweet years of GLUT4 – Amira Klip, Timothy E. McGraw and David E. James.

Role of branched-chain amino acid–catabolizing enzymes in intertissue signaling, metabolic remodeling, and energy homeostasis – Dipsikha Biswas, Luke Duffley and Thomas Pulinilkunnil.


Blood Vessel Proximity Shapes Cancer Cell Metabolism – Federico Virga, Manuel Ehling, Massimiliano Mazzone.

Metabolic signal curbs cancer-cell migration – Lydia W. S. Finley.

BACH1 Orchestrates Lung Cancer Metastasis – Nicole M. Anderson, M. Celeste Simon.

c-Myc steers translation in lymphoma – Marie Cargnello and Ivan Topisirovic.

Metabolic vulnerabilities of metastasizing cancer cells – Sarah-Maria Fendt.

Viral hijacking of cellular metabolism – Shivani K. Thaker, James Ch’ng and Heather R. Christofk.

ER stress boosts respiration – Paulina Strzyz.

New Roles for Glycogen in Tumor Progression – Patricia Dauer, Ernst Lengyel.

NAD Metabolic Dependency Determines Therapeutic Sensitivity in Cancer –

Blood Vessel Proximity Generates Metabolic Gradients in Glioblastoma –

Sarah-Maria Fendt: Driving scientific discovery through collaboration –

MetaboList – June 2019


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Glucose metabolism

Discovery of Small-Molecule Selective mTORC1 Inhibitors via Direct Inhibition of Glucose Transporters – Seong A. Kang, David J. O’Neill, Andreas W. Machl, Seung Hahm, George P. Vlasuk, Eddine Saiah.

Gluconeogenesis of Cancer Cells Is Disrupted by Citrate – Philippe Icard, Zherui Wu, Marco Alifano, Ludovic Fournel.

The natural product antroalbol H promotes phosphorylation of liver kinase B1 (LKB1) at threonine 189 and thereby enhances cellular glucose uptake – Fang Wang, Xiaoyan Yang, Yanting Lu, Zhenghui Li, Yuhui Xu, Jing Hu, Jikai Liu and Wenyong Xiong.

A non-catalytic function of carbonic anhydrase IX contributes to the glycolytic phenotype and pH regulation in human breast cancer cells – Mam Y. Mboge, Zhijuan Chen, Daniel Khokhar, Alyssa Wolff, Lingbao Ai, CoyD. Heldermon, Murat Bozdag, Fabrizio Carta, Claudiu T. Supuran, Kevin D. Brown, Robert McKenna, Christopher J. Frost and Susan C. Frost.

High Glucose Triggers Nucleotide Imbalance through O-GlcNAcylation of Key Enzymes and Induces KRAS Mutation in Pancreatic Cells – Chun-Mei Hu, Sui-Chih Tien, Ping-Kun Hsieh, Yung-Ming Jeng, Ming-Chu Chang, Yu-Ting Chang, Yi-Ju Chen, Yu-Ju Chen, Eva Y.-H.P. Lee, Wen-Hwa Lee.

Increased 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase-3 activity in response to EGFR signaling contributes to non-small cell lung cancer cell survival – Nadiia Lypova, Sucheta Telang, Jason Chesney and Yoannis Imbert-Fernandez.


Oncogenic KRAS signaling activates mTORC1 through COUP‐TFII‐mediated lactate production – Jun‐Kyu Byun, Mihyang Park, Jae Won Yun, Jaebon Lee, Jae Sun Kim, Sung Jin Cho, You Mie Lee, In‐Kyu Lee, Yeon‐Kyung Choi, Keun‐Gyu Park.

High extracellular lactate causes reductive carboxylation in breast tissue cell lines grown under normoxic conditions – Arthur Nathan Brodsky, Daniel C. Odenwelder, Sarah W. Harcum.

Amino acids

Increased Serine Synthesis Provides an Advantage for Tumors Arising in Tissues Where Serine Levels Are Limiting – Mark R. Sullivan, Katherine R. Mattaini, Emily A. Dennstedt, Anna A. Nguyen, Sharanya Sivanand, Montana F. Reilly, Katrina Meeth, Alexander Muir, Alicia M. Darnell, Marcus W. Bosenberg, Caroline A. Lewis, Matthew G. Vander Heiden.

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Mitochondrial GPT2 plays a pivotal role in metabolic adaptation to the perturbation of mitochondrial glutamine metabolism – Minjoong Kim, Jihye Gwak, Sunsook Hwang, Seungyeon Yang and Seung Min Jeong.

Lipid metabolism

Cholesterol Induces Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Prostate Cancer Cells by Suppressing Degradation of EGFR through APMAP – Siyuan Jiang, Xuetong Wang, Dalong Song, XiaoJun Liu, Yinmin Gu, Zhiyuan Xu, Xiaodong Wang, Xiaolu Zhang, Qinong Ye, Zhou Tong, BingXue Yan, Jie Yu, Yunzhao Chen, Minxuan Sun, Yang Wang and Shan Gao.

Increased Cholesterol Biosynthesis Is a Key Characteristic of Breast Cancer Stem Cells Influencing Patient Outcome – Sidse Ehmsen, Martin H. Pedersen, Guisong Wang, Mikkel G. Terp, Amina Arslanagic, Brian L. Hood, Thomas P. Conrads, Rikke Leth-Larsen, Henrik J. Ditzel.

Sorafenib kills liver cancer cells by disrupting SCD1-mediated synthesis of monounsaturated fatty acids via the ATP-AMPK-mTOR-SREBP1 signaling pathway – Ge Liu, Shan Kuang, Ruobing Cao, Ju Wang, Quancai Peng and Chaomin Sun.

Metabolic adaptability in metastatic breast cancer by AKR1B10-dependent balancing of glycolysis and fatty acid oxidation – Antoinette van Weverwijk, Nikolaos Koundouros, Marjan Iravani, Matthew Ashenden, Qiong Gao, George Poulogiannis, Ute Jungwirth and Clare M. Isacke.

HCF-1 Regulates De Novo Lipogenesis through a Nutrient-Sensitive Complex with ChREBP – Lane EA, Choi DW, Garcia-Haro L, Levine ZG, Tedoldi M, Walker S, Danial NN.

Nucleotides and folate

MTHFD1 interaction with BRD4 links folate metabolism to transcriptional regulation – Sara Sdelci, André F. Rendeiro, Philipp Rathert, Wanhui You, Jung-Ming G. Lin, Anna Ringler, Gerald Hofstätter, Herwig P. Moll, Bettina Gürtl, Matthias Farlik, Sandra Schick, Freya Klepsch, Matthew Oldach, Pisanu Buphamalai, Fiorella Schischlik, Peter Májek, Katja Parapatics, Christian Schmidl, Michael Schuster, Thomas Penz, Dennis L. Buckley, Otto Hudecz, Richard Imre, Shuang-Yan Wang, Hans Michael Maric, Robert Kralovics, Keiryn L. Bennett, Andre C. Müller, Karl Mechtler, Jörg Menche, James E. Bradner, Georg E. Winter, Kristaps Klavins, Emilio Casanova, Christoph Bock, Johannes Zuber and Stefan Kubicek.

SKA1 induces de novo MTX‐resistance in osteosarcoma through inhibiting FPGS transcription – Wenxi Yu, Daliu Min, Feng Lin, Shuier Zheng,  Lina Tang,  Aina He,  Haiyan Hu, Zan Shen.

Inhibition of nucleotide synthesis promotes replicative senescence of human mammary epithelial cells – Alireza Delfarah, Sydney Parrish, Jason A. Junge, Jesse Yang, Frances Seo, Si Li, John Mac, Pin Wang, Scott E. Fraser and Nicholas A. Graham.


Inhibition of ERRα Prevents Mitochondrial Pyruvate Uptake Exposing NADPH-Generating Pathways as Targetable Vulnerabilities in Breast Cancer – Sunghee Park, Rachid Safi, Xiaojing Liu, Robert Baldi, Wen Liu, Juan Liu, Jason W. Locasale, Ching-yi Chang, Donald P. McDonnell.

Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is associated with attenuation of succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) in breast cancer through reduced expression of SDHC – Gro V. Røsland, Sissel E. Dyrstad, Deusdedit Tusubira, Reham Helwa,Tuan Zea Tan, Maria L. Lotsberg, Ina K. N. Pettersen, Anna Berg, Charlotte Kindt, Fredrik Hoel, Kirstine Jacobsen, Ari J. Arason, Agnete S. T. Engelsen, Henrik J. Ditzel, Per E. Lønning, Camilla Krakstad, Jean P. Thiery, James B. Lorens, Stian Knappskog and Karl J. Tronstad.

Structural, biochemical and biophysical characterization of recombinant human fumarate hydratase – Mariana A. Ajalla Aleixo  Victor L. Rangel  Joane K. Rustiguel  Ricardo A. P. de Pádua  Maria Cristina Nonato.

AIF-regulated oxidative phosphorylation supports lung cancer development – Shuan Rao, Laura Mondragón, Blanka Pranjic, Toshikatsu Hanada, Gautier Stoll, Thomas Köcher, Peng Zhang, Alexander Jais, Alexander Lercher, Andreas Bergthaler, Daniel Schramek, Katharina Haigh, Valentina Sica, Marion Leduc, Nazanine Modjtahedi, Tsung-Pin Pai, Masahiro Onji, Iris Uribesalgo, Reiko Hanada, Ivona Kozieradzki, Rubina Koglgruber, Shane J. Cronin, Zhigang She, Franz Quehenberger, Helmut Popper, Lukas Kenner, Jody J. Haigh, Oliver Kepp, Malgorzata Rak, Kaican Cai, Guido Kroemer and Josef M. Penninger.

Suppression of fumarate hydratase activity increases the efficacy of cisplatin-mediated chemotherapy in gastric cancer – Hong-En Yu, Feng Wang, Fang Yu, Zhao-Lei Zeng, Yun Wang, Yun-Xin Lu, Ying Jin, De-Shen Wang, Miao-Zhen Qiu, Heng-Ying Pu, Tie-Bang Kang, Dan Xie, Huai-Qiang Ju, Rui-Hua Xu and Hui-Yan Luo.


AMPK directly activates mTORC2 to promote cell survival during acute energetic stress – Dubek Kazyken, Brian Magnuson, Cagri Bodur, Hugo A. Acosta-Jaquez, Deqiang Zhang, Xin Tong, Tammy M. Barnes, Gabrielle K. Steinl, Nicole E. Patterson, Christopher H. Altheim, Naveen Sharma, Ken Inoki, Gregory D. Cartee, Dave Bridges, Lei Yin, Steven M. Riddle and Diane C. Fingar.

CircACC1 Regulates Assembly and Activation of AMPK Complex under Metabolic Stress – Qidong Li, Yichun Wang, Shuang Wu, Zhong Zhou, Xiaojuan Ding, Ronghua Shi, Rick F. Thorne, Xu Dong Zhang, Wanglai Hu, Mian Wu.

The cystine/glutamate antiporter xCT is a key regulator of EphA2 S897 phosphorylation under glucose-limited conditions – Koji Teramoto, Hironori Katoh.

mTOR / nutrient sensing

Transmembrane 4 L Six Family Member 5 Senses Arginine for mTORC1 Signaling – Jae Woo Jung, Stephani Joy Y. Macalino, Minghua Cui, Ji Eon Kim, Hye-Jin Kim, Dae-Geun Song, Seo Hee Nam, Semi Kim, Sun Choi, Jung Weon Lee.

A Novel mTORC1/2 Inhibitor (MTI-31) Inhibits Tumor Growth, Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition, Metastases, and Improves Antitumor Immunity in Preclinical Models of Lung Cancer – Qianwen Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yaqing Chen, Jianchang Qian, Xuesai Zhang and Ker Yu.

Reciprocal regulation of TORC signaling and tRNA modifications by Elongator enforces nutrient-dependent cell fate – Julie Candiracci, Valerie Migeot, Yok-Hian Chionh, Fanelie Bauer, Thomas Brochier, Brandon Russell, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Peter Dedon and Damien Hermand.


Hypoxia-induced switch in SNAT2/SLC38A2 regulation generates endocrine resistance in breast cancer – Matteo Morotti, Esther Bridges, Alessandro Valli, Hani Choudhry, Helen Sheldon, Simon Wigfield, Nicki Gray, Christos E. Zois, Fiona Grimm, Dylan Jones, Eugene J. Teoh, Wei-Chen Cheng, Simon Lord, Dimitrios Anastasiou, Syed Haider, Alan McIntyre, Deborah C. I. Goberdhan, Francesca Buffa and Adrian L. Harris.

Hypoxia induces cancer cell-specific chromatin interactions and increases MALAT1 expression in breast cancer cells – Joshua K. Stone, Jung-Hyun Kim, Lana Vukadin, Alexander Richard, Hannah K. Giannini, Ssang-Taek Steve Lim, Ming Tan and Eun-Young Erin Ahn.

Hypoxia-induced tumor exosomes promote M2-like macrophage polarization of infiltrating myeloid cells and microRNA-mediated metabolic shift – Jung Eun Park, Bamaprasad Dutta, Shun Wilford Tse, Nikhil Gupta, Chee Fan Tan, Jee Keem Low, Kheng Wei Yeoh, Oi Lian Kon, James P. Tam and Siu Kwan Sze.

Targeting the Temporal Dynamics of Hypoxia-Induced Tumor-Secreted Factors Halts Tumor Migration – Manjulata Singh, Xiao-Jun Tian, Vera S. Donnenberg, Alan M. Watson, JingYu Zhang, Laura P. Stabile, Simon C. Watkins, Jianhua Xing and Shilpa Sant.

Cancer Immunometabolism

Membrane Cholesterol Efflux Drives Tumor-Associated Macrophage Reprogramming and Tumor Progression – Pieter Goossens, Juan Rodriguez-Vita, Anders Etzerodt, Marion Masse, Olivia Rastoin, Victoire Gouirand, Thomas Ulas, Olympia Papantonopoulou, Miranda Van Eck, Nathalie Auphan-Anezin, Magali Bebien, Christophe Verthuy, Thien Phong Vu Manh, Martin Turner, Marc Dalod, Joachim L. Schultze, Toby Lawrence.

Metabolically activated adipose tissue macrophages link obesity to triple-negative breast cancer – Payal Tiwari, Ariane Blank, Chang Cui, Kelly Q. Schoenfelt, Guolin Zhou, Yanfei Xu, Galina Khramtsova, Funmi Olopade, Ajay M. Shah, Seema A. Khan, Marsha Rich Rosner and Lev Becker.


Mutant and Wild-Type Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 1 Share Enhancing Mechanisms Involving Distinct Tyrosine Kinase Cascades in Cancer – Dong Chen, Siyuan Xia, Mei Wang, Ruiting Lin, Yuancheng Li, Hui Mao, Mike Aguiar, Christopher A. Famulare, Alan H. Shih, Cameron W. Brennan, Xue Gao, Yaozhu Pan, Shuangping Liu, Jun Fan, Lingtao Jin, Lina Song, An Zhou, Joydeep Mukherjee, Russell O. Pieper, Ashutosh Mishra, Junmin Peng, Martha Arellano, William G. Blum, Sagar Lonial, Titus J. Boggon, Ross L. Levine and Jing Chen.

Isocitrate dehydrogenase 1-mutated cancers are sensitive to the green tea polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate – Tom H. Peeters, Krissie Lenting, Vincent Breukels, Sanne A. M. van Lith, Corina N. A. M. van den Heuvel, Remco Molenaar, Arno van Rooij, Ron Wevers, Paul N. Span, Arend Heerschap and William P. J. Leenders.

Tissue 2-Hydroxyglutarate as a Biomarker for Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Mutations in Gliomas – Hao-Wen Sim, Romina Nejad, Wenjiang Zhang, Farshad Nassiri, Warren Mason, Kenneth D. Aldape, Gelareh Zadeh and Eric X. Chen.


Probabilistic controllability approach to metabolic fluxes in normal and cancer tissues – Jean-Marc Schwartz, Hiroaki Otokuni, Tatsuya Akutsu and Jose C. Nacher.


Metabolic regulation of cell growth and proliferation – Jiajun Zhu and Craig B. Thompson.

Determinants of nutrient limitation in cancer – Sullivan MR, Vander Heiden MG.

Role of tumor and host autophagy in cancer metabolism – Laura Poillet-Perez and Eileen White.

Gluconeogenesis in cancer cells – Repurposing of a starvation-induced metabolic pathway? – Gabriele Grasmann, Elisabeth Smolle, Horst Olschewski, Katharina Leithner.

Interactions in the (Pre)metastatic Niche Support Metastasis Formation – Ginevra Doglioni, Sweta Parik and Sarah-Maria Fendt.

Hypoxia- and MicroRNA-Induced Metabolic Reprogramming of Tumor-Initiating Cells – Pit Ullmann, Martin Nurmik, Rubens Begaj, Serge Haan and Elisabeth Letellier.

Macropinocytosis in Cancer: A Complex Signaling Network – Yijuan Zhang, Cosimo Commisso.

Cell Culture Medium Formulation and Its Implications in Cancer Metabolism – Tobias Ackermann, Saverio Tardito.


Pyruvate Carboxylase Wields a Double-Edged Metabolic Sword – Curtis C. Hughey, Peter A. Crawford.

Lactate jump‐starts mTORC1 in cancer cells – Don Benjamin and Michael N Hall.

Fatty Acids Corrupt Neutrophils in Cancer – Max D. Wellenstein, Karin E. de Visser.

Kinase Networks Regulate Metabolism: I’D(H1) Never Have Guessed! – Sarah Horton and Brian J.P. Huntly.

Glutamine-fuelled OXPHOS — a new target in MCL – Conor A. Bradley.

Context determines which pathway to use for NAD synthesis – Ulrike Harjes.

Amplifying mTORC2 signals through AMPK during energetic stress – Estela Jacinto.

Tumor Cells Scavenge Cholesterol from Tumor-Associated Macrophages –